How to Play Online Casino: Basics for Beginners

Instead of playing at PAGCOR land-based casinos in the Philippines, players have been enjoying tens of times more games from the comfort of their house. First, you need to learn how to play online casinos, and the good news is that it can be pretty easy. For starters, let’s begin with the basics. As soon as you are ready, we will have some legal online casinos in the Philippines to recommend!

Can You Legally Play Casino Online?

Filipinos are allowed to play on online casinos legally as long as those websites fulfill specific requirements. Before anything else, they cannot be provided by local companies, even those with PAGCOR licenses, as the local online casinos are meant for foreign players.

Therefore, you need to play on online casinos provided by foreign companies, which would make them a legal alternative as per our gambling laws. A bit further from the purely legal perspective, make sure that the casino of your choice is licensed by an authority from its jurisdiction. You may ensure both legality and license by playing on the 22Bet online casino.

Casino Gambling Basics for Beginners

When it comes to the different types of gambling, there are basic concepts that can help you understand how to play online casino games. Before learning how each game is played, let’s jump into the basics.

Understand the House Edge

Even when players score high, casinos manage to take their share from it most of the time – which is not different from how lottery and sports betting work. That share of theirs is called “house edge,” and it can be easily figured out when it comes to learning how to play online casino games.

Every online casino game comes with a metric called Return to Player (RTP). It is a vague estimation of how much of the total bet would have returned to the player in the very long run – consider millions of rounds – and it may be anything from around 90% to 99%.

“If the RTP of a slot game is 97%, that means the house edge is 3%. It is considered to be a “vague” metric because a player can hit the jackpot from the first round as well as win nothing and lower the bankroll to zero in an instant. For example, your bet of ₱50 may return ₱5,000 when you first play the game, while a friend of yours might stake up to ₱2,000 and get nothing. In both cases, the information that the house edge is 3% would seem irrelevant.” – advice by Jason Anque, an expert casino writer at LuckyStarts.

Therefore, consider the estimation of the house edge to differentiate games that could be easier from those that are more difficult, but do it knowing that there are no certainties.

Casino Games Are Games of Chance

There are players who seek how to play online casino games, thinking there is a specific way of playing for guaranteed profit. Casino games can never be predicted and are completely based on chance, especially those that offer restricted control, like slots, bingo, and roulette.

Even games that are considered to be games of skill require luck, which is the case with poker. Therefore, you may learn how to play casino online when it comes to playing safely and avoiding mistakes, but never to ensure any results. After all, that is how lucky players get great rewards: it takes a risk!

There are slots paying up to 100,000x the stake for the really lucky Pinoy player, not to mention jackpot promotions.

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Technology on Online Casino Games

All of the recommended and tested casinos here at LuckyStars count on responsive HTML5 games with RNG software produced by reliable providers. In other words, their results are entirely random, and every single spin or play has the possibility of unlocking any prize. Also, they are perfectly connected to the platform, which means that all bets and wins are immediately adjusted in your bankroll.

Limits and Restrictions

A big part of learning how to play casinos online with real money is to understand the limits. With the exception of jackpots, we are all limited to a certain extent when it comes to withdrawals, for example. All our casino reviews include how much they limit them, and that is extremely relevant when playing online casinos.

The limits you should be aware of include withdrawal limits per day and month and the number of transactions. Those limits do not exist in land-based casinos, but they tend to be so high that 99% of the Pinoy online casino players will not even notice they exist.

Bonuses and Offers

While bonuses such as the online casino welcome bonus do not seem like they can impact how you play online casino games, they have great importance. Once you activate any offer, but especially free bonuses such as a no-deposit bonus, you will have a limit to individual bets and to how much you can win from that bonus.

Also, each casino may determine what is unfair when it comes to betting with a bonus, such as quickly lowering the bet after a win. While that sounds normal, it could easily make you lose your bonus. That is why you should choose a fair online casino to play. Claim the big bonus from 1xBet and give that a try!

Strategy and Luck

There are countless methods, including books and courses, that promise how to play and win online casino games such as roulette, blackjack, sic bo, and craps. Regardless of whether you play at live casinos or individual table games, those cannot be predicted, and you should never spend money on tricks by internet gurus.

Instead, the best way to play online casino games is to stick to good bankroll management. In other words, luck may strike at any round, and it is important to keep a steady pace when it comes to your bets, never risking too much compared to the amount you have available.

How to Play Online Casino Games: Easy Steps

If you are completely new to playing online casino games, these five steps will make you ready to enjoy them at any casino!

Pick a Reliable Online Casino

The first step is also the most important one. Even if you learn everything there is to know about how to play casinos online, you need a reliable website to be able to collect your winnings – or even to win anything at all. Fortunately, you came across LuckyStars, and we have reviewed and tested great online casinos. Give Red Dog Casino a try if you like big bonuses!

Our criteria to make sure an online casino is reliable include the following:

  • Valid license.
  • Operation from abroad (not a PAGCOR-licensed casino).
  • Games by trustworthy providers.
  • Efficient support.
  • Safe payment methods compatible with the Philippines.

If you do not want to check all those parameters by yourself every time, take a look at our reviews. We make sure they all get approved in those and all other criteria connected to quality and security. Then, all you need to do is to register an account in a minute!

Play Online Casino Games for Free on Demo

In most of the casinos that you can play online, there is an alternative to test games for free in the demonstration mode. Despite the name, it is the exact same game, with no limitations, except that you use fictitious money and collect no winnings. Playing for free can allow you to figure out how to play casino online with real money without any risks.

Of course, since there is no way to collect winnings, you will not want to risk achieving the jackpot during the free mode. Play the “demo” when you want to get familiarized with the game or now and then when you just want to have fun with no commitment.

Make Your First Deposit With Bonuses

A first deposit is how you start to play a casino online with real money, and it is usually quite affordable for us Filipinos – at least on the casino websites that we have approved. When you go for that first deposit with your favorite payment method, do not forget to check for the welcome bonus. You can get a lot of extra credits with up to 250% in bonuses at Slots Empire Casino!

Play Online Casino Games With Real Money

The combination of the deposited funds and the bonuses – maybe even with free slot spins added up – probably left you with a pretty decent bankroll to engage in different games. There is not much else to add in terms of how to play casino online with real money, except opening a game and setting the bet to press the “Play” button.

If you opt for a more complex game that requires actions, like video poker and blackjack, make sure to understand the rules by playing them for free first.

Withdraw Your Winnings

Congratulations on managing to achieve success in your game of choice! As long as you have played your deposited amount at least once and completed any bonuses rollover that may exist, you may withdraw! The casino websites have different minimum amounts for that, and you need to use the same method that you chose when depositing.

Simply head to the banking page and ask for the withdrawal of the amount that you believe you deserve!

How to Play Casino Games Using Your Phone?

One of the best things about playing on online casino websites is that they all adapted to the mobile world pretty quickly. In other words, we can access and play on them using our phones or tablets, and all of the games will work as well. That is because both the platform and the games are designed with compatible coding and software.

That applies to all modern casinos because their games have a common source: the best casino providers. The games are built in HTML5 while preserving their RNG (Random Number Generator) software so they remain fair and responsive.

If you want to know how to play online casinos from your phone, simply decide between playing from your mobile browser or via an app. In both cases, open one of the casinos that we recommend and register an account on your phone. Then, either go straight to playing online casino games or download your Android or iOS app to have a similar experience without relying on your browser.

How to Play Casino Online With Real Money?

As soon as you hit “Play” without choosing the demonstration or test version of the game first, know that you will be playing with and for real money. Since there are no differences between the free and the real money version, you continue to rely purely on your luck. Anything that you achieved playing for free may happen again.

In general, it is a good idea to deposit enough money to cover possible unlucky bets while avoiding raising the stake too much. Patience is a virtue and may work in your favor when it comes to playing casino online.

Dos and Don'ts of Online Casino Gambling

You already know how to play casino online and have some idea of how to optimize your experience, starting from choosing the right website. Even though our casino results are based on luck, there are some hints that can help you understand what you may or may not do to improve your experience.

DosAbsolutely Don’ts
  • Learn the rules of any game you are going to play.
  • Establish a limit for deposits and losses.
  • Experiment with other games for free before betting.
  • Choose a deposit method with which you can withdraw comfortably later.
  • See gambling on online casinos as a way to relax and have fun now and then.
  • Pick casinos that were tested and recommended by us.
  • Never place a bet that corresponds to more than 10% of your bankroll.
  • Do not try to recover losses. Those are the past.
  • Never play while drunk or under the effect of any substance that might obscure judgment.
  • Do not play when emotionally fragile or stressed.
  • Never try to withdraw bonus funds.

That should suffice for you to have an amazing experience now that you know how to play casino online with real money and no questions left!

Where to Play Casino Online in the Philippines?

The obvious goal of learning how to play online casino is to put that into practice, so take a moment to see the websites that we have listed that do well in the Philippines. As explained in this guide, they are all licensed and headquartered outside of the Philippines, making them a legit option:

131 ratings
100% Bonus Up to 18,000 PHP!
  • Tagalog language
  • Many betting lines
  • Several cryptocurrencies
139 ratings
100% Bonus Up to 86,000 PHP + 150 Free Spins!
  • Odds above the average
  • Many betting lines
  • Local payment methods
130 ratings
270% Bonus + 50 Free Spins!
  • Sky-high bonuses
  • Good user experience
  • Instant deposit methods


Online casino games are safe to play to the extent that you understand the risk involved when using real money. As long as you pick a legit casino to play, you have nothing to worry about in terms of security.
It always depends on your preferences. All of the casinos that we recommend were tested and offer great and fair games.
Anyone who is at least 21 years old can play on online casinos that are not licensed or offered by PAGCOR, which means that foreign online casinos are fine!
You may play online slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, craps, bingo, scratchcards, video poker, crash games, sic bo, and many other variations.