What Is Double Chance in Betting: Meaning & Real Examples

The meaning of a double chance bet is intuitive, as it really stands for having two chances of winning a bet instead of one. That is possible whenever there is at least a third alternative, like two sides for a victory plus the possibility of a draw. In exchange for smaller odds, the bettor can win with two out of three outcomes and reduce the possibility of being wrong.

Types of Double Chance Bets

As soon as you open the betting markets for any sports bet and locate Double Chance, you will find the few possibilities you can choose from. If the lines are not explicitly indicating the outcome, they are often presented as X1, X2, and 12. Each digit represents an outcome that is covered by the double chance bet. Check out our explanation below to make sure you do not place a bet wrongly.

Double Chance Bets

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Double Chance 12, X1, and X2

If you open a match for betting and the double chance meaning is not clear and represented by numbers and Xs, don’t worry! Regardless of who is playing, it always means the same:

  • 1: Represents the first team, usually the favorite, that is shown in the match name. For example, Netherlands x Canada means that the Netherlands is number 1.
  • 2: The second team is represented by the number 2.
  • X: It always means a draw.

Therefore, while in moneyline betting you have 1×2 and only get to pick one of the three, the double chance meaning in betting indicates you can have two of them. As a result, your choices are:

  • X1: Draw and victory of the first team results in a win.
  • X2: Draw and victory of the second team.
  • 12: Victory of any of the two teams results in a win.

What Is the Use of Double Chance in Betting?

Being able to win with two of the three possibilities in a sports result is already self-explanatory when it comes to the use of double chance bets. It does not necessarily need to be used by beginners who are learning how to bet. An experienced bettor who always does spread betting may find an opportunity in a very disputed game in which covering two results is still rewarding.

Pros and Cons

As with any form of betting, there are always pros and cons to keep in mind. No form of betting is perfect, as there always is risk involved. That is why we have listed the pros and cons for you to consider before betting:
Pros Cons
  • Cover most outcomes.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Good pick for beginners with small bets
  • Reduced odds to balance less risk.
  • More probable results are not really profitable.
Double chance betting is more often than not a choice for when there are very good odds. That can only be achievable in events with unclear results, and then you would be better off with two alternatives out of three. Other than that, be careful not to rely too much on those bets, as they do not pay much and can still go wrong. Place Double Chance Bets on 22Bet

Double Chance Bet Calculations and Examples

The best way to understand what double chance is in betting is to follow an example. We have crafted two of them so you get how different two matches with the same type of bet can be.

Example 1

Our first example is a friendly match between the Netherlands and Canada. Considering separate odds for the moneyline, the Netherlands had odds of 1.41 and Canada 7, while the odds for a draw were challenging at 4.94. Now, let’s take a look at how those odds change for a double chance bet:

Double Chance Bet Calculations

Credit: 22Bet

When we consider a double chance bet, betting on “Canada or X” sounds promising and definitely more rewarding than 1.093 for 1X (Netherlands or X) and 12 (Netherlands or Canada). However, when we look at the individual odds, it is clear that the victory of Canada or a draw are very unlikely events.

With this example, I wanted to show how double chance is not always a good solution. In that case, even going for the most probable event at 1.41 through the moneyline would represent better chances. After all, you would be trading too much of your profit to add Canada or draw to the winning results.

Example 2

Taking a look at the second division of the Spanish Championship, let’s consider a match between Sporting de Gijon and Espanyol. The moneyline odds were more balanced at 2.42 versus 3.11, and 3.14 for a draw. The double chance bets for 1X, 12, and 2X were, respectively, 1.38, 1.38, and 1.59.

Double Chance Bet Examples

Credit: 22Bet

That is an example of a match that is more difficult to predict, although there is always a favorite. If we went for the favorite and a draw as paying outcomes, we could have odds of 1.38 instead of taking the risk at 2.42 and 3.14, respectively. The odds of Espanyol winning, the only outcome left out, would be 3.11, which is difficult already.

Therefore, if that were a match we were looking for a chance to bet on, that could be considered an interesting pick. Still, notice how little you can win with bets that reduce the risk. Perhaps a parlay bet could make things more interesting, but it will never be a way of getting high odds.


Extra time and penalty shootouts are excluded from results bets. Therefore, it is the result of the extra time that counts only.

Yes, and that is one of the most common ways to make double chance odds more interesting. Consider adding spread bets, for example, to improve your results.

In terms of absolute odds, yes, we can say that double chance is safer. However, remember that “safer” bets also pay less while you are still at the risk of losing.

There is no such thing as a guaranteed win in sports betting, as you probably know or will figure out after some time accompanying sports. It does cover most of the results, though.

Yes, whenever there are three possible outcomes, there can be a double chance bet. Even when a match does not support a draw, there can be double chance in points, for example.