Lucky Lottery Numbers

With always so many numbers to pick in lotteries, we always tend to rely on those that seem or that we know to be the luckiest. Every person has a different method to evaluate and find lucky lottery numbers, and they are all valid. Today, we present you a few of the best strategies to find and choose the luckiest lottery numbers for yourself!

How to Choose Lucky Lottery Numbers?

You might be asking, “Okay, so what are my lucky numbers?”, and that is perfectly understandable. However, in order to work on what your real lucky numbers are, you need to get familiar with how they can be found! That precisely is what we have prepared in the topics below!

Top Lucky Numbers in the Philippines

The reason why we start presenting the numbers considered to be the luckiest in all of the Philippines is not for you to copy them. On the contrary, we are presenting the numbers most commonly used as lottery lucky numbers, so you do not choose them!

lucky numbers

Our rationale is simple: the top lucky numbers in the Philippines are consequently used a lot in the lottery. While tickets with those numbers can be awarded a win anytime, so do other combinations. The problem with playing common lucky numbers is that you will end up sharing your prize with a lot of people who used them!

These are the top lucky numbers in the Philippines that you should avoid playing together:

  • Lucky Number 0 – Zeroes are normally written with an upward stroke, which is linked to prosperity.
  • Lucky Number 5 – It represents the perfect balance of the five elements and also finishes with an upward stroke.
  • Lucky Number 8 – Taken from the Chinese superstition that eight is the luckiest number, which makes a lot of people marry on the 8th of lucky months.
  • Lucky Number 12 – Nicely divisible and the last number before the spooky and unlucky 13, twelve is considered to be a good lucky number not only for the lottery.

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Personally Lucky Numbers

Some people reach this page already knowing what their lucky number is, simply because they have had experiences in the past that showed that a certain numeral gave them a benefit of some type. Those cannot simply be pushed or found, and that is all right if you have never encountered a lucky number to call yours.

Instead of pushing numbers as your personally lucky ones just because you want a few, just proceed to check the other methods here. It is way more effective than trying to come up with one to six lucky numbers out of nowhere.

Lucky Numbers From Dreams

Our dreams are how our subconscious mind talks with us, and why not, a connection with the endless universe flow – including the attraction of luck and prosperity. That is why many lottery winners in the Philippines attribute their luckiest lottery numbers to dreams they had.

Because the lottery winning chances are always difficult, it makes sense that there should be some effort on your part. In order to connect with whatever brings you lucky lottery numbers in dreams, you need to tune in that frequency through your thoughts. Make it easy for the universe to understand your needs through actions and thoughts on a daily basis.

From the moment you wake up to bedtime, focus on your lucky numbers and imagine yourself winning the lottery. When you wake up, take a minute to remember if you have dreamt of lottery numbers or any numbers at all.

Horoscope Lucky Numbers

With a decent amount of belief in a superior power related to your luck, you may play your horoscope lottery numbers as your lucky ones. Every day, specific numbers are linked to your star sign and luck. If you know which ones they are and figure out a pattern or connection between them, you might have good lottery numbers in your hand.

Our algorithm detects the luckiest lottery numbers according to your horoscope on each separate star sign page. It doesn’t matter if you are an Aries or Taurus. We have your numbers here on a daily basis.

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Birth Dates Numbers

It is really common to find players using their birth dates to choose numbers in the lottery. Some people simply play the specific day, month, and year. As an example, imagine that you are born July 9th, 1984. That could result in playing 7, 9, 19, and perhaps 8 and 4 as well.

On the other hand, there are players who like to calculate lottery winning numbers. For example, they could sum up the day and month (7 + 9 = 16) or the numbers in the year (1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 22) to find extra lucky numbers.

Therefore, if you are still lost on which lucky lottery numbers to use, there are many possibilities with one thing that you most certainly have: your birth date!

Rely on Intuition

The intermediate between choosing completely random numbers and relying on existing methods is to be intuitive. Your level of intuition may vary depending on how often you exercise it, but it can be a great source of lucky lottery numbers.

One of the best ways to make it happen is to take a while to look at the last lottery results and at the tickets that you are about to fill out. Let your thoughts disappear, and simply feel the numbers that you should choose. When playing the online lottery, that is a bit easier because you do not have a salesperson waiting for you to fill out the ticket.

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How to Find Your Lucky Numbers?

We just described several methods that you might use in combination or separately to come up with your lucky numbers. With time, you are going to decide which ones work better for you, how often you should play them, and even the specific lotteries that better combine with them.

Do not try to change them too often, as it may take a while for your luckiest numbers to make their magic. Instead, take notes and figure out which ones you were using and how they combine to repeat whenever you need to be lucky again!

Can You Play Your Lucky Lottery Numbers in Any Lottery?

The lottery winning chances are always based on luck, and as such, it makes perfect sense to think that all lotteries should be played, seeking the luckiest possible combination. In fact, although you may win the lottery in the Philippines with your lucky lottery numbers, the number of possibilities is much greater when you learn how to play the lottery online.

Therefore, use your best lucky numbers whenever you feel the need to, and do not forget to give them a try on online lottery sites as well. You will find lotteries with much better prizes and decent odds!

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Lucky Numbers and Their Meanings

While lucky numbers can have two digits for most lotteries, separate digits have specific meanings that can help you identify your favorite ones.

Lucky Number 0Represents a new beginning, infinite possibilities, and hope for the lottery players.
Lucky Number 1It has everything to do with leadership and confidence. It is the first step after a new beginning and may open your mind to a new future.
Lucky Number 2Brings a balance between masculine and feminine, perfect for players who play the lottery as a couple.
Lucky Number 3Opens a channel of communication, which may be between the source of luck in the universe and you. A great sign when it comes up in a dream.
Lucky Number 4The number of hard work, it is ideal for those who like to put effort into figuring out the next luckiest number for the lottery.
Lucky Number 5A sign of curiosity and an adventurous spirit. It is used a lot by lottery players who are flexible and do not stick to the same numbers for a long time.
Lucky Number 6Empathy and love are found within this number, which should have an important significance when played in tickets in lottery groups.
Lucky Number 7Brings focus and attention, representing an analytical way of thinking about lottery numbers when not simply added for luck.
Lucky Number 8A sign of control and dedication in the search for the right numbers to play the lottery, especially when it comes naturally to mind when trying to figure out yours.
Lucky Number 9A representation of the end of a cycle, preparing for a new one. Often used by people who feel that their life is about to change.

Can Lucky Numbers Guarantee Lottery Winnings?

Lucky numbers are supposed to bring you luck, but no method you pick can guarantee that you will win the lottery. After all, it is the unpredictability of the lottery that allows it to pay large sums of money. Therefore, your best shot is to try and find the method that suits you better and hope that your lucky numbers of choice are drawn!


The number 7 is often considered to be connected to luck, but 8 has more significance in that matter in the Philippines.
There is no limit to how many lucky numbers one person can have. It is all about trying and your intuition.
Yes, it is not like your lucky lottery numbers expire or need to rest before being used. You can never know for sure when they are going to be drawn.
There is no such thing as the luckiest lottery numbers because the numbers that most resulted in prizes change for every lottery and every year.
Just like the luckiest numbers, the coldest numbers also vary from one game to another, which means that there are no specific ones to avoid altogether.