Lottery Winners in the Philippines: Life-Changing Lessons

Who doesn’t want to become a lottery winner, pay off all debts and live from dividends? That life-changing dream became a reality for many people in the Philippines. Becoming a lottery winner is a possibility for any Pinoy player, especially now that we have access to lotteries from all around the world through the internet. Let’s understand more about the rights and duties of a lottery winner and get to know inspiring lessons!

How to Become a Lottery Winner in the Philippines?

In order to become a Filipino lottery winner, you only need to play the lottery. That may sound disappointing to people looking for formulas, but there is really no other way than to be lucky with the numbers you choose to play.

On the other hand, most Pinoy lottery players do not know that they can go far beyond the Lotto games promoted by PCSO. There are dozens of lotteries from all around the world and better chances of winning. You may give them a try by visiting and signing up to LottoAgent!

Who Can Be a Lottery Winner in the Philippines?

Anyone who is above the legal age of 18 years old can play and consequently win the lottery in the Philippines. Aside from playing and being lucky, it is necessary to claim your lottery winnings before the ticket expires. From that moment on, you are officially a lottery winner!

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How Is the Winner of the Lottery Selected?

The winner of the lottery is selected via the random drawing of numbers, which may be processed physically or by RNG software. It is truly the numbers that are selected and declared winning numbers, transforming simple Filipino players into lottery winners only if they had those numbers chosen as well.

When it comes to the online lottery, there are no differences. Even if you bet on the results instead of purchasing real tickets, they follow the official results anyway. Therefore, randomness and luck define the next lottery winner every time! If you are interested in playing online lotteries in the Philippines, check out our guide on how to play the lottery online.

Differences Between Local Lottery and Online Lottery Winners

Regardless of whether they played online or at a local outlet, lottery winners are lottery winners, right? Not exactly. Being a lottery winner means that the numbers match those that were drawn, but claiming can be totally different comparing those two situations.

“If you play the local PCSO lotteries for Filipinos, you will need to claim your prizes in person. When you play online through the websites we recommend, either the same PCSO lotteries or games from other countries, you receive small prizes automatically – and even jackpots, in the case of betting sites.” – advice by Jason Anque, an expert casino writer at LuckyStarts.

The opportunity to play both local and foreign lotteries can be found on websites like theLotter!

What Happens to the Lottery Winner in the Philippines?

Congratulations on becoming a lottery winner in the Philippines! That means you matched enough numbers to guarantee the prize. From that moment on, it is important to take a deep breath and prepare for what comes next: claiming and responsibilities.

Keeping your ticket safe and following the procedures correctly is essential to avoid problems, as described in the topics below.

Claiming Process

Lottery winners of the local PCSO games who purchased their tickets locally need to claim their winnings at branch offices or at the main office, depending on the total prize. You may check the lottery claim procedures we listed.

On the other hand, if you played online, consider if you have played at a lottery agent or lottery betting site. The latter means that you need to do nothing. Your winnings will be deposited into your account as per instructions received via email.

Lottery agents, on the other hand, pay up to approximately 135,000 PHP automatically, while bigger prizes must be claimed in person at the lottery office of the game you have played.

Safety Tips

We know how excited a lottery winner can be to claim prizes. Therefore, to make sure you will be able to enjoy that money, here are some tips that should be followed for safety:

  • If you have played with physical tickets, make sure to keep them safe and signed until you claim it.
  • Take a few days to organize your claiming documents, prepare a financial plan, and acknowledge taxes.
  • Do not tell anyone that you are a lottery winner, only those that you trust.
  • For those who played online, never share your access or password, not even if someone claims to be staff.
  • In the case of relevant prizes, hire an advisor to prepare a financial plan and know how to invest your money.

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Taxes and Responsibilities

Since the increase in lottery taxes reduced the purchase of PCSO lottery tickets, our government might reduce lotto taxes to 10%. However, for now, lottery winners are subject to the following taxes when playing the local PCSO lotteries:

Total PrizeTax
Prizes Below ₱10,0000%
Prizes Above ₱10,00020%

Prizes that amount to ₱10,000 or less are still subject to the regular income tax, which corresponds to anything between 5% to 32% depending on your income.

Also, prizes from lotteries abroad are not subject to that 20% tax applied to local lotteries. However, you need to consider the local taxes from that country plus the regular income tax in the Philippines. If you won ₱10,000,000 playing Powerball, you need to consider the 40% deduction according to US law. Then, you would have ₱6,000,000 to be taxed under your income tax together with all other income sources you have.

Top 5 Inspiring Stories of the Biggest Lottery Winners in the Philippines

Are you looking for motivation to believe that you can actually become the next lottery winner? We have collected five successful and inspiring stories of lottery winners that include from reasonable to impressive prizes, both in the Philippines and abroad:

Lottery GamePrize AmountHistory
Grand Lotto (PCSO)₱741 MillionA balikbayan from Olongapo City won ₱741 million in 2010 playing Grand Lotto, one of the most popular Lotto games in the Philippines. Winning that prize alone should be amazing. That Filipino winner was residing in New York but bought his ticket in Olongapo.
Grand Lotto₱356 MillionBack in June 20111, a barangay security volunteer from Las Piñas won the big Grand Lotto jackpot of over ₱356 million with a single ₱20 ticket, which represents a win of 17,800,000 times his actual cost. He did not have to think a lot, as he played his wedding anniversary combined with the birthday of his children.
Dubai Lottery₱223 MillionRussel Tuazon, a Filipino residing in Dubai, bought his ticket for the famous Dubai Lottery and guaranteed the prize of 15 million Dirhams in February 2023, which accounted for approximately ₱223 million at the time.
Lotto$241,325 (~₱13,102,499)A.I.A. is the lottery winner from the Philippines who won the jackpot of the Philippines Lotto in 2022 through theLotter. Instead of purchasing them at a store, he bought the tickets online and won the prize of $241,325 (~₱13,102,499). It did not take him long playing online to win, which shows how everyone has a chance!
Powerball$50,000 (~₱2,714,700)Known only as B.J.L., the lottery winner from Manila who guaranteed a prize of $50,000 (~₱2.71 million) in 2021 is an engineer who usually plays local games but gave a foreign one a chance through theLotter. He received the information via email, and you can also play on theLotter here.

Be Ready to Become the Next Lottery Winner

While there are no secrets to becoming a lottery winner, you noticed how the most varied stories show that anyone can win the lottery – both local and foreign games. Therefore, all that you need now is to play and to make sure that you are covering as many tickets as possible, as that is the only true way of improving your odds!


Yes, anyone who is of legal age can play and become a lottery winner in the Philippines.
Yes, there is proof of players who won the lottery online, especially on the websites that we recommend.
The only risk in being a lottery winner is if you try to avoid taxes or tell people who do not need to know that you now have a lot of money.
Aside from the lottery taxes, that prize will be considered for your income tax. Therefore, you will certainly pay more taxes compared to before winning the lottery.
Of course! Not all lottery winners’ stories end well, mostly because people do not prepare and simply spend the money without any control.
Unclaimed prizes expire, and there is no way to recover. By playing online, you guarantee that you won’t need to claim and that the prize will go to you.
Only a professional advisor can present the best investment options according to the moment and plans of the lottery winner. Real estate properties, assets, and stocks are some possibilities.
Winning lottery tickets are picked randomly, based on anniversaries, with lucky numbers, and all other ways that you can imagine. That does not impact the results, and anything is worth trying.