How to Win in Bingo Online Casino Games?

Casino bingo games are pretty much straightforward to play after you learn how it is played, and that goes to winning as well. We explain how to win in bingo when playing it on online casinos so that you know exactly what to expect. No myths or false promises, straight truth.

What Are the Bingo Winning Patterns?

The bingo winning patterns vary from one bingo game to another. Among all the variations on bingo online casinos, the video bingo ones are the best pick if you look for variety. Besides offering more patterns that pay out in real money, you play alone and are not subject to the possibility of other players achieving them before you do.

Bingo Winning Patterns

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The example image above has nothing less than 15 different bingo winning patterns. It starts with a single line (1L), which also represents the smallest win of 3 times the stake per card. Although there are other common patterns like 2 lines and square, each game may have its own representations, including random forms and letters.

It is common knowledge that the best possible winning pattern in bingo is the pattern that gives name to the game. You make a “bingo” and hit the jackpot when all the numbers are drawn, which is a full-marked pattern.

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How to Win Bingo Jackpots?

As a real-money game of chance, bingo is random and so are its winning patterns. In order to win the biggest prize, which is the jackpot, you need to hope that all the numbers are drawn. However, in some variations can be a progressive jackpot that is only paid when the player hits the bingo before the 30th ball is drawn.

Therefore, a much better prize, which can be tens to hundreds of times higher than a regular fixed bingo jackpot, can be obtained that way. Also a result of pure luck, that has more difficult odds of happening.

How to Get the Best Bingo Card Combinations?

The bingo cards are selected at random. Unlike the lottery in which you choose your lucky numbers or even the instant game kenoyou are not entitled to any number picks in bingo. Every time you choose to change your bingo cards, they get traded for another set that has equal odds of winning as any other.

Bingo Card Combinations

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Considering that the results and drawn numbers of bingo are also random, you are never in disadvantage with any specific cards. As a result, the best bingo card combination can be any of them, and the best thing you can do is to keep playing.

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Can You Guarantee a Win in Bingo?

You cannot guarantee bingo wins. Guarantees cannot be part of games of chance that pay out real money like bingo, because the risk is what makes profit possible. 

Like your lottery winning chances that increase with every ticket, buying more cards means that you have better chances of having the best winning bingo cards for that round. On the other hand, you cannot predict which cards will have the most drawn numbers, so you have got to leave it to your luck.


The best winning bingo cards can be just any one of the cards you purchase. The fun of winning in bingo is that you need to be lucky to cash in.

No, you always generate random combinations in the cards that have the same quantity of numbers. Therefore, you rely on luck completely.

You need to have the numbers on your cards drawn randomly, which takes luck and patience. There is no way to influence the achievement of specific patterns

You can, because each new card is another chance of hitting one or more bingo winning patterns. Therefore, it is smart to play with more than one card.

Some lucky players may win and even score a jackpot the very first time they try to win in bingo, so there is no sure-win formula. Instead, focus on balancing your stake according to the bankroll.

Yes, every new round is a brand-new opportunity that carries no influence from your past results in the last rounds. Each new game is another chance of winning.