How to Play Baccarat Online on Casino Sites?

Learn how to play baccarat on online casino sites in a few steps. One of the easiest real money card games that you can play legally from the Philippines. Follow our instructions to play like a pro and guarantee that you are playing the right way.

1. Pick a Baccarat Online Casino

The first step to learning how to play baccarat online is to pick a casino that you can trust your money to. Among all the ones we have tested for Pinoy players, these are the ones that we want to highlight:

  • 20Bet: Many local payment methods to play baccarat.
  • 1xBet: Best variety of live online baccarat.
  • 22Bet: Several varieties of baccarat to play online.

As soon as you make your choice, register an account. It should not take more than a minute of your time. That account is where your deposits will go, as well as everything you manage to win at baccarat.

2. Make Your Deposit or Try Online Baccarat Demo First

You may choose to play for real money or enjoy the demo version on baccarat online casinos. They have zero difference in how you play baccarat, but the first alternative demands you to deposit into your account.

Make Your Deposit

Credit: 20Bet

Otherwise, skip to the next step and make sure to select the “demo” version that can be played if your balance is zero. The demo mode allows you to play baccarat for free, but make sure to understand that it also eliminates any chances of claiming real winnings:

Try Online Baccarat Demo First

Credit: 20Bet

Play Real Money and Demo Baccarat on 20Bet

3. Pick a Baccarat Game to Play Online

The two major variations of baccarat that you should keep your eyes on are any game with just “Baccarat” in the title and the “No Commission Baccarat” version. We easily recommend you to try all other variations as well, but those that are classic and carry the traditional baccarat rules are the best to begin to understand how to play baccarat online.

Pick a Baccarat Game to Play Online

Credit: 1xBet

Once you get used to them, explore the other dozens of different baccarat versions. Also, all those platforms have a live dealer casino page with real-time baccarat tables. However, you are not able to play live baccarat as a demo and without real money.

Play Many Baccarat Games on 1xBet

4. Define the Total Value and Where to Bet

When you open the baccarat game of your choice, define the total stake that you are going to place per bet. Up to the maximum bet limit of that individual or live baccarat game, you may place as many chips as you want. For example, if the highest chip is $100, but you want and the game allows you to bet $1,000, you only need to place ten of them together.

Define the Total Value and Where to Bet

Credit: 1xBet

Regardless of the baccarat game of your choice, the controls tend to be as intuitive as in the image above. Adjust the total chip stake and simply tap on the type of bet that you want to place. You are not limited to a single option, though, and you could bet on a Tie and on the Player hand, for example.

For a hand to win, it must have the highest number up to 9. The rule for counting the value of baccarat cards is simple:

  • 10 and face cards: No value
  • Ace: 1 point
  • 2 to 9: same points as the number

Therefore, a hand of 8 and 10 has 8 points. If you get more than 9 points, the count begins at 0 immediately. Therefore, two cards with the value 9 equals 8 points (9 + 9 = 18).

5. Get Your Winnings - or Not!

Once you tap the “Deal” button, which is the last control left to actually start playing baccarat, things happen fast. The cards are dealt in considerable speed and the result is automatically accrued. We do not need to take any actions like in blackjack, as a third card is also dealt if necessary.

If the hand you placed your bet on gets 9 points or the closest to it and higher than the other hand, that is a win. The example image below shows the rare occurrence of a tie, which pays more than bets on a hand, as the Player and Banker hand have the same total points:

Get Your Winnings - or Not

Credit: 1xBet

Therefore, if the result does not match the bet you placed, there is no winnings to collect. Otherwise, the amount is immediately added to your account!

Real Baccarat Vs. Online Baccarat

The main difference between playing real baccarat in person and the online baccarat game found on casino websites is automation. After defining the stake and type of bet, everything is automatic. On the other hand, if you decide to play live, the dealer will take a couple of seconds to perform the actions, but you still have nothing to control or decide.

Play All Baccarat Games on 22Bet


Follow the steps above on any of the casinos with GCash that we have tested and recommended. They all allow you to deposit with that method.

The rules are like any other baccarat game, except that random multipliers may apply to special cards. The best you can do is to find the best stake level and stick to it.

Be attentive to how fast the round goes in this live dealer version and place your bets quickly. Other than that, it is just like regular baccarat.

Choose the Banker bet because it has the smallest house advantage and avoid the tie bet because it is the most advantageous one for the house. Any other bet lowers your advantage.

The highest number in baccarat is 9, and any count beyond that starts from 0 again. It is different from blackjack, which may result in an instant loss.

No, unless you mean a social app to play on mobile. Other than that, your friends may join the same live baccarat room in casinos, but you are still playing against the house.

The highest payout is 8:1 or 9:1 for the Tie bet. On the other hand, your odds are far from ideal if we consider the chances of winning with a Player or Banker bet.