Free Online Casino Bonuses in the Philippines

Finding a free bonus online casino sounds like a dream. After all, you get to play for real money with free play. However, it is essential to understand the differences between every type of online casino free bonus to make sure you will be able to follow the rules. Some bonuses will allow you to withdraw, while others will have strict requirements. Let’s understand how they work!

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Are There Free Bonus Online Casinos?

It is not absurd to wish for a free online casino bonus. They exist and can still be achieved through varied ways in reliable online casinos. It is important to understand that they are not simply freebies, and no casino is willingly giving out money to let you profit from their platform. Instead, you should keep an eye open for promotions and no-deposit bonuses.

Free Bonus Vs. No-Deposit Bonus

A no deposit casino bonus is a type of free bonus with a few specific characteristics: it is given out as a welcome bonus, the player does not have to deposit first, and the requirements are quite high. It is more difficult to find an online casino with a free bonus without a deposit than a free bonus for active players who have already deposited.

On the other hand, even if only after a single deposit, there are countless ways in which casinos offer free bonuses to their users.

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How Does an Online Casino Free Bonus Work?

An online casino free bonus is like any other bonus: it is computed to the account as a reward and added to the bonus funds. In the case of a free spin bonus, the spins are added to the game instead. In both cases, that free bonus usually comes with a maximum time to be used and cannot be withdrawn.

Once used, there are two possibilities depending on the specific terms and conditions of that free online casino bonus. You may either be able to withdraw the winnings resulting from that bonus or need to wager it a couple or dozens of times before that withdrawal is allowed.

How to Find and Claim the Free Bonuses?

Free bonuses are either directed to you via any form of message or promotional action or found on websites like ours, thanks to research on online casino websites. Therefore, you need to have an account registered – preferably with at least one prior deposit – in your favorite casinos in which you would like to receive a free bonus. Whenever you get hold of one, the process to claim it is quite simple:

  1. Log in to your casino account.
  2. Open your user dashboard or profile and find the tab related to your offers.
  3. Find the one that you received to claim it, or add the bonus code if that is the case.
  4. Confirm and wait for your spins or bonus to be added to the account!

Pros and Cons of Free Bonuses

Depending on the reason why you received a free bonus on an online casino, it is possible that there are no real disadvantages. Still, let’s take a look at the general pros and cons of that type of bonus!


Note that the cons are not too disappointing, especially if you receive the free bonus as a reward, in which case you would be entirely free from wagering requirements – and possibly no max winnings too!

Types of Free Bonus on Online Casinos

We have already mentioned that there are differences between an online casino with a free bonus without a deposit and other rewards given by online casinos. Now, let’s understand which categories of bonuses fall within the last group.

Free Spins

You may be awarded free spins on a specific slot game in an online casino, meaning that you will play that game a given number of times for real money or bonus funds. There are a couple of ways to guarantee your spins for free on an online casino if it offers:

  • Free spins when you climb up your loyalty level.
  • Bonus spins via email when you are a long time away from the casino.
  • Special promotion for assiduous players to try a new slot game.
  • Reward in a tournament or drop promotion.

If your free bonus of slot spins comes with wagering requirements, pay attention to the fact that this type of casino bonus applies those requirements to winnings instead.

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Free Money Bonus

Your online casino free bonus may be given in credits in the currency that you have chosen for your casino – preferably PHP. It may also be given as a reward in a loyalty program or for finishing in the lowest rankings of a tournament. The advantage of it over free spins is that you may choose where to use that money bonus.


A free cashback bonus is growing popular in the newest online casinos in the Philippines and around the world. Basically, a fixed percentage of the stakes is added to a cashback pot – usually something low like 0,1% or 0,5% – and given back to the user at a certain level. In some crypto casinos, that cashback is sent in the form of tokens instead of money.

The rules linked to wagering requirements will vary from one casino to another, but that free bonus is usually free from requirements.

Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty programs and VIP clubs are common on online casino websites these days. Among the perks of growing your membership, you will find free online casino bonuses in the form of free spins and money bonuses, as well as exclusive offers, higher limits, etc. Fortunately, players are usually immediately added to the program and accumulate points simply by playing with real money.

In addition, it is normal to accumulate points that can be later exchanged for bonuses. Therefore, it is a type of free bonus in a certain way.

How Do You Get a Free-Play Bonus?

If we summarize all the types of free bonuses and how they are distributed, these are the tips to improve your chances of receiving a free bonus:

  • Loyalty program – Check your points and benefits as you play in the casino to receive free bonuses.
  • Tournaments – Participate in tournaments to be ranked and win bonuses – sometimes even real money prizes.
  • Drops – Promotional offers may offer free spins as a bonus for those who play specific games during a certain period.
  • Cashback – Look out for any automatic cashback the casino may offer you.
  • Lucky wheel – Some casinos have a wheel that you can spin daily after your first deposit.
  • Notifications – Enable promotional notifications via message and email to receive free bonuses now and then.

Free-Play Bonuses Terms and Conditions

When you get a free-play bonus, you should be attentive to the terms and conditions. In some cases, they are simply free spins or game money that you can use, win, and withdraw the winnings without a problem. However, as that is not always the case, keep an eye on the following:

  • Wagering requirements – Also known as “rollover”, it specifies how many times the bonus you will need to wager before being able to withdraw. For example, Slots Empire requires you to wager their no-deposit bonus a total of 50 times before withdrawals.
  • Expiration – Your bonus will have a maximum period to be used and to complete the wagering requirements. In general, free bonuses last from 24 to 72 hours. Be attentive!
  • Limits – Free bonuses usually come with maximum bet and maximum winning limitations. For example, you might be limited to wager up to 270 PHP per spin or only withdraw up to three times the bonus amount.

By paying attention to the terms above, you will know if that free bonus is what you are looking for and how to use it in the best possible way.

Tips for Using Free Bonuses

You have finally found the best free bonus on an online casino but wonder how to use it properly. That is perfectly normal! Use our tips, which are also free, to optimize your experience:

  • Look out for any loyalty bonus terms to use your bonus to accumulate points!
  • Use the bonus on online slots, preferably not the progressive jackpot ones, for loyalty points and to complete any existing wagering requirements.
  • Play with the bonus as soon as possible to avoid letting them expire.
  • Do not try to activate any deposit bonus while your free bonus is active!
  • Keep an eye on your offers page not to miss spins and free bonuses.

Can You Trust Online Casino Free Bonuses?

The essential point that you need to understand here is that you need to choose a casino that you can trust. We have tested and reviewed many websites that you can play from the Philippines, which are good options. As long as you choose a free bonus online casino from our list, the bonuses can also be trusted. Also, as per the Republic Act No. 9287, that form of online gambling is legal.

Just understand that some casinos, even when trustworthy, can have requirements and conditions that are tough to fulfill.


Except for the no-deposit bonus, the others are free but come out as a result of your use and consequent playing on the website with real money.

When money or spins come in the form of a bonus, they must be used first. Then, the winnings are withdrawable – possibly with wagering requirements.
Bonuses tend to have a maximum limit for winnings that can vary a lot, from 3x to a lot more, like 100x.
Free spins are spins that you do not pay for, but they can come as a free bonus or a deposit bonus.