Best no Deposit Bonus Casinos in the Philippines

Are you looking for a chance to try out an online casino without depositing first? That is possible through a casino no-deposit bonus. Despite being rare, there are reliable websites that still have that offer – and it is quite a good amount to start, by the way. More important than getting to know what the best no-deposit bonus casinos are is to understand how they work and your obligations once you activate that type of offer.

How Does a No-Deposit Bonus Work?

A no-deposit casino bonus is a benefit awarded to players who have just registered and have not deposited yet. It may be given in the form of free slot spins or a money bonus. In any case, the winnings cannot be withdrawn immediately, as there are several restrictions. The goal is to let the player experiment with the casino first and then proceed with a regular experience.

While even the best casino no deposit bonus will not be as large as a deposit bonus, it may result in considerable winnings. If the player manages to deposit and complete the rollover afterward, it may result in withdrawals with no trouble. In general, live casinos are not compatible with that type of bonus.

Terms and Conditions

In terms of the characteristics that we should pay attention to, a no-deposit casino bonus is really similar to any casino bonus. However, for being a specific type of free bonus that is given with no real bets from the player’s side, its conditions are much more challenging. We should pay attention to the following:

  • Rollover – The number of times you will need to wager the received bonus amount. For example, a 50x rollover means you need to wager 50 times the total no-deposit bonus you received.
  • Limits – The maximum amount you may wager with that no-deposit bonus. For example, you may be able to wager up to 270 PHP with the bonus.
  • Winnings – The maximum amount you are able to win with the bonus. That type of bonus usually allows you to win up to 3x the bonus amount.
  • Period – The time available to use that bonus and complete the rollover. In general, it varies from 7 to 30 days.


The rollover is the most important definition in terms of no-deposit bonus casinos. While that is all right, if you fail to profit from the bonus, those who manage to be lucky will possibly want to withdraw their winnings at some point. That can only be achieved by completing the rollover, which describes how many times the bonus amount you must wager.

In the specific case of any online casino with a no-deposit bonus, there is one additional demand: to deposit. It does not matter how much money you managed to get with a single bonus with no deposit. You need to add and wager the money you added regardless of the rollover in this case.

What are the Best Casinos With no Deposit Bonus?

Finding a casino with a no-deposit bonus is harder these days because most of the best online casinos are well-known in the Philippines. The number of casinos with that offer is decreasing, but there are some good choices left. You may get on any of the next casinos’ no-deposit bonus offers with no questions asked.

Red Dog Casino

The fact that all three casinos with no-deposit bonus selected here are part of the same group makes them pretty much the same. Red Dog Casino has a decent slot catalog, incredibly high bonuses, and the highest no-deposit bonus in the group. Just by registering, you may ask for 35 USD (~1910 PHP) that can be used on slots as well as roulette and video poker games.

Through that online casino welcome bonus no-deposit offer, you will be able to accumulate a withdrawable payout of up to 3 times the value (about ~5,730 PHP) after wagering 50 times the bonus, which should be something around 95,500 PHP.

124 ratings
250% Slots Bonus Up to ~ 71,500 PHP!
  • Incredible bonuses
  • Regular RTP update
  • Instant deposit methods

El Royale Casino

Another casino that has as a welcome bonus no-deposit offers is El Royale. Despite having deposit bonuses of up to 250% and beyond, most players try the 30 USD (~1,640 PHP) no-deposit bonus by requesting it in the live chat. As a free offer, it comes with tougher wagering requirements of 50 times the amount (about ~49,200 PHP).

Other than that, El Royale has a catalog that is equal to Red Dog’s, with about 200 alternatives, including slots and table games.

129 ratings
250% Bonus Up to ~ 720,000 PHP!
  • Endless bonuses
  • Reliable games
  • Instant deposit methods

Slots Empire Casino

Slots Empire is the third in this list of casino bonuses with no deposit, and another website of the same group. As a result, its no-deposit offer is the same as El Royale’s, the catalog is limited to about 200 Realtime Gaming games, and you need to complete the 50x wagering requirements if you want to withdraw your bonus winnings.

The most different characteristic is its theme, inspired by ancient and glorious empires of yore. Those who feel tempted to activate the bonus of 30 USD (~1,640 PHP) only need to contact the chat and request it before any deposit is made.

121 ratings
270% Bonus + 50 Free Spins!
  • Sky-high bonuses
  • Good user experience
  • Instant deposit methods

Types of Casinos no Deposit Bonus

Although the current offer of online casinos in the Philippines is limited to a money bonus, there are other possible formats. If you ever come across a different offer, you will have the knowledge to decide whether it is a good idea or not.

Online Casino No-Deposit Welcome Money Bonus

The most common variation of a casino no-deposit offer is the money bonus. Money is simply added to your account and cannot be withdrawn. Instead, you are able to use it in all the eligible games and try to increase it through luck. Withdrawals are only unlocked after completing wagering requirements and depositing at least once.

Free Spins

Instead of money, some casino no-deposit bonus offers come in the shape of free spins. That type of promotion is directed to a single or very few slots selected by the online casino. The main advantage and the disadvantage of that bonus have the same source: the wagering requirements only apply to winnings. While that means no wagering demand if you fail to win, the more you manage to achieve, the bigger your requirement.

What are the no Deposit Bonuses Restrictions?

Despite being given entirely for free to players, no-deposit bonuses tend to be considerably demanding. Aside from the high wagering requirements, be prepared to find an error message in several games that won’t take the bonus. Also, winnings are set to a low maximum limit in terms of actual withdrawals, even after completing the wagering requirements.

It is important to understand that casinos are giving money or spins for free, and, as a result, they have the right to apply hard conditions. Besides, it does not matter how much you wager it. The no-deposit bonus will require a deposit before the wagering requirement time limit is over.

How to Use Your no Deposit Bonus?

After you claim the best casino no deposit bonus you could find, it is immediately integrated into your account. The wagering requirement period starts to count, and you may simply open the eligible games to use it. As soon as you open a game, your funds will show as available, and you may start with your first bet!

How to Withdraw no Deposit Casino Bonus Winnings?

After sorting your option through the best no-deposit bonus casinos and claiming it, you will play and try your best to multiply that money into a handful of winnings. In order to withdraw it, you need to consider the three pillars of withdrawing a no-deposit bonus:

  • Complete the wagering requirement.
  • Deposit at least once and wager that exact amount.
  • Consider the maximum no-deposit bonus withdrawal limit.

It does not matter how lucky you are. The maximum limit applied to the withdrawal of no-deposit winnings is short overall. Also, you will need to make a minimum deposit, regardless of how much money you have made out of the no-deposit bonus. Other than that, your withdrawal method will be the same one used for your first deposit.

Can You Win Money in Casinos With no Deposit Bonus?

You are perfectly capable of winning money with a no-deposit bonus, which is different from playing the demo version of slots and table games. The Philippines’ gambling laws allow it, and you already know how to withdraw from the topic above. However, always remember that you cannot win above the given limit or without making a deposit first.

No Deposit Bonus vs. Other Casino Bonus Types

Among the different types of gambling in the Philippines, online casinos most definitely have the best offers and promotions, including no-deposit bonuses. While it is excellent for testing a casino experience overall, it has the toughest requirements and conditions. If you can afford a deposit bonus with better terms, it should be better to skip to it immediately. You will be able to collect more winnings, and the wagering requirements are way lower.


It depends on the casino. Some of the websites that offer it, including the ones that we recommend here, only require you to ask for it in the live chat.
You most probably failed to complete the wagering requirements or have not yet deposited. The bonus is given without a deposit, but withdrawals are not allowed without a deposit first.
No, there is a limit of one account per player and one no-deposit bonus per account.
Players have to deposit anyway, even when they manage to multiply the no-deposit bonus, and the wagering requirement is quite high.
No, they are a limited offer to be used only once per person.
It usually depends on the casino’s rules. It may allow only slots or include table games as well.