9 Best Progressive Jackpot Slots Working in the Philippines

We decided to list reliable and paying progressive jackpot slots that you can play online from the Philippines. They are all games in which you can unlock a massive prize that is always accumulating a portion of bets from all around the world. Let us explain to you how that is possible and which ones are the best progressive jackpot slots this year.

Where to Play Progressive Jackpot Slots?

Although online slots are available everywhere, not all online casinos in the Philippines offer progressive jackpot ones. We have researched and tested the most promising ones and came down to a shortlist of the top choices listed in the table below:

Progressive Jackpot CasinoBest SlotsMinimum DepositWhere to Find Progressive Slots?Official Link
Red Dog CasinoDragon Kings Jackpot, Jackpot Ganesha Fortune, Legend of the Nile Jackpot20 USD (~ 1170 PHP)“Jackpot” categoryPlay Here!
1xBetGame of Thrones, Vampire Curse, Vikings40 PHP1xGamesPlay Here!
20Bet100 Burning Hot, 5 Burning Heart, Extra Crown60 PHP“Jackpot” categoryPlay Here!
22BetPharaoh’s Kingdom, Fruit Blast, Diamond Slots40 PHP22GamesPlay Here!

All those websites were approved in our analyses. We highly suggest that you specifically look where we indicate in the table above, as some casinos list fixed-jackpot slots instead of progressive ones in the “Jackpot” category.

How Does a Progressive Jackpot Work?

A progressive jackpot is a resource that takes a share of each player’s bets and adds up to a pot that keeps growing. It is always released at some point that is completely determined by RNG (Random Number Generator) software. In other words, it cannot be predicted or influenced in any form.

The higher the jackpot tends to go, the harder it is to hit it. For example, huge jackpot games like Mega Moolah which became famous because of the prizes of millions of dollars, usually take months to be released. On the other hand, prizes that are usually paid around USD 10,000 (~PHP 585,000) may be released on a daily basis.

9 Best Progressive Jackpot Slots in the Philippines

There are dozens of progressive jackpot slots available in the Philippines nowadays. In order to choose the best ones, it is important not to focus so much on how big the prize gets but rather on how often it may come out and what other resources the slots offer. We have done extensive research and tried many of them to come down to the 9 best progressive slots.

Jackpot Ganesha Fortune

Created after the popular PG Soft Ganesha Fortune game, which is not available in the Philippines, this inspired remake offers way more than the original does. A creation of DiceLab, this progressive jackpot slot comes with symbols that keep all resemblance with the Indian slot without being a rip-off in terms of creativity.

Jackpot Ganesha Fortune

At first, it may look like another game with mid and fixed jackpots for some special combinations. However, the Grand Jackpot is not fixed at 1,000x or 10,000x the bet like in normal slots. It is truly progressive and keeps accumulating, with regular payouts. As a plus, the progressive jackpot game comes with 243 payment lines (ways to win) and a special bonus round with not only the possibility of a jackpot but also instant payments!

Play Jackpot Ganesha Fortune at Red Dog Casino

The Family Jackpot

The Family is a jackpot slot with progressive prizes you may find on some of the popular casinos we have listed here on the website. Its 3D graphics are cool, although a bit outdated compared to most modern slots. However, most progressive slots are like that. If you are into mafia-themed slots, and especially the chance of hitting a big prize, give it a go!

The Family Jackpot

There are 30 active paylines, and some of the random bonuses you can get are the Sneaky Instant Win with extra prizes, a special bonus round, and free spins. On the other hand, the jackpot comes out in regular rounds with no bonuses, so do not be sad if you are not activating any extras.

Play The Family JP on Red Dog Casino

Game of Thrones Progressive Slot

The highly popular franchise and series Game of Thrones has a progressive slot of its own found in some of the best casinos for progressive slots. With a simple 3×3 layout with symbols that remind any fan of the TV series, it has winnings of up to 5x per line that are not surprising. On the other hand, it has four levels of progressive jackpot that come out separately.

Game of Thrones Progressive Slot

Like other 1xGames and 22Games found in those two casinos only, you get huge progressive jackpots every hour, once a day, every week, and at least once a month. Those are four separate levels, each one bigger than the other, with incredible rewards. Basically, any spin can generate a jackpot, so you never know when it is going to be your time.

Other than that, the slot is pretty straightforward, with no special resources or bonus. It is all about being interesting for fans of the series and its tempting jackpots.

Play Game of Thrones Slots on 1xBet

100 Burning Hot

If you have nothing against a good classic when it comes to progressive jackpot slots, 100 Burning Hot by the well-known EGT is a good pick. Both graphics and sounds are really simple, with nothing extraordinary. However, there is room for good results with regular combinations and the gamble feature that lets you double your winnings if you take the risk.

100 Burning Hot

With 100 payment lines that are responsible for giving its name, there is plenty of room for regular combinations while the jackpot does not come. With four progressive levels, you can enter the jackpot card bonus randomly with any spin. Then, it all comes down to how lucky you are, as at least one jackpot is granted.

Play 100 Burning Hot on 20Bet

Vikings Progressive Jackpot Slot

Another slot that was possibly, but this time not openly, inspired by a TV series is Vikings, found on both 1xBet and 22Bet. Runes and other typical symbols linked to the viking culture are everywhere, and your combinations may multiply winnings up to 5x. With at least 20 PHP per round, you can give your luck a try and have equal odds of winning the jackpot.

Vikings Progressive Jackpot Slot

There are 20 paylines and the best paying symbol goes up to 10x, which is decent considering the possibilities. Again, your hopes will probably lie in getting the hourly or daily jackpot, not to mention the big prizes that are paid out every week and once a month.

Play Vikings on 22Bet

5 Burning Heart

In the same way that 100 Burning Hot carries an astonishing number of 100 paylines, the 5 Burning Heart slot has only five lines for payments. As a result, its combinations tend to pay more while you still have that random chance of triggering the jackpot bonus with four different possibilities. In fact, except for the payouts and the slightly differently-themed symbols, they are pretty much similar games.

5 Burning Heart

After all, we are talking about EGT progressive slots. That provider is not necessarily known for being highly creative, but it has managed to be popular for decades because its slots pay insane amounts under some circumstances. Well, the progressive jackpot is one of those, and you may get it playing with any bet size.

Check Out 5 Burning Heart on 20Bet

Pharaoh’s Kingdom

Ancient Egypt is a common theme for slots, and even among those with progressive jackpots, the treasures of the powerful empire of old are well-known. In Pharaoh’s Kingdom, you have a rather uncommon way of playing. Each spin draws a random symbol that must be matched at least once in the six existing tiles. Instead of payout lines and reels, you get a card game with a progressive jackpot paid every hour.

Pharaoh’s Kingdom

Play Pharaoh’s Kingdom on 1xBet

Extra Crown

With the same classic style as old EGT slots, a fairly new release from that provider called Extra Crown has some interesting features beyond the progressive jackpot. It was launched in late 2023 with 10 paylines both ways, meaning that symbols can be combined from the left or the right.

Extra Crown

Beyond those features, there is a special wild symbol that helps you combine both ways. It is the symbol of the crowned king, an extended wild that covers a full reel at once. While none of the four jackpot prizes come out, that is a special resource to keep your bankroll high.

Play Extra Crown on 20Bet Casino

Diamond Slots

Diamond Slots is a game that takes the unknown surprises of each round to another level. Question marks are shown on the reels that carry only one room each. You can be paid with even a single symbol of a diamond or gold, but you need three to be paid for food or crown symbols. Again, we find the classic symbols that the providers never get used to when it comes to progressive jackpot slots.

Diamond Slots

Play the Game Diamond Slots on 22Bet

The Different Types of Jackpot

Not all slots listed under the “jackpot” category have a progressive prize. In reality, most of them don’t, and that is not necessarily wrong. There is the category of fixed jackpot, in which a specific and anchored multiple of your bet is paid in the best possible scenario in a game. While that is still interesting, as most prizes tend to be thousands of times your stake, they do not progress.

In other words, if you want a truly surprising prize, just as if you were playing an online lottery, you need to go for a progressive jackpot slot. They are easy to recognize, as there is an ever-increasing jackpot that is raised as players place their bets.

Also, there are games that do not really possess progressive jackpots built into their system, but they participate in Drops or similar promotions. In general, they all contribute to the same pot, and any game may release the progressive jackpot accrued by the provider in all of the participating casinos, which is called a network progressive jackpot.

Choose the one that better suits your intentions and remember that, the bigger the prize, the harder the odds of getting it. That is simply how games of chance work.


No, you cannot guarantee any level or type of prize in slots because they are built to be random and give fair chances to all players. Simply keep playing until you win.

Regular slots do not have a growing prize as players place their bets. The best possible win is always fixed and proportional to the stake.

The largest online jackpot ever paid to a player was €18,915,872, paid by Microgaming’s Mega Moolah. However, such big prizes are immensely rare.

It depends on each game. You may find odds of 1 in 100 million to 1 in 300 million in some cases, just like a tough lottery.

There are jackpots set to come out at least once every hour, day, week, or month. When that is not the case, the jackpot may come out at any moment and even take months for it.

No, unless you only play for fun with no actual winnings. You need to wager and take the risk to be able to accrue any winnings, but especially the jackpot.