Popular Online Games of Chance in the Philippines

Leaving your success to be decided by odds is one of the favorite hobbies of Pinoy players in the Philippines. Among the many options of games of chance in the country, there are some of them that are popular and offer better chances. Let’s understand how they work and which ones are legal to play in our country.

What Are Games of Chance?

Games of chance are games that cannot be influenced by how you play them or in which your control is minimal. In other words, you depend on your luck to win any of the prizes. Attempts to guarantee a win are either not possible or not profitable at all but, from another perspective, those games also pay more for a higher risk.

Skill Games Vs. Games of Chance

Unlike games of chance, skill games allow you to become better at playing them as you progress in your skill. For example, traditional poker and its variations allow you to be better at your decisions and improve your chances of winning against other players or software. Therefore, it is a game of skill, unlike slots, which are based on complete randomness.

The Most Popular Games of Chance in the Philippines

Now that you are aware of what games of chance are and how they function, it is time to acknowledge the best options to gamble in the Philippines. As a Pinoy player, you have great legal alternatives to play locally and online!

Pai Gow

Pai Gow Poker

Pai gow poker can be found on online casinos in the Philippines, while the traditional pai gow can be played at physical casinos licensed by the PAGCOR. This game of chance is simpler than other card games, such as blackjack and poker.

All that the player can do is split the hands and form poker combinations. That is why it is entirely based on chances and luck. It does not matter what you do. You are subject to the unpredictable behavior of odds.

Black Jack


Blackjack or 21 can also be played online or physically, but the casino websites make the immersive experience of live casino rooms quite similar to the land-based alternative. It is all about trying to get your card count to 21 or as close as possible without busting it. If the dealer gets more points than you, then you lose.

In other words, the cards are dealt, and the best you can do is to decide whether to continue or stop. Some opportunities allow you to split the cards, and you might even find some interesting side bets.

The practice of counting cards is no longer possible with ever-shuffling decks. We can conclude that there is room for good decisions based on knowledge, but your skill cannot save you from being dealt a bad card that gives you a losing hand.

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Baccarat can remind Pinoy players of blackjack, but it is even simpler. There is no possibility of getting busted in the total score, so the chances of losing instantly are smaller. Still, we rely entirely on the cards dealt to us and the dealer to figure out if we have won, classifying it as a game of chance. Counting the cards’ value, we need to reach the number 9 or be as close to it as possible.



Lotteries are among the most popular types of gambling in the Philippines because of the really high prizes. Although there are countless methods, strategies, books, and courses promising to guarantee lottery prizes, those games are entirely based on chance. Every entry holds the same odds of winning, regardless of any cognitive bias that might convince you otherwise.

You may even play the online lottery to enjoy lotteries from a myriad of countries that you never entered. That expands your possibilities even further, but the lottery remains a game of chance.

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Table and Card Games

Card and Table Games

We have seen blackjack, baccarat, and pai gow poker, but there are other casino table games popular in the Philippines. Among the best chance games that pay real money in the Philippines, roulette and sic bo offers a wide variety of easy to difficult bets. The prize is always inversely proportional to the odds, which makes them fair.

In all of them, you depend on the results that cannot be guaranteed or influenced. Therefore, they are also chance games, and you can play them on 1xBet.

Video Slots and Jackpot Games

Slot Games

Among the most popular online games, slots are the most numerous on casino websites. There are thousands of them, with dozens of different themes, countless features, and in-game bonuses that can multiply winnings.

All that the player can do in any of those slots is choose the bet amount and press the button to play. As a result, players cannot improve their chances, only wait for the best. Fortunately, you may count on welcome bonuses, which often accept 100% of the bets made on slots, to expand your funds.

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Legal Vs. Illegal Games of Chance

Due to the risk and malpractice of some games of chance, the government had to take measures to create prohibitions. Jueteng and Mahjong are two examples of games that cannot be played in the Philippines. The reasons may vary a lot, including problems in the past connected to the unlicensed exploitation of them in cities.

Even among legal games of chance, such as the lottery and pai gow, it is important to play on licensed websites. In order to ensure that you have real chances of winning and that you will not have trouble receiving your award as your winner, check the websites we have tested!

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What Are the Best Games of Chance That Pay Real Money?

Defining a certain type of chance game paying real money as one of the best depends on your preferences.

“There are slots with millionaire progressive jackpots, but the odds are really tough. On the other hand, the RTP (Return to Player) of games such as roulette is about 97%, but you can only get twice your stake with simple bets.

The best scenario is to learn how to play each game and find out the maximum payout of the game of your choice.” – advice by Jason Anque, an expert casino writer at LuckyStarts.

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Tips and Alerts Before Playing Chance Games

Now that you are better introduced to what games of chance are and how they work, consider our tips below:

  • Play for free to familiarize yourself with the game before you start gambling.
  • Never take higher risks trying to recover prior losses.
  • Choose games with higher RTP if you are not an experienced player.
  • Play on the online lotteries or casinos that we recommend for safety.
  • Prefer to play online to have promotions and more comfort.
  • Do not spend money on methods that promise to guarantee prizes in chance games.
  • Focus on having fun and consider winnings to be a plus.

Advantages of Online Games of Chance

When we consider that games of chance can be played online or locally, it is important to understand their differences. That way, you can opt for one that better matches your needs!

Online Games of ChanceLocal Play
Access to thousands of games.Limited to dozens of machines and tables.
You can play wherever and whenever you want.Physically limited to specific locations.
Availability of promotions and bonuses.No increments to your funds.
You may test most of them for free.Only real money plays.

The Takeaway About Chance Games

Chance games are capable of changing someone’s life or at least allowing them the opportunity to win something while they have fun. However, they are based on chances, and all the results are entirely random, including room for losses. Therefore, it should not be taken too seriously, and gambling responsibly is essential, especially when playing online.


Yes, the majority of the chance games are legal in the Philippines, but not all of them. Mahjong and jueteng are good examples that cannot be played in our country.
The gambling taxes are only applicable to the companies, whereas lottery winnings have a 20% tax deduction.
No, you can never really guarantee a prize in games of chance.
Pinoy players above 18 years old can play the lottery, but it is necessary to be at least 21 years old to gamble.