Top Online Casino Games to Play in PH [2024]

There are countless online casino games to play in the Philippines, thanks to our permissive laws. Instead of choosing them at random, get familiar with all types of casino games you may play online in this guide. As a plus, we suggest the top casino platforms where you may start with bonuses and accessible minimum deposit amounts.

The Most Popular Online Casino Games

There are a few categories in which the vast majority of online casino games in the Philippines fit. Before getting to know them in detail, get to know the average return, the most popular titles among Pinoy players, and other interesting details:

Game TypePopular TitlesAverage RTP (Return to Player)Minimum StakeBest Casino to Play
SlotsGates of Olympus, Joker’s Jewels, Sweet Bonanza Xmas, Money Train 396.00%~₱ 5.501xBet
Live CasinoLightning Roulette, Free Bet Blackjack, Dragon Tiger, Texas Hold’EmVaries~₱ 2822Bet
Online RouletteDragon Roulette, European Roulette, Virtual Classic Roulette, French Roulette97.30%~₱ 281xBet
BlackjackSingle Deck Blackjack, Blackjack Surrender, Blackjack Bonus, Classic Blackjack99.69%~₱ 2822Bet
PokerTexas Hold’Em, High Hand Hold’Em Poker, Caribbean Hold’Em, Casino Hold’Em Poker99.47%~₱ 5620Bet
Sic BoSic Bo, Super Sic Bo, Sic Bo Dragons, Sic Bo 88897.10%~₱ 281xBet
Pai GowPai Gow by BetSoft Gaming97.27%~₱ 2820Bet
Video PokerDeuces Wild, All American, Video Poker First Person, Lucky Video Poker Double Up97.00%~₱ 2822Bet

Online Slots

By far the most popular and numerous game on the online casinos in the Philippines, slots are easy to play, count with the most varied array of special features, and come in all shapes and themes. After defining the total stake per round, all you need to do is to push the spin button.

online slots in the Philippines

Credit: 22Bet

The goal is to match equal symbols, sometimes with the assistance of a Wild symbol, and wait for one of the special features. They may be a certain number of free spins, a jackpot round, or a bunch of win multipliers, for example.

Like the majority of other instant games that pay real money, there is no way you could have an influence in the results. Instead, you can only trigger automatic spins, or even a turbo mode for faster rounds, but the results are entirely decided by RNG (Random Number Generator) software.

On top of being fun, with dozens of different themes and each one of the thousands of slots being unique, the winnings can be outstanding. While the majority of slots have a maximum winning of 2,000x to 5,000x, there are some exceptions that can pay incredible payments of over a million through progressive jackpots!

Top Feature: High maximum winnings.

Live Casino Games

Through live casino rooms, players can experience what land-based casinos offer but from the comfort of their homes. The best online casinos often have at least a hundred options of live table and card games, such as roulette and blackjack, respectively. On the other hand, the majority of providers won’t allow playing them for free in a demo variant.

Live Casino Games

When selecting an option of live casino room, there is often a wide variety of stake ranges that welcome every level of player – even VIP rooms for high-rollers! As a plus, there is real interaction with the dealer and players at any time through live chat.

Top Feature: Play as if in a land-based casino from the comfort of your home.

Roulette Casino Online Games

With one of the best RTP stats among table games, the roulette is quite popular among Pinoy casino players. There are variants that have modified rules, but the majority of them follow the traditional rules on how to play roulette.

Roulette Casino Online Games

Credit: 20Bet

Aside from a fair return, roulette games have all levels of bet difficulties, balancing risk and winning odds. If you want to stay safe, your probability of winning can be quite good, but the possible return will never change. Unlike slots, they are fixed.

While live roulette carries the sensation of gambling in real-time at land-based casinos and there is a real roulette and ball, individual variants let you take your time to spin it. It is a matter of preference, as well as a choice of which features you want to experience.

Top Feature: Bets of varied risk levels and special in-game features.

Blackjack Games

Blackjack is surrounded by many myths, including the card-counting strategy and supposedly foolproof methods, but it remains a casino game in reality. Quick to play if you understand how to play blackjack, it offers a great RTP and chances of more than doubling the bet if you are lucky enough.

Blackjack Games

Credit: 1xBet

After learning how to count the values in cards, the basic blackjack strategy is all about studying the cards in the table. The essential decisions of staying with the same cards or asking for more may decide your success – if you do not either get busted or win instantly with your initial cards.

The key in blackjack is to have more points than the dealer, up to the maximum of 21, and that is not always possible. Therefore, do not count on always winning based on your skills, as luck also plays a major role here. However, unlike roulette, you do need to understand the rules not to lose every time.

Top Feature: The perfect mix of luck and skill within quick rounds of cards.

Poker Variations on Online Casinos

Poker may be one of the most variable games among table and card games on casino websites. Some of those casinos will have their own downloadable poker software with player tables and real competitions – check more on our 22Bet review. On the other hand, you will most likely find dozens of individual games in which you challenge the RNG software.

Poker Variations on Online Casinos

Credit: 22Bet

Within the different categories in which poker casino games fall in, it also has subgenres. Without a doubt, Texas Hold’em has a special place among the preferences of players in the Philippines. However, the different formats of Omaha Poker and Stud Poker, for example, can also be found published by several providers.

The rules may vary a lot, but poker is essentially a skill game in which your poker hand needs to beat the opponent’s, although you may bluff and hope they fall for it. Like blackjack, do not even think about giving it a try without reading the basic poker rules first.

Top feature: Complex and skill-based card game for smart players.

Sic Bo

Continuing in the row of more complex games but changing to dice instead of cards, we have sic bo. Popular in all of Asia but a well-known preference of Pinoy players of casino games, sic bo is all about trying to predict the result coming from throwing dice. The broader your bet in terms of possible outcomes, the lower the risk and the prize.

Sic Bo in the Philippines

Credit: 1xBet

Given the complexity, it is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the free demo version first before actually gambling on this online casino game. Like roulette, you place your chips where you think there is a good chance of representing the actual dice result, anything from the sum to matching the exact result of each die.

Top Feature: Many different bets and high return.

Pai Gow Poker

Among the options of online casino games that are trending, pai gow poker is the one that has the smallest availability in terms of variety. Still, being easier than blackjack and quick to play, it is a common pick.

Pai Gow Poker in PH

Credit: 20Bet

Betting as much as you want within the limits allowed by each variant you find to play online, all that you need is to divide the cards into two hands. If you beat the value of the cards in the hands of the dealer, you are a winner. That is really simple!

Top Feature: Easy and fast to play with cards.

Video Poker

A combination of poker and slots, video poker is a very interesting pick from this casino games list. It deals random cards and the player has one try to replace them for new ones. It is as instant as a slot, but you need to focus on forming a poker hand that can give you a win according to the pay table.

Video Poker online casino games

Credit: 22Bet

Therefore, depending on how much you are willing to risk, you may decide to change more or fewer cards aiming at the highest ranks of poker hands. As a plus, there are many features and bonuses that vary according to the variant you choose.

Top Feature: Merge of instant rounds with poker combinations.

How to Find the Best Casino Games Online?

Most of the online casino games listed here can be found on all the casinos we tested, varying in the total number of titles. However, there are thousands in total, so, we want to make sure that you know the most important parameters to find the best casino game for you:

  • Control: Decide if you want to have control of choices like in blackjack and poker, or if you want instant games like slots and roulette in which you only need to push a button and wait.
  • Return: You could be more into risk and trying to win huge amounts out of pure luck, or you may prefer to double the bet little by little, one round at a time.
  • Variety: Think if always having a different variation to play is a must or if you do not mind always playing similar games.
  • Features: Some games are basic, follow simple rules, and that is about it. On the other hand, you may find bonuses, multipliers, and free-play on slots, bingo, and other similar games.

Of course, you may always change the type of game you are playing, and most of them will have a free demo version for your first try. Still, given that most casinos will offer you 3,000 to 10,000 different games to pick from, it makes sense to know where to begin exactly.

Still, keep in mind that there are always some games that could be avoided because they offer no interesting advantage. As a general rule, those are the games that are either disadvantageous or have an increased house edge.

The most important tips are to keep away from the American Roulette variant and not go for slots with an RTP below 90% if they do not offer a progressive jackpot.

Where to Play the Best Casino Games in the Philippines?

We can all agree that the combination of quality and variety is essential when it comes to playing casino games online. Among the casinos that are legal to play online according to the PH gambling laws, we have selected three that fulfill that special requirement.

  • 1xBet – The most complete and varied catalog of casino games.
  • 22Bet – Its own gaming software for poker and bingo.
  • 20Bet – Best one in adaptation to Pinoy players.

Regardless of your choice, you are certain to have chosen a reliable casino where you can play casino games.

Free Vs Real Money Online Casino Games

The “demo” or test version of casino games, widely available with the exception of most live casino dealers, is a free method to play them. Unlike some players believe, that alternative is not limited in any way, and you are not obliged to skip to real money gambling at some point. Check out our comparison table to better understand them:

Real Money Casino GamesFree Demo Casino Games
  • Limited to your available bankroll.
  • Allows you to collect money from winnings.
  • Real risk of losing money through bets.
  • Add bonuses to raise your bankroll.
  • Unlimited playing.
  • Allows you to play with high fake values.
  • No chance of collecting winnings or jackpots.
  • Familiarize yourself with games first.

There is a pretty balanced trade-off when it comes to choosing between playing casino games for real money or for free. There is room for both options at specific times, but you may also choose to always risk money for the chance of winning a lot.


You need to choose one of the online casinos listed here, register an account, and deposit to have money available to bet for the chance of winning money.

Check the maximum win information on each game, which may or may not be informed on the online casino. The RTP can help you understand the average return, but never predict a win.

The closest to playing free casino games for real money is betting with a no-deposit bonus, which, in turn, comes with requirements like depositing and wagering the bonus amount several times.

No, as long as you stick to licensed online casinos that are obliged to follow rules such as only offering games that are audited and with a well-known and fair RTP.

Yes, and that is one of the advantages of playing online compared to land-based casinos. Simply choose a casino and check its latest bonuses.

No, there are illegal games like mahjong and jueteng, but you can rest assured that the games found on the online casinos we tested are all legal.

That is a purely personal question, depending on whether you consider a low possible maximum winning or the lack of dynamicity a characteristic of an awful game.

Yes, all of the games in our list of casino games online are playable through regular browsers, whether on your computer or mobile device.

At the moment, all modern casino games can be played on mobile devices because they are produced in HTML5 and 100% responsive.

It is possible to win as much as the game allows. Some progressive jackpot slots can play up to millions to a few lucky players, while the majority of players will only multiply their winnings by a couple of dozens or hundreds of times.