5 Online Lottery Sites in the Philippines

You may play the online lottery in the Philippines from your PC or mobile!

There are excellent websites for those who prefer to play the lottery online in the Philippines. It is important to know when that can be considered legal and both the advantages and disadvantages of playing the online lottery of your choice. Therefore, this guide brings both the best websites to do it and all the information you need on online lottery tickets, taxes, prize claiming, and accepted payment methods – not to mention the discounts!

Best Online Lottery Sites in the Philippines

156 ratings
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  • 60+ Lotteries
  • Live chat
  • Accepts PHP
168 ratings
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  • Exclusive lotteries
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Each online lottery available in the Philippines and listed above was tested and approved according to our quality and security parameters. Notice that they vary in their best features, as well as in other characteristics. If you are new to it, consider reading the rest of our complete guide to understand how to play the lottery online in the Philippines.

theLotter - Philippine and Foreign Online Lotteries

theLotter - Philippine and Foreign Online LotteriesAmong the first lottery websites to be open to our Philippine public, theLotter is licensed by the reputable Malta Gaming Authority and has excellent conditions. As a lottery agent, it purchases real lottery tickets for us, including for local lotteries, as there is no official channel to purchase them online.

Available via browser and apps, theLotter’s main feature is the number of lotteries that it offers, but it fails to cover local payment methods. We can only use credit cards to deposit, and it may be possible to bank out withdrawals depending on their value. Fortunately, theLotter accepts Philippine Pesos.

The fact that it purchases real tickets makes its pricing a bit higher than betting sites, but there are many ways to explore discounts. On the other hand, it may require the purchase of anything from 2 to 8 tickets at once, depending on the game we choose.

Best Feature: The variety of lotteries

Number of Lotteries: 60+

Betting Site or Lottery Agent: Lottery Agent

Accepts PHP: Yes

Local Payment Methods: No

Visit TheLotterVisit TheLotter

Lotto247 - 50% Welcome Bonus

Lotto247 - 50% Welcome BonusLotto247 is a lottery betting site for players in the Philippines who value better pricing more than variety. There are not many lotteries available, but it covers the most popular lotteries. With a few e-wallets to improve the offer of payment methods, it is not among the online lottery sites that accept PHP. Instead, we deposit and withdraw with a USD balance.

Easy to navigate and entirely responsive, Lotto247 does not have discounts but offers a comprehensive welcome bonus for new users. Combined with its low price to bet on the lottery online in the Philippines, that is a good reason to at least make one purchase using it.

Best Feature: Welcome bonus

Number of Lotteries: 20+

Betting Site or Lottery Agent: Betting Site

Accepts PHP: No

Local Payment Methods: No

Visit Lotto247Visit Lotto247

LottoAgent - 50% Welcome Bonus

LottoAgent - 50% Welcome BonusLottoAgent is the classic choice for those that would settle for regular features and the balance between the pros and cons of other sites. Acting as both a lottery agent and a lottery betting site, LottoAgent has decent pricing and a regular offer of lotteries. It offers more games than most betting sites, and although the lottery promotions exist no more, there are still good deals to be found on the lottery site.

The user experience still has to be improved on LottoAgent, where the currency and prices are not shown in PHP, and there is no support 24/7. Still, we can deposit with cards, bank transfers, or a few e-wallets, which is more than most lottery sites have to offer.

Best Feature: Real tickets and lottery betting in one place

Number of Lotteries: 30+

Betting Site or Lottery Agent: Both

Accepts PHP: No

Local Payment Methods: Bank transfer

Visit LottoAgent Visit LottoAgent

LottoKings - Jackpot Boost

LottoKings - Jackpot BoostAlmost as old as theLotter, the company LottoKings has the same limitation of offering only credit cards as payment methods. It is a betting site, and that should make it offer lotteries for a lower price. However, LottoKings is known – and our review showed that it is so – for having high prices. It is a reputable website that can be trusted, but the absence of our currency, limited payment methods, and high pricing make it a less obvious choice.

It is easy to use on any browser and covers the most popular lotteries from around the world. As its most prominent feature, there is a jackpot boost that can be activated for free, although it is not broadly available.

Best Feature: Jackpot boost

Number of Lotteries: 20+

Betting Site or Lottery Agent: Betting site

Accepts PHP: No

Local Payment Methods: No

Visit LottoKings Visit LottoKings

WinTrillions - Long History

WinTrillions - Long HistoryWinTrillions belongs to the same company as LottoKings, and that basically made their features and offers very similar. The same pros and cons apply, including the offer of payment methods, the high pricing, and the possibility to boost the jackpot of a few selected lotteries temporarily. With no support for PHP, it also uses USD as the main currency and has a 24/7 live chat available whenever we need it.

Best Feature: Jackpot boost

Number of Lotteries: 20+

Betting Site or Lottery Agent: Betting site

Accepts PHP: No

Local Payment Methods: No

Visit WinTrillionsVisit WinTrillions

Is It Legal to Play the Lottery Online in the Philippines?

While the Philippines has great lottery games provided by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) to the population, they are only officially distributed in the outlets. However, we may play dozens of lotteries from all around the world online in a legal way and, in some cases, even our local games.

In regard to lotteries from other countries, we only need to be careful and only play at foreign online lottery sites. That is the only way for those websites to be operating legally in the Philippines, as the current legislation does not allow the online offer of lotteries by local lotteries. Fortunately, that legal alternative is the case for the websites we recommend here.

As for local Philippine lotto games, such as Ultra Lotto 6/58 and Super Lotto 6/49, they can be found on some lottery websites. When that is the case, once again, it is necessary to play at lottery websites that are headquartered elsewhere. That is because the PCSO only allows the authorized sale of tickets locally, and those are only offered physically at outlets.

In short, regardless of if you want to play a lottery from the Philippines online or have access to dozens of lotteries from elsewhere, play on online lottery sites from abroad for your safety.

Ticket Price Comparison

Knowing that the ticket price is one of the most important concerns when choosing where to play the online lottery in the Philippines, I brought a table with the most popular lotteries and their prices. Notice that theLotter is the only lottery agent and that its prices reflect the cost of the real tickets:

Powerball₱ 295US$ 3.95 (~ ₱ 233)US$ 5.29 (~ ₱ 303)US$ 5.85 (~ ₱ 335)US$ 5.85 (~ ₱ 335)
Mega Millions₱ 295US$ 3.95 (~ ₱ 233)US$ 5.29 (~ ₱ 303)US$ 4.40 (~ ₱ 252)US$ 4.40 (~ ₱ 252)
Euromillions₱ 360US$ 3.50 (~ ₱ 207)US$ 3.68 (~ ₱ 325)US$ 12.00 (~ ₱ 690)US$ 12.00 (~ ₱ 690)
Eurojackpot₱ 288US$ 2.95 (~ ₱ 174)US$ 5.29 (~ ₱ 303)US$ 8.00 (~ ₱ 458)US$ 8.00 (~ ₱ 458)
Cash4Life₱ 295US$ 3.50 (~ ₱ 207)US$ 5.00 (~ ₱ 286)US$ 4.00 (~ ₱ 230)US$ 4.00 (~ ₱ 230)
France Loto₱ 317US$ 3.50 (~ ₱ 207)US$ 5.68 (~ ₱ 325)US$ 12.00 (~ ₱ 690)US$ 12.00 (~ ₱ 690)
Austria Lotto₱ 173US$ 3.49 (~ ₱ 200)

It is clear that Lotto247 has the best pricing overall and that other betting sites have some trouble trying to accompany it. Through discounts, LottoAgent gets close to its pricing as well if you are looking for bulk purchases of tickets. On the other hand, the variety found in LottoAgent and especially theLotter cannot be replicated by Lotto247.

How We Rate the Best Philippines Online Lottery Sites

Aside from testing and making sure that the online lottery websites are safe to play in the Philippines, we rate their quality. Therefore, the websites need to be safe, a legal option in our country and stand out in some characteristics to be included here. Our rating process includes the verification of the following:
  • Valid license and safety.
  • Complete terms and conditions.
  • Availability of lottery games.
  • Bonuses, promotions, and discounts.
  • Deposit and withdrawal methods.
  • Payout rules.
  • Support.
  • Ticket pricing.
Of course, you might as well read our full content on how we rank gambling websites in the Philippines. You will find everything about our process there:

Complete Guide for Online Lotto in the Philippines

If you are new to playing the lottery online and want to make sure you are doing everything right, this is the guide you should follow. That way, you will not only ensure you are playing real lotteries the legal way but also guarantee that you receive any prizes you are owed.

How to Play Online Lotteries in the Philippines?

Gambling online always begins with choosing the right website to do so, and it is no different when it comes to online lotteries. You already know the top lottery sites in the Philippines to play online, and all it takes is to follow the next steps:

  1. Pick a lottery site – Each online lottery site compatible with the Philippines has its own pros and cons. Compare them and find the one that matches what you are looking for.
  2. Register an account – You may have one account on each website if you want, as it is a quick and simple process.
  3. First deposit – This is an optional step on some online lottery sites because they may allow you to only pay the exact amount of the cart of lottery tickets. Simply go to the cashier and pay with your preferred payment method.
  4. Find a lottery game – Among the online lotteries available, choose one that has the characteristics that you are looking for.
  5. Play it – Once you open the online lottery page, you will be able to fill out the cards, decide on additional bets, and even add features.
  6. Checkout time – Add as many tickets as you want to your cart and proceed to the payment.
  7. Wait for the results – The tickets are yours, and you only need to wait for the results to have a chance of winning the lottery online in the Philippines.

Lottery Agents and Online Lottery Betting Sites

There is an essential detail that differentiates lottery sites to play the lotto online in the Philippines, and you better know it before you start playing!

Some of the legal and approved sites are lottery agents, while others are online lottery betting sites. The first group purchases tickets on our behalf, which means that we are truly playing the lottery through them, even in the case of foreign lotteries

Betting sites, on the other hand, will allow you to bet on the lottery results and win the same prizes as if you had played the real lottery. The difference is that you do not compete with the players of the real lottery – which essentially means no prize sharing – and that the betting site and its insurer are responsible for the prizes.

Lottery AgentsLottery Betting Sites
Purchase real tickets through their services.Bet on the results of the lottery games.
More lottery games.Possibility of betting on exclusive lotteries.
Higher pricing to cover the ticket fees.Lower pricing.
Discounts are common.Bonuses instead of discounts.
Participation in real add-ons and features.Exclusive jackpot boosts and other promotions.
Big prizes are claimed in person.Prizes are paid by the website’s insurer.

The essential characteristics above should help you decide which option to take, and that should shorten your list of favorite online lottery sites in the Philippines. Also, it may be the case of choosing a website because it has a specific lottery game that others do not have.

Is It Safe to Play Online Lottery in the Philippines?

When we play the lottery online in the Philippines for the first time, it is normal to feel suspicious. However, there are safety requirements that once met represent enough comfort for us to play the online lottery and not worry about the money. First of all, the website chosen to play it must be trustworthy, and our work here has brought you some options.

Then, there are guarantees when we play the lottery online that cannot be ignored. In the case of lottery agents, we receive scanned and official tickets. Also, all the online lottery sites to be trusted are licensed and monitored by authorities in this field. As a plus, all of the websites that we recommend have a long history and keep up with their reputation built over the years.

Aside from our own experience testing those online lottery sites, proof of payment and data on previous winners can bring peace to the souls of players who are not comfortable. All of those details are found in our online lottery reviews.

The Best Lottery Games to Play Online

Some online lottery sites will have 20 different games, including some exclusive and original ones only found on their site, while others may have up to 60. Variety is always interesting but should not be a mandatory parameter because you will most probably want to stick to a few popular lotteries with the best odds or prizes.

Below, I have highlighted the most popular online lottery games to play in the Philippines.



Powerball is a difficult lottery game if you are aiming at the jackpot, but its secondary prize is an astonishing $1 million reward - about PHP 58 Million. Also, with its multiplier, all the prizes except the jackpot are multiplied up to ten times. Its most impressive characteristic is the availability in the record of worldwide jackpots, having already paid $2 billion (~ 1.1 Trillion in PHP) in a single time to a unique person. It is played with a 5/69 + 1/26 format, which makes it quite challenging, but the overall odds of winning just any prize are 1 in 24.87. Thanks to the fact that it now has three weekly drawings, the jackpots roll over even faster.


Mega Millions

The recordist Mega Millions had three jackpots above $1 billion each and has odds of 1 in 302,575,350 that are even more challenging than those of Powerball. Aside from the second prize of $1 million (~57,341,500 PHP), it has a multiplier of up to 5x for those that purchase the add-on Megaplier. Its format is 1/70 + 1/25, which is the reason behind the odds variation compared to Powerball. It can be played on any of the online lottery sites available in the Philippines, with varied discounts or boosts.



The European lottery Euromillions is as popular as Powerball and Mega Millions to play the lottery online in the Philippines. Compared to them, it offers lower prizes that can still make players become millionaires, and the overall odds are about 1 in 13. Still, the tickets are not exactly cheap, and it is worth taking discounts and bundle purchases on online lottery sites. Its format also includes two drums, requiring us to choose five numbers from 1 to 50 and not one but two LuckyStars, the special numbers ranging from 1 to 12. The result is the jackpot odds of 1 in 139,838,160.



Unlike the aforementioned international lotteries to play online, Cash4Life has a better appeal for the annuity option. Instead of a fixed US$7 million jackpot - or ~ 460 million PHP - the winner may opt to receive US$1,000 (~ 57,341 PHP) every day for a lifetime. The second prize is equally tempting, with a weekly US$1,000 (~ 57,341 PHP) that can fix debts and give a comfortable life to most people. Cash4Life can be played on many of the recommended online lottery sites, with jackpot odds of 1 in 21,846,048 and weekly drawings with a format of 1/60 + 1/4.


Austria Lotto

Rarely mentioned on websites that talk about online lotteries, Austria Lotto is one of the easiest lotteries to play and still offers a chance of becoming a millionaire. It has tempting 1 in 8,415,060 odds for the jackpot that starts at 1.5 million Euro, or about 86 million PHP. It has an add-on that works as a secondary drawing, and the format is simply 6/45, with no secondary drum like the other recommended lotteries.

Philippines Lotteries to Play Online

While the PCSO refrains from offering our local lotteries online, it is possible to play the best lotteries in the Philippines online. We can purchase real tickets through theLotter to the following drawings:

  • Ultra Lotto
  • Grand Lotto
  • Mega Lotto
  • Super Lotto
  • Philippines Lotto

While there is a minimum number of entries to participate in, there are also fair conditions to play any or all of the lotteries above. It makes sense to explore the subscription with a free ticket or the multi-draw option with up to 25% off as well.


Play Lotteries From the Philippines on theLotter!Play Lotteries From the Philippines on theLotter!

Payment Methods and Online Lottery Ticket Pricing

The offer of payment methods can vary greatly from one lottery site to another, and that should be considered before deciding where to buy your lottery tickets online in the Philippines. After all, you need to be able to deposit and withdraw without issues. In general, our options can include any of the following:
  • Credit cards: The most common way to deposit into online lottery sites is via VISA and Mastercard cards. However, it is necessary to test if the issuing bank allows that type of transaction. Withdrawals would occur through bank transfers.
  • Local bank: It is possible to pay for online lottery tickets with your favorite bank account. If lucky, your bank will be listed, and transfers can occur easily.
  • E-wallet: Neteller, Skrill, SticPay, and AstroPay can be intermediate channels to transfer and receive money from online lottery sites. In exchange for the service, fees are charged for the transactions.
Although rare, you might find a cryptocurrency option that is not so volatile among the deposit options. Also, when it comes to the price paid for the tickets, you will notice a difference between websites that work as lottery agents and lotto betting sites. The cost of tickets on online lottery agents includes the real ticket fee while betting sites are free to determine a price that they can profit from. On the other hand, only betting sites will transfer big prizes and jackpots to you via bank transfer, while lottery agents will require in-person claiming at the country of origin of that lottery.

Offer of Deposit and Withdrawal Methods on Online Lottery Sites

In order to better compare the best online lottery sites in the Philippines according to their offer of payment methods, check out the table below:
Payment Method theLotter Lotto247 LottoAgent LottoKings WinTrillions
Credit and Debit Card VISA and Mastercard VISA and Mastercard VISA and Mastercard VISA and Mastercard VISA and Mastercard
Cryptocurrency N/A Tether (via AstroPay) N/A N/A N/A
E-wallets N/A Skrill, AstroPay, Perfect Money, and Neteller. Skrill, Neteller, SticPay N/A N/A
Bank Transfer Withdrawal only Withdrawal only Local Net Banking Withdrawal only Withdrawal only

How to Claim Winnings From Online Lotto?

Now that we have reached the subject of claiming prizes from the online lottery page, it is important to understand how we can collect them from online lottery sites. One of the main advantages of playing on those portals is that we do not need to worry about losing the deadline to check and claim the prizes.

That is right, the websites contact us and let us know when we win a prize – and even when we lose it. There is no need to check the results, and winners are introduced to the steps to claim the prizes next. When we bet on lottery results, the insurer of the lottery site pays the jackpot within weeks or small prizes immediately. Those winnings can be withdrawn from our bank accounts.

On the other hand, lottery agents tend to pay prizes of up to 145000 PHP or so. Bigger prizes need to be claimed in person, as you would have played with real tickets. That involves traveling and other costs that should be considered.

Philippines Online Lottery Taxes

The 20% tax applicable to local lottery jackpots has nothing to do with prizes collected from foreign online lotteries. On the other hand, you are not free from paying your regular taxes just because you are playing a lottery from abroad online. Instead, all the winnings must be filled in your regular income tax – which means you can pay anything between 5% to 32% in taxes.

Therefore, there is no specific online lottery tax. You will have the lottery taxes from the origin country discounted from your prize and will pay taxes according to our law as if it was a simply different source of income.

Lottery Apps for Mobile

Online lottery mobile apps are not the standard way of accessing those brands and playing the lotteries that they offer, but they exist in some of them. When available, they can be downloaded in the App Store for iOS devices, while Android users need to download the APK and install the third-party app.

In general, they are a better-adjusted version of the lottery sites, but it is perfectly possible to have a great experience playing through the browser with any mobile device. Aware of the comfort and flexibility that mobile users require, all of the recommended online lottery sites are 100% mobile-responsive.

Most Important Lottery Laws in the Philippines

While it should be clear that playing the online lottery in the Philippines is legal, you might be wondering about the specific lottery laws or simply laws that are connected to that practice. Here are the gambling laws that you should be aware of:

  • Decree No. 1067-a. (1975) – Creation of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), definition of its functions and powers, and the establishment of legal forms of gambling. Passed into law in 1977, when the PAGCOR was officially created.
  • Executive Order no. 13 (2017) – Defined that it was illegal for us to participate in domestic online gambling in all its forms but allowed gambling on offshore websites. That includes the recommended online lottery sites.

History of Lotteries in the Philippines

If you are interested in knowing how lotteries began in the Philippines or understanding how we finally can play foreign lotteries online, check out our lottery history:

  • 1833 – Lotteries were introduced in the Philippines, but the first drawing only occurred in 1851, carried out by the Empresa de Reales Loterías Españolas de Filipinas and the Spanish government.
  • 1898 – Lotteries were stopped during the Spanish-American War.
  • 1932 – Return of lotteries in the form of sweepstakes to support sports projects in the country through the Philippine Amateur Athletic Federation (FAAF). More drawings aimed at supporting other sectors were carried out afterward.
  • 1935 – Creation of the PCSO, securing the budget to carry out drawings, and the agency’s first drawing occurred that same year.
  • 1995 – Establishment of the lottery as we know it, with the Lotto 6/42 game as the only lottery available in the country.
  • 1997 – Mega Lotto 6/45 was created.
  • 2000 – Super Lotto 6/49 came to exist with more difficult odds.
  • 2010 – Ten years without any new lottery game, Grand Lotto 6/55 was launched with a minimum jackpot of ₱30,000,000.
  • 2015 – The last launched lottery game, Ultra Lotto 6/58, is quite a challenge with odds of 1 in 40,475,358.
  • 2018 – Date of the largest jackpot ever won in Philippine lotteries, resulting in ₱1,180,622,508 (US$21,862,177) split between two bettors only.
  • 2022 – Lucky year for players of the Philippine lotteries, with a ₱401,186,804.80 prize in Grand Lotto 6/55, which also had a ₱236,091,188.40 jackpot shared with the incredible number of 433 winners.

Can You Trust Online Lotteries in the Philippines?

You only need two certainties to play the best online lotteries in the Philippines. The first is that playing them online is legal as long as you stick to foreign websites headquartered and certified elsewhere. In addition, if the chosen website has been exhaustively tested and verified, there is nothing else to be concerned about.

Since that is the description of every single website we recommend here – and also why they are only a few selected ones instead of dozens of options – you can trust those online lotteries.

156 ratings
Get 25% OFF From Your First Purchase!
  • 60+ Lotteries
  • Live chat
  • Accepts PHP
168 ratings
Get 50% OFF Welcome Bonus New Players
  • Wagering-free bonus
  • Exclusive lotteries
  • Instant deposit methods
125 ratings
Buy 1 Lottery Ticket and Get the 2nd for Free!
  • Many lottery games
  • Long history
  • Bundle discounts


You can play the lottery online in the Philippines, but the only freebies that you can get are promotions for regular players – in other words, no reward with no deposit. The 7th ticket for free on theLotter’s subscriptions is a good example.
Not every online lottery site offers all the possible games. It is necessary to check our latest reviews or access them to find the ones that have Philippine lotteries as theLotter has.
At the moment, considering all the possible parameters, theLotter has shown to be the optimal choice in the Philippines.
Yes, you can, and it is a very simple process with varied payment methods. However, make sure you are choosing a lottery agent and not a lottery betting site.
Yes, All the online lottery websites that we recommend here are 100% responsive on mobile devices.>

Some of the recommended lottery sites will show the prices in PHP and allow you to keep your balance with our currency.

It depends on the level of prize that you are looking for. The better the prize, the harder the odds. The Austrian Lotto offers a good balance between both.
If you play at a lottery agent website such as theLotter or LottoAgent (unless you pick the betting option), you will need to claim big prizes and jackpots in person.