Best Sports Betting Sites (With Best Odds & Lines)

Complete guide on how to bet on sports online in the Philippines.

Sports betting sites are legal and fun in the Philippines, and that is all that a sports fan needs to know to begin planning the betting strategy to beat the sportsbook’s odds. They must be headquartered somewhere else and licensed by an international licensor, two characteristics that we ensure to verify in our reviews.

Aside from having a list ready with the best legit sports betting sites in the Philippines, you will learn how to bet and the main features and tools that will help you in that mission. Our team of specialists prepared this content specifically for you, so seize that opportunity!

Top Legit Philippines Online Betting Sites

131 ratings
100% Bonus Up to 18,000 PHP!
  • Tagalog language
  • Many betting lines
  • Several cryptocurrencies
140 ratings
100% Bonus Up to 86,000 PHP + 150 Free Spins!
  • Odds above the average
  • Many betting lines
  • Local payment methods
138 ratings
100% Up to 7,000 PHP First Deposit
  • Website in Tagalog
  • Many payment methods
  • Free bets
153 ratings
100% Bonus Up to ~56,870PHP
  • Several cryptocurrencies
  • Live chat support
  • Promotions and contests

If you were only looking for the best sites for sports betting in the Philippines, you may just as well go ahead and pick one of the ones listed above. They were tested and reviewed by our team with due diligence to ensure their trustworthiness. Of course, you may also continue to read to learn more about betting online on sports in the Philippines.

22Bet – Variety of NBA and PBA Betting Lines

22Bet - Variety of NBA and PBA Betting Lines


Despite being a hybrid website with both online casino and sports betting, it soon became clear in our 22Bet review that its focus lies within sports. Aside from being well-adapted to our Pinoy public, with our language and currency, we can find the most popular sports and even the least searched ones.

Soccer and basketball are among the highlights, but there are over 20 sports to choose from. Within each choice, there is a decent number of events and an outstanding number of betting lines, including for the most popular basketball leagues, such as the NBA and the PBA. On the other hand, its sportsbook bonuses are quite demanding in terms of rollover.

  • Best Feature: Number of betting lines
  • Number of Sports: 20+
  • Accepts PHP: Yes
  • Local Payment Methods: No

Bet Online on 22Bet

1xBet – Best Odds in the Market

1xBet - Best Odds in the Market


Our 1xBet review resulted in good surprises, like finding out that the platform has competitive odds that are from average to higher than other sportsbooks in general. We cannot say that 1xBet has the best variety in terms of events, like finding the less popular leagues or all the games of a popular league. Still, in terms of sports diversity, we can find everything there!

Therefore, it might be a good idea to combine our NBA betting tips with finding the best odds for a specific game. Furthermore, we have found that popular local payment methods are available, including the fact that 1xBet is one of the GCash betting sites.

  • Best Feature: Competitive odds
  • Number of Sports: 40+
  • Accepts PHP: Yes
  • Local Payment Methods: Yes

Register Now to 1xBet!

20Bet – Free Bet Opportunity

20Bet - Free Bet Opportunity


It is clear through our 20Bet review that it represents a balance between the first two sports betting brands. There is a good variety of betting lines, offering many possibilities in terms of strategy and opportunities. Also, local payments are available to make deposits and withdrawals easier.

As a plus, it tends to offer free bets in exchange for deposits or risk-free bets in specific events as a plus. Make sure to stay alert to newsletters and the promotions page if you decide to register on it, so you can seize all the chances.

  • Best Feature: Free bets
  • Number of Sports: 30+
  • Accepts PHP: Yes
  • Local Payment Methods: Yes

Get Promotions on 20Bet!

BetOnline – Multiple Sports Promotions

BetOnline - Multiple Sports Promotions


History and time in the market are not everything, as our BetOnline review shows. It is a trustworthy sportsbook with a well-established reputation, but it lacks the same variety of sports and betting lines as the brands placed first on our list. Still, it is a valid choice with countless promotions like odds boosters, risk-free bets with refunds, and more offers.

Besides, it is a solid website with immediate live chat support and all the most common features, such as live sports betting.

  • Best Feature: Sports promotions
  • Number of Sports: 20+
  • Accepts PHP: No
  • Local Payment Methods: No

Bet on BetOnline!

Is Sports Betting Legal in the Philippines?

Online sports betting is legal, only not on websites registered and licensed locally, as they are exclusively offering their services to foreigners. Instead, since 2012, bettors may bet on foreign websites licensed and headquartered elsewhere, according to a ruling by the Court of Appeals of the Philippines. They understand that the PAGCOR does not automatically ban foreign betting sites that operate online.

Therefore, you will face no problems if betting on foreign online betting websites, such as the ones that we tested and reviewed here. Being from another country and licensed elsewhere is among our requirements to be approved and recommended

How Do We Evaluate Sports Betting Sites in the Philippines?

By opening any of our reviews on betting sites in the Philippines, you will notice that we follow a standard of quality and evaluation. We take our goals and responsibility here at very seriously and screen sports betting sites in a series of aspects:

  • Licensing and website/app security;
  • Variety of sports betting lines;
  • Level of odds and house margin;
  • Deposit and withdrawal methods and conditions;
  • Overall bonus terms;
  • Website limits and rules;
  • History and feedback;
  • Our own experience betting online;
  • User support.

It is mandatory to fulfill the security and licensing parameters, while qualitative characteristics will depend on what users are looking for. If you want to know more about our methods and editorial principles, check out the following:

Online Sports Betting Taxes for Bettors

Sports betting in the Philippines involves taxes, regardless of whether through online betting on sports or at physical sports betting outlets. There is a flat fee of 20% applied on all earnings above PHP 10000. In other words, if you earn less than that, there are no taxes applied to your winnings.

However, since the offshore online betting sites in the Philippines are not licensed and regulated locally, it is up to each bettor to collect those taxes. That should be done by including those earnings in the income tax. On the other side, that means paying from 5% to 32% on the betting winnings.

It is always recommended to consult a professional accountant to make sure you are not forgetting about anything or paying too much.

Complete Guide for Sports Betting in the Philippines

To begin betting on sports online may seem like something from another world if you have zero information. You already know that it is legal to bet on sports in the Philippines, and we have introduced our selection of the top Philippines online betting sites. Now, it is time to understand how everything works.

How to Bet Online on Sports in the Philippines?

To bet online on sports is actually pretty intuitive, regardless of how each website takes and invests in user experience. The short step-by-step below will suit you on any website that you choose to bet on:

  1. Start by picking a safe website that has already been tested and reviewed by our team.
  2. Register an account, which should not take more than two minutes.
  3. Make your first deposit using one of the available methods.
  4. Consider activating one of the sports betting bonuses.
  5. Find your favorite sport and choose an event to bet on.
  6. Decide what guess you will take and use your account funds.
  7. Conclude the bet and wait for the results!

Key Tips for Online Betting in the Philippines

  • Compare the odds first, no matter how thrilled you are to place a bet.
  • Read the terms and conditions of bonuses, especially the wagering requirements.
  • Deposit with a method that you will be able to withdraw as well.
  • Balance the risk you take and consider more than odds alone.
  • Bet on sports that you really know.
  • Do not bet until you are 21.

Can You Trust That You Will Be Paid?

Trusting any betting site in the Philippines requires attention because even though they are not illegal, they are also not licensed and regulated locally. Fortunately, there are other ways of ensuring that a website is safe.

First of all, checking if the website is licensed by an offshore licensor is a must, and it is usually in Curaçao. Then, the reputation and history of a sports betting online site are important to verify if other users had a bad experience with it.

Alternatively, you can read our complete reviews. We verify those and other security parameters, including the test of the deposits and withdrawals. That is when you can trust that you will be paid.

Can You Trust New Betting Sites in the Philippines?

The issue with choosing brand-new websites for online betting on sports is that they lack a history. That is when the review has to be based on security parameters and on the review of the terms and conditions. While that does not constitute a guarantee per se, it is the minimum to at least try out the new betting site.

Therefore, the best choice is to deposit only on new sports betting sites that have been tested by our team. We have taken down the risk and confirmed its trustworthiness, and that is why it will be listed here at

The Best Sports for Online Betting in the Philippines

Betting online offers many more opportunities than at physical outlets in the Philippines, and that is a good reason why offshore websites such as the ones we tested are more popular. The number of sports can easily be as high as 40, not to mention all the eSports.

Each sports option has a series of leagues and events to bet on. Then, it branches off into betting lines for all the possible results and happenings within a match. With all those possibilities, it helps to be familiar with the best sports for online betting in the Philippines.

Football Online Betting

Soccer is a popular sport worldwide, and although it is not number one in the Philippines, its presence around the world makes it have the biggest number of betting lines and events to bet on.

For that reason, many bettors in the Philippines are specializing in the best-betting markets of soccer to cover the opportunities that result from the spotlights – including free bet promotions.

The most important events are usually the European leagues, such as the English Premier League, the Champions League, and, of course, the popular World Cup by FIFA.

Basketball Betting Online: PBA, NBA, and More

The most important team sport in the Philippines is an obvious choice for online sports bets. Our passion for it makes it a natural choice for beginners because knowing the game is an advantage when it comes to sports betting. The tournaments that call the most attention include the PBA, the NBA, and the FIBA World Cup, each one for different reasons.

Since familiarity with the sport is natural for any Filipino, the best hint here is to accompany the best odds. Punters will already have at least a couple of online betting sites ready to check the odds and bet on their favorite basketball matches on the go.

Horse Racing Bets

While horse racing bets in the Philippines tend to be more popular in person because of the emotion of such races, they are still an interesting option on sports betting sites. There is usually a good number of different bets to make on this sport, and live streaming tends to be offered on the best sports betting sites.

It is one of the few cases in which punters may be tempted to prefer in-person bets, although that does not include the anonymity, bonuses, or live support that betting sites have.

eSports Online Betting in the Philippines

Finding eSports to bet online in the Philippines is really easy, as they are slowly dominating the betting market. They might require some extra studying for those who are not into the rules and tournaments, but that tends to be a rewarding experience. Among the top choices when it comes to eSports betting, CS:GO, LoL (League of Legends), and Dota 2 offer the highest number of events and betting lines. There is an estimation of PHP 9.63 trillion being bet on eSports alone for the current year, which is a clear sign of how popular they are becoming. Since it is not offered locally, it is the only option in this list that can only be found on online sports betting sites in the Philippines – offered by offshore companies, of course.

Other Sports to Bet on Online Betting Sites

Boxing, tennis, volleyball, and MMA are other popular sports to bet on that are popular and offer a good range of possibilities. Not rarely are they found as temporary promotions and free bet offers on the best Philippines sports betting sites that we tested. Each sports online betting choice has to be based on facts, so make sure to get acquainted with how they work before risking a bet.

You will also find online betting games that are not necessarily casino-related, such as virtual sports and fantasy sports bets. Those are generated randomly and have more in common with slots than actual sports.

Top Features for Online Betting on Sports

Online betting goes beyond knowing the sports that we can bet on legally in the Philippines and how to conclude a bet. It is important to know what makes a sports betting site better than another. Also, there are great features found on online betting sites that can improve the chances of winning, assist your betting strategy, or simply allow you to avoid a failed bet.

Let’s get to know all of these traits!

Competitive Odds

A large bonus, dozens of sports to bet on, and an incredible design with access via an app are worthless if the odds of the betting site are not competitive. By competitive, I mean that they should at least be the average used by the top betting sites. After all, the odds represent the multiplier that will result in the profit. For the same results, the higher it is, the better for our pockets

Basically, the smaller the odds, the higher the profit margin of that sports betting site. It is better to look out for the sportsbooks with the lowest margins in the Philippines, and the best way to do it is through comparison.

Cash Out

The cash-out feature is one of the most important tools in any sportsbook in the Philippines and is often underrated by new bettors. Basically, it allows the punter to withdraw money from a bet and finish it before the results. If winning, it ensures a win and eliminates the risk of losing it all; and, if losing, it recovers at least some of the money that would be all gone.

It is usually available on most sites and is definitely an option on the top sports betting sites in the Philippines that we have reviewed so far. However, keep in mind that the cash-out feature is not active for all bets.

Live Betting & Live Streaming

Making live sports bets combines emotion and excitement, as well as the risks of betting at the same time the events are occurring. It eliminates the calmness of betting before the events happen, as the odds are constantly changing. On the other hand, aside from being fun, it may be the best opportunity to find good odds or use the cash-out feature.

In most cases, and especially for big events, there may be a live-streaming option available for the punters. Seeing the match rather than basing the decisions on an animation of the field or court and statistics can definitely improve the decisions when live betting.

Betting Lines Variety

Another characteristic that must be considered to find your favorite site for sports betting in the Philippines is the variety of betting lines. Each event has up to hundreds of lines separated in markets, such as Handicap, 1×2, Draw No Bet, and many more. The more lines, the better the diversity of strategies that you may apply.

Therefore, when you go look for the odds of your favorite sports to bet on, make sure to compare the number and quality of the betting lines. Finding the best combination of both is the way to better results when you bet on sports in the Philippines.

Sports and Events

Finally, the availability of sports and eSports, plus the coverage of the main events and leagues, define if you will find the match or game that you want to bet on. You will most probably find basketball, soccer, MMA, and other popular sports on every single site for sports betting that you find.

On the other hand, not all of them will go beyond the major leagues. If you want full coverage, make sure to verify if they have the league or tournament that you are interested in before making a deposit.

What Are the Types of Online Sports Bets?

Have you encountered more than one sports bet type and wondered the difference between them? It is easier to simply ignore and conclude a simple bet, but knowing all the types of sporting bets that you can make is the way to finding your ultimate sports betting strategy.

Single Bets

A single bet is an ordinary sports bet that you can make on any betting site by selecting a line, putting a value, and closing the bet slip. In other words, when you make no special selection or combination of bets, that is a simple single bet. There is nothing wrong with sticking with that, especially because it is less risky.

Accumulator Bets

As soon as you have at least two bets within the same sports bet slip, that is an accumulator bet, parlay, or “acca”. You will notice that selecting two bets or more will multiply the estimated winnings by many times. That happens because accumulator bets multiply the odds, which can be tempting.

On the other hand, they all become connected. It means that you will need to guess correctly every single sporting bet in order to put your hands on that money. That is why accumulator bets are way more difficult. The extra reward does not come without a high price.

Reverse Betting in the Philippines

Reverse betting is like an accumulator bet, except that a bet is conditioned to the conclusion of another. As an example, let’s imagine that you make three bets in the same bet slip with reverse betting. If your first bet wins, the second one is activated; and if the second one wins, the third one is activated.

Once again, you need to win all the sports bets included in that bet slip to cash any win at all. However, if you lose at any point, the subsequent bet will not be placed. Therefore, it is like making an accumulator bet with a smaller risk for not betting the money all at once.

Top Bonuses for Sports Betting Online in the Philippines

Among the advantages of betting on sports online in the Philippines instead of going to outlets, bonuses can make a difference in your betting strategies. However, promotions and bonus offers are not all equal. It is important to know their differences and when the terms and conditions make them unnecessarily risky.

Money Deposit Bonuses

Money deposit bonuses are any offers that are triggered by a deposit and result in more money added to the account. They usually range from an additional 50% to 200% of the deposited amount and may be added to the same funds as your real money deposit. In general, the welcome bonus of sports betting sites in the Philippines is a money deposit bonus.

Free Bets Vs. Risk-Free Bets

Usually misunderstood as the same type of offer, free bets and risk-free bets have an important difference. Free bets are quite literal: bets that cost nothing from your real money funds and have a fixed value. If you win, the free bet or corresponding value is not returned, but the profit is kept and added to your funds.

On the other hand, risk-free bets are bets of a fixed value that are only triggered if you lose with a triggering bet. For example, let’s say that 20Bet gave you a chance for a risk-free bet on the NBA finals. If you follow the rules connected to minimum odds and lose that bet, you receive the risk-free bet as if it were a free bet.

The difference relies on the fact that you will receive nothing if your bet is successful under a risk-free promotion.

No Deposit Bonus

The opposite of a money deposit bonus, a no-deposit bonus is an offer that adds money to your funds without you having to deposit first. Obviously, that money is a bonus that will have demands and requirements to be fulfilled before any withdrawal is carried out from the sports betting site.

No-deposit bonuses are rare and have requirements that are harder to complete due to the fact that they are given out for free. Also, no withdrawal is carried out without a prior deposit and its consequent wagering.

Cashback and Other Bonuses

Aside from the most common casino bonuses, there may be other promotions to keep an eye on. For example, there may be weekly cashback offers to retrieve anything from 5% to 15% of the losses of the week as bonus money. Also, some popular betting sites in the Philippines will have promotions that declare you a winner in a specific betting line even before the results.

Bonus Terms: What are Wagering Requirements?

The bonus terms are essential to determine whether the promotion is worth accepting. The most important parameters should be:

  • Minimum odds – It may be necessary to bet the bonus on minimum odds of 2.00, for example, instead of choosing how you will use it, or to respect that limit to complete the wagering requirements.
  • Maximum bet – Bettors may think that they can make risky bets to cover the wagering requirements faster, but there usually are limits on how much you can bet.
  • Wagering requirements – You need to bet the bonus or free-bet value a determined number of times to be allowed to withdraw the winnings.
  • Minimum deposit – Except for no-deposit bonuses, the minimum deposit to redeem a bonus code or offer may be higher than the standard minimum.
  • Limited markets – In general, some markets may be left out of the scope of a bonus.
  • Deadline – There usually is a period to both use the money or bets and complete the wagering requirements.
  • Maximum win – Not every bonus will allow you to profit as much as possible.

Those are the essential conditions that it is good to know before activating a sports betting bonus. It looks like a lot, but you can save time and effort by reading our summaries in the sports betting sites reviews.

Top Payment Methods for Betting on Sports Online

Sports betting sites are constantly evolving when it comes to methods to deposit and withdraw. Fortunately, there are great payment methods available nowadays on betting sites in the Philippines, including local ones such as direct links with our banks. The main categories are:

  • Cards – Credit and debit cards can be used on sports betting sites, namely VISA and Mastercard. However, the issuing bank determines if they can be used that way. Prepaid cards are also an option, but they cannot be used for withdrawing.
  • Cryptocurrencies – Increasingly common, cryptocurrencies that go beyond Bitcoin become a possibility for those willing to acquire and maintain them.
  • e-Wallets – Astropay, PayMaya, Neteller, Skrill, and other popular names are an instant way of depositing and withdrawing from sports betting sites.
  • Bank Transfer – It is possible to deposit and withdraw from your bank account. Some websites have a platform that connects to dozens of banks in the Philippines, while others offer a few specific ones.

In general, despite the extra work of using an intermediate between your bank account and the online betting site, e-wallets are a good idea if you pick the ones with the lowest fees. Cryptocurrencies may also do the job, but keep an eye on their volatility and the transaction fees that we cannot escape.

Can You Bet With Philippine Pesos?

Fortunately, betting with Philippine Pesos is already a possibility on some of the betting sites in the Philippines. Among our recommendations, you will find not only our currency as an option but also a few websites with a translated Tagalog version. That is proof that sports betting sites are slowly adapting to our public.

In fact, whenever possible, prefer to bet on sites that accept PHP. Otherwise, every deposit and withdrawal will discount as a fee the currency exchange spread that occurs in transactions from or to other currencies.

Mobile Sports Betting in the Philippines

Every single site for sports betting in the Philippines that we tried and approved is entirely responsive and compatible with your mobile device. The existence of an app is less common, although existent, but that should not hinder you from betting. While there are some mobile betting apps, they are merely a copy of the website in the form of an application.

Instead, regardless of whether you use Android or iOS, you may just as well use your browser to register, deposit, bet, and withdraw without any concerns. As a general rule, the user experience is as good as with a sports betting app.

Should You Be Betting on Sports Online in the Philippines?

Filipinos are lucky to live in a country where sports betting is legal both at outlets and online. While it is true that some sports are quite fun to bet on in person, like horse racing, nothing compares to betting on sports online. The variety of options, added with the anonymity and opportunities, including bonuses, make it an obvious choice.

Therefore, both punters and people who only bet sporadically will find great reasons to be betting on sports online. Now that you know how it works and that it is safe, it is only a couple of clicks away.

History of Sports Betting in the Philippines

Similar to what happened to general gambling in the Philippines, sports betting existed long before its regulation was discussed, around the 16th century. It was in the 1970s that gambling was determined legal, and the rules were set out with the creation of PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation). 

Still, online sports betting was only authorized in 2012. Fortunately, that was over ten years ago, and you are finally able to bet on sports online legally.

The Future of Online Sports Betting in the Philippines

Since online sports betting in the Philippines for ourselves, the Filipinos, is the same as offered worldwide by international operators, we will share the same betting future. As long as nothing changes in the legal scope of the Philippines for sports betting, we will accompany and enjoy the improvements in that market.
131 ratings
100% Bonus Up to 18,000 PHP!
  • Tagalog language
  • Many betting lines
  • Several cryptocurrencies
140 ratings
100% Bonus Up to 86,000 PHP + 150 Free Spins!
  • Odds above the average
  • Many betting lines
  • Local payment methods
138 ratings
100% Up to 7,000 PHP First Deposit
  • Website in Tagalog
  • Many payment methods
  • Free bets
153 ratings
100% Bonus Up to ~56,870PHP
  • Several cryptocurrencies
  • Live chat support
  • Promotions and contests


Yes, as long as you choose a foreign site that is duly licensed and verified by our team.
Your opinion matters the most in this case. Are you looking for the biggest bonus, a specific way to deposit, or the highest odds? Each preference may change the best website.
Yes, because betting games are RNG-based, and their results are verified and audited.

The most popular sports are basketball, soccer, MMA, and horse racing. As for eSports, do not forget to check CS:GO, LoL, and Dota 2.

Yes, there are no restrictions whatsoever as to how you will access the sports betting sites. They are all responsive and will work well on your mobile device.

Yes, you only cannot have more than one account per website.