Best Live Betting Sites: Top Choices for Real-Time Betting

Live betting sites allow you to place real money bets on sports in real time, sometimes seconds before the odds change and become less favorable. Understanding how live bets work and in which sports they work better can help you understand opportunities in general betting. Check out all you need to know in this guide!

Where to Bet on Sports Live in the Philippines?

There are quite a few high-quality sports betting brands in which you may bet live, find great odds and markets, and sometimes even have free bets as surplus. Given the number of them in the market, we have tested and come down to a selected list with the best choices this year.

131 ratings
100% Bonus Up to 18,000 PHP!
  • Tagalog language
  • Many betting lines
  • Several cryptocurrencies
153 ratings
100% Bonus Up to ~56,870PHP
  • Several cryptocurrencies
  • Live chat support
  • Promotions and contests
138 ratings
100% Up to 7,000 PHP First Deposit
  • Website in Tagalog
  • Many payment methods
  • Free bets
140 ratings
100% Bonus Up to 86,000 PHP + 150 Free Spins!
  • Odds above the average
  • Many betting lines
  • Local payment methods

22Bet: Biggest Market Variety

22Bet Biggest Market Variety

Even though 22Bet is not known for having local deposit and withdrawal methods from the Philippines, Pinoy bettors do just as well with the practical e-wallets and crypto. Those who fit in that group can benefit from the large number of betting markets in which they can place live bets. If variety is what you are looking for, your combined bets can do well there.

Live Betting Welcome Bonus100% Up to 7,500 PHP
Payment MethodsVISA, Mastercard, MuchBetter, SticPay, EcoPayz, Jeton, iWallet, Perfect Money, Skrill, AstroPay, Neteller, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Ethereum, and 40+ Cryptocurrency options.
Number of Sports20+
Number of Esports5+
Minimum Deposit for Live Betting40 PHP
Special Live Betting PromotionsNone
Best Live FeatureNumber of betting markets
Live StreamingYes

Bet Live on 22Bet

BetOnline: Live Free Bets

On the complete opposite hand, BetOnline is not a good pick for variety. It has a few good markets, great odds, and promotions that other websites fail to offer. Filipino bettors who are not interested in more than a couple of good markets with tempting odds can get great promotions, like a second chance with risk-free live bets. On the other hand, they need to be prepared for international or crypto payments and a USD balance.

Live Betting Welcome Bonus50% Up to $1,000 (~ 58,800 PHP)
Payment MethodsBitcoin and 15 other Cryptocurrencies, Moneygram, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Network.
Number of Sports20+
Number of Esports6+
Minimum Deposit for Live BettingUSD 20 (~ PHP 1,140)
Special Live Betting PromotionsLive Risk-Free Bets
Best Live FeaturePromotions and odds
Live StreamingYes

Bet Live on BetOnline.AG

20Bet: Live Free Bets

20Bet Live Free Bets

By picking 20Bet to place live sports bets, you get the best choice in terms of being adapted to Pinoy bettors. It has the best selection of deposit and withdrawal methods, as well as one of the top varieties of sports to bet live. It is true that there usually is no specific live betting promotion or streaming, but the market variety with good odds is a proper redress.

Live Betting Welcome Bonus100% Up to 7,000 PHP
Payment MethodsOnline Banking, PayMaya, G-Cash Direct, GCash, UnionBank, AIRTM, Help2Pay, VISA / Mastercard, DragonPay Prepaid Card, Fast GrabPay, 7-Eleven, Banco de Oro, Bank of, Commerce, BPI Online, Cebuana Lhuillie, Other Local Banks, Fast PayMaya, Skrill, MuchBetter, PerfectMoney, Jeton Wallet, SticPay, iWallet, LuxonPay, AstroPay, eZeeWallet, Moneygment, EcoPayz, Neteller, UCPB Connect, Bitcoin and 30+ Cryptocurrencies.
Number of Sports30+
Number of Esports5+
Minimum Deposit for Live Betting60 PHP
Special Live Betting Promotions
Best Live FeatureBetting markets and adaptability
Live StreamingNo

Bet Live on 20Bet

1xBet: The Highest Odds

1xBet The Highest Odds

With a long history of maintaining high odds, we can for sure confirm that 1xBet should always be checked before you place a live bet. There is a good chance it carries higher opportunities compared to other brands. Also adapted to our public, carrying the best variety in sports, and offering at least a few local payment methods, it does not have recurrent live betting promotions, but it is worth keeping an eye on its offers page.

Live Betting Welcome Bonus100% Up to 6,000 PHP
Payment MethodsOnline Banking, PayMaya, G-Cash Direct, GCash, UnionBank, AIRTM, Help2Pay, VISA, Mastercard, WebMoney, Skrill, AstroPay, PerfectMoney, Jeton Wallet, SticPay, iWallet, EcoPayz, Neteller, 40+ Cryptocurrencies.
Number of Sports40+
Number of Esports10
Minimum Deposit for Live Betting40 PHP
Special Live Betting Promotions
Best Live FeatureLive betting odds
Live StreamingYes

Bet Now on 1xBet

How Does Live Betting Work in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, live betting is available on sports betting sites as an alternative to pre-match betting. With dynamic odds that change all the time, limitless possibilities, and the thrill of betting while watching a game or match, it is a common pick for bettors.

Thanks to automatic and state-of-art technology that allow real-time betting with adjusted risk, we can bet as Filipinos on events happening simultaneously all around the world.

Sports Live Betting Odds

The most important aspect of live sports betting is how the odds work during the events. Unlike pre-match odds that are fixed – unless something extra-game happens and changes the probabilities – the odds never stop changing in live betting

For example, if the NBA odds for a certain team is paying 2.11 for their victory, the live betting odds can skyrocket to 7.00 if it starts to lose by many points at the end of the game. Through analyses, pro bettors identify opportunities when they can be almost sure that an occurrence determined unlikely by the live betting sites is actually going to happen.

Sports Live Betting Odds

20Bet shows how live betting odds changes with highlighted colors.


Credit: 1xBet

There is no need to try to memorize the odds while watching a game. The live betting sites show you when the odds have changed and how they have changed, either through arrows or colors. If you take too long to place a bet and do not accept to place with changes, it is highly likely that you will receive an error prompt due to the odds change.

Bet With High Odds on 22Bet

How to Bet on Live Sports: Real Live Betting Example

For our example, let’s consider a real cricket betting event. The match between Band-e Amir Stars and KL Zalmi had a reasonable disparity in the live moneyline odds. The color green indicates that the Band-e Amir Stars odds were recently improved, while red for KL Zalmi meant the odds raised due to the smaller probability of a win.

Bet on Live Sports

Credit: 1xBet

We continued to accompany, with no rush to bet, and watched as Band-e Amir Stars continued to score more points and increased the difference:

Band-e Amir Stars total runs

Credit: 1xBet

It reached a point in which we would agree that Band-e Amir Stars had a considerable advantage and the odds were no longer interesting. After all, there was still risk, and enough to avoid placing a bet for 1.55 in odds.

Band-e Amir Stars sports betting

Credit: 1xBet

Sometimes, live sports betting is all about patience. It can be almost ironic, considering that quick action is required when an opportunity is spotted, but that is why it is so exciting. With a bit more of patience, we saw things get more balanced:

Band-e Amir Stars

Credit: 1xBet

For sports like cricket, the moment might still be too soon for a bold move, but an initiating bet could already be placed with that balance. As our analyses pointed to a win by Band-e Amir Stars, the moment where things inverted became a live betting opportunity:

Band-e Amir Stars live sports betting

Credit: 1xBet

When the bet is locked, it means that the game is in a crucial moment that could change things a lot. In that case, bets are locked because the odds might not be adjusted in time. We waited and got rewarded for that, as the odds became impressively tempting for a bet that we are expected to be victorious. The next step is tapping to add it to the bet slip:

Bet slipCredit: 1xBet

In case of odds changing too intensively, make sure to select the best option when it comes to them changing before you register the bet in your account:

register the bet

Credit: 1xBet

When it comes to learning how to bet live, we had to go through that whole analysis process that should be part of your routine as a bettor. Simply coming to a game and selecting a bet as fast as possible will most probably make you lose great opportunities!

Get the Best Live Variety on 1xBet

What Are the Best Sports to Bet Live?

There are sports that can be considered better for live betting compared to others. While there is plenty of room in that concept for personal opinions, we made sure to stick to facts.

Basketball Live Events

Basketball betting is definitely unique, and that is not only because we tend to be big fans of the NBA and the PBA here in the Philippines. While our capacity to read a game better than someone who is not into that modality can definitely help in live betting, there are other reasons to consider live basketball:

  • Points sequence: It is not rare for a team to score several points in a sequence. Identifying one of those moments before the odds turn after a sequence of 10 or 12 points is a great opportunity.
  • Long way: Regardless of how the first half is going, there is a lot to happen, and while bookmakers adjust the odds, you can place unexpected live bets with your eyes on the long run. A favorite can have interesting odds simply because it did not start that well.

With those two concepts, we can also easily find underdogs with more favorable odds when we know that the favorites are going to take it. Those opportunities are not presented that easily, if they ever are, in many other sports. That is why basketball is great for live betting!

Place Live Basketball Bets on 20Bet!

Soccer Live Betting

One of the best sports for live sports betting is definitely soccer. There are so many games occurring frequently and championships with the same script every year, thanks to a few favorites, that there are chances for all types of bettors.

Unlike basketball, we always have a draw option. In that case, placing a double chance bet during a live event is one of the ways to actually find interesting odds in that safe but not rewarding market.

We can also bear in mind that winning by one or even two goals is no real assurance in any balanced soccer match. Therefore, spread betting on the goals tends to offer incredible odds at the end for small changes while still having good probabilities. It just pays more because the time to occur anything is shorter then.

Live Horse Racing

Horse racing is great but also really difficult to predict in most situations. However, given that the risk is similar for pre-race and in-race bets, it makes way more sense to bet on live events while watching the horses. With a few laps to happen, there is always a good chance that at least the first places swap rapidly. That is where the winnings tend to appear!

Real-Time MMA Fights

There is a lot of potential within MMA betting live if you understand how the fights work and the condition in which each fighter is. Betting without information in that market, regardless of pre-match or live, is definitely not the way to go.

Prepare yourself for the fight like the fighters do, but gathering knowledge, and make sure to have some hours of fight watching in your curriculum because you need to catch details that can determine how well a fighter may still perform.

If you do so, then betting live is the best way to catch opportunities before bookies adjust the odds. One of the best opportunities is to catch up on UFC betting. Its popularity makes it easier to find information about the fighters.

Bet on UFC Using BetOnline!

Bet on Esports Live

One of the best experiences for live betting that Filipinos are still discovering is within Esports. It obviously includes a lot of games, but we can summarize some good reasons to bet live that include them all. For starters, watching competitions of electronic sports can be an amazing experience in terms of effects and possibilities that human bodies cannot perform on themselves.

Besides, in practical terms of betting, we can study the different teams and analyze how they perform against each other before the event happens. Then, knowing how each player tends to play, catching opportunities in odds before bookmakers make adjustments is more than just hope. Just do not jump into it before studying first, or else you are just going to make moves based on intuition, and that does not help often.

Bet on Esports Live on 22Bet!

Live Sports Betting Bonuses and Free Bets

There are usually no limitations for Filipinos when it comes to using sports bonuses in live bets. Just be careful because some bonus rules tend to demand parlay bets to complete the rollover, and that may not be in your plans. 

Other than that, the best offers are usually temporary and should be sought after on the promotions page of each brand. For example, BetOnline usually has great opportunities for specific sports and matches, including free and risk-free bets. Even if your favorite brand is elsewhere, it does not hurt to have an account ready for whenever you need it.

Live Sports Betting Bonuses and Free Bets

Get Live Bet Bonuses on BetOnline

When Should You Bet Live on Sports?

Betting live is such a great experience that everyone should try it at least once. Then, it is basically a matter of feeling completely ready to understand the nuances of a live game or match. After all, that is how you identify opportunities. Waiting for the odds to turn to understand where it is heading means also betting with the smallest possible profit.


Live betting odds are calculated based on information collected and processed by the operator’s software in real time. It is impossible to calculate any changes before they actually occur, so anticipate them through your knowledge and place a bet when you find an opportunity.

It is betting on the victory of one of the two sides or on the draw, if available, while the event is going on. The changes in odds are really intense in that market.

Yes, just as betting before the event actually occurs. It is only a matter of timing and making the best possible decision with what you have. Make sure to choose a reliable brand, though.

The ones that are licensed to operate online and that we have already tested and listed here definitely pay. We cannot say so for every brand out there.

The odds are always a representation of how much you can profit and the probability of a given event. When the event is live, probabilities change all the time as the time goes and actions are taken.

You can win more when the odds are higher and your guess is correct. If the odds get higher during a live event, then the answer is yes.Can I Bet Live From My Mobile Device?

Yes, all the bookmakers that we have tested and approved are 100% mobile responsive and work in any device for both pre-match and live betting.