Lucky Charms for Gambling in the Philippines

We cannot take action to improve our chances of winning in chance games when we are gambling, like playing slots at specific hours or always alternating roulette colors. As a result, we often look out for lucky charms, knowing that they concentrate a power that we often lack alone. We collected the best lucky charms for gambling in the Philippines and explained more about them!

Top 10 Lucky Charms for Gambling

The use of lucky charms should be adjusted according to your intentions. Some lucky charms are meant for gambling specifically, while others aim at attracting a steady inflow of money for you. Let’s take a look at the top ones available in the Philippines before we continue.

Lucky CharmExampleEffectAverage Cost
Inside-out clothesinside-out-clothsWhen you put clothes inside out without meaning it, that is a great opportunity to gamble because that is a lucky sign. From that moment on, those clothes become your lucky charm.₱ 0
White butterfly broochWhite butterfly broochAn object that resembles a white butterfly may conduct the luck related to that marvelous arthropod. It can be an elegant lucky charm as a brooch.₱ 1,400+
Talismans with circlesTalismans with circlesA talisman is one of the most common lucky charms in the Philippines, but the ones with perfect circles in them are the best.₱ 1,000+
Clothes with polka dotsClothes with polka dotsWearing clothes with polka dots is considered to attract good luck. If you wear yours inside-out by mistake, head to the casino immediately.₱ 750+
Money billsMoney billsCarrying bills that you never intend to spend with you, always in a safe and well-accommodated manner, attracts money in a steady manner to your life.₱ 20+
Feng Shui braceletsFeng Shui braceletsGolden Feng Shui bracelets are great lucky charms to wear when playing online casinos. However, it is important that the corresponding outfit is balanced in terms of the complex Feng Shui stability.₱ 200~350
IncenseIncenseBurning incense when you are about to gamble a game of chance in the Philippines can provide good luck. It is better to do it for online gambling, as you can light the incense and play from home.₱ 200~250
Wear redwear-redRed clothes and accessories can be connected to good fortune, so you may combine them with all the other lucky charms present here for a complete lucky outfit.₱ 100+
ElephantsElephantsElephants are divine animals that can bring you good fortune if you treat them well. Instead of an actual animal, get yourself a beautiful statue to put at home, and always make sure it is clean and next to fresh food.₱ 1,000+
HorseshoesHorseshoesWhile sort of uncomfortable to carry depending on what you are wearing, a horseshoe is among the most traditional lucky charms in the world. Just make sure it is a clean one!₱ 800~900

We find it essential to say that capturing a live white butterfly or two-tailed lizard is not the proper way to have a lucky charm. On the contrary, that action, preventing them from freedom, could attract bad luck to you!

How to Use Lucky Charms to Gamble?

The secret about gambling with lucky charms is not to overuse them. That goes for always using the same lucky charm or applying many of them at once. Like running shoes, let them sometimes rest, always at a special place, preferably next to plants, fresh food, or anything with vital energy. The next time you take them, they will be fully recharged.

In terms of games, they can be useful to games that pay real money based on pure chance and also skill games, like poker. In that last case, you should not rely on lucky charms alone, as you do need to understand the rules before you play.

When playing virtually, like on online casino websites, there is absolutely no difference, which is contrary to popular belief. You are still gambling, and your luck is at stake, just not in person. In terms of lucky charms, you can just go and use the ones you would at a casino, even if it involves being more dressed at home than you are accustomed to.

Of course, some beliefs, like always using one hand to pay and the other to collect, have no use when you are simply using a mouse or tapping on the screen to play.

Should You Get Lucky Charms for Gambling?

When it comes to luck, we can never be too sure. Some people appeal to their horoscope lucky numbers, others to lucky charms, and there are those who use both. The truth is that none of them can do harm to your luck, so using them can not only bring you good luck but make you more confident when gambling. We would say that is a good positive scenario to use lucky charms!


We cannot confirm or prove that lucky charms can actually interfere in your chances when gambling. It is a matter of belief, and you should try it by yourself!
Anyone who can legally gamble should give lucky charms a try. They can make you way more confident, which can be good for games like blackjack and poker.
There are no restrictions when it comes to online or in-person gambling with lucky charms. Give them a try on the best online casinos tested by us!