Legal UFC Betting Sites in the Philippines

It is possible and legal to bet on the Ultimate Fighting Championship with great odds if you do it through the best UFC betting sites in the Philippines. As a fan of the MMA events promoted by that organization or someone interested in the potential winnings from the many betting possibilities, we recommend that you pick one of the sportsbooks listed below.

3 Best Online UFC Betting Sites

After putting some of the best betting sites to test, we got to the top 3 choices if you want to bet on UFC online with quality and good odds. Each one of them has its own characteristics and features, so it is worth giving them some attention.

136 ratings
100% Up to 7,000 PHP First Deposit
  • Website in Tagalog
  • Many payment methods
  • Free bets
153 ratings
100% Bonus Up to ~56,870PHP
  • Several cryptocurrencies
  • Live chat support
  • Promotions and contests
139 ratings
100% Bonus Up to 86,000 PHP + 150 Free Spins!
  • Odds above the average
  • Many betting lines
  • Local payment methods

20Bet: Safe Option for Beginners

20Bet Safe Option for Beginners

🗣️Support: 5/5 🎲 UFC Betting: 3.5/5 🎁 Bonuses: 2/5

Bettors who are looking for an additional reliable website to bet on UFC and are not interested in more than betting on winners can give 20Bet a try. It has good coverage of the main UFC fights, and you can find good odds, just not other betting lines like round betting, point spread, or method of victory. Besides, it has the best availability of local payment methods for Filipinos, as per our 20Bet review.


Choose 20Bet to Bet on UFC

BetOnline: Number One Choice for Odds and Variety

BetOnline Number One Choice for Odds and Variety

🗣️Support: 5/5 🎲 UFC Betting: 5/5 🎁 Bonuses: 5/5

BetOnline offers a big advantage compared to all other legal UFC betting sites we have tested in the Philippines. It often has over 50 different lines to bet on, which goes way beyond only offering moneyline and round bets. That alone is a perk when it comes to establishing your strategy to bet on UFC fights, but it also comes with the best odds in the market.

Under “Martial Arts”, you find several different UFC events to bet on. They are well-organized in terms of navigation and user experience, so there is no difficulties in placing a simple or a parlay bet. On top of that, there are UFC promotions to boost the odds. Check out our BetOnline review for more details.


Bet on UFC on BetOnline Right Now!

1xBet: Good Betting Variety

1xBet Good Betting Variety

🗣️Support: 3/5 🎲 UFC Betting: 4.5/5 🎁 Bonuses: 3/5

1xBet is placed in an intermediate space between our first recommendations and the average UFC betting site. There is a good number of betting lines and several events covered by it, with odds above average in comparison with sports betting sites in general. There can be temporary promotions to boost the odds now and then, so it is a good idea to keep an eye on it through our 1xBet review.


How to Bet on UFC Online in the Philippines?

Learning on which UFC betting sites you can place your next bet with safety and good odds is great, but we are aware that not everybody knows how to bet on UFC online. In a few steps, we explained everything there is to know to bet correctly:

  1. Register an account on one of the UFC betting sites and make your first deposit – consider the welcome bonus to top up your initial funds by about 100%.
  2. Find “MMA”, “UFC”, or “Martial Arts” among the listed sports.
  3. Identify the event you want to bet on based on the fight number or location.
  4. Open the fight you are interested in.
  5. According to your UFC betting strategy, add one or more lines to your betting slip.
  6. Add the value to each bet and conclude the value.

Bet on UFC Online in the Philippines

Credit: BetOnline

Remember that unless you are willing to make a UFC parlay bet and require all bets to win in order to have a win, place them in separate betting slips.

The Most Popular Types of UFC Betting

Although not all UFC betting sites are prepared enough to offer more than the moneyline option, there are other variations that may even result in better odds for you as a bettor. As most people start betting on UFC unaware they can do more than only pick a winner, we listed all of the most interesting UFC bets in the Philippines.

UFC Round Betting

Like boxing betting, you can determine when the round will end and the fighter who is going to end as a winner. That is called “round betting”, and the advantage is that, by taking the extra risk of determining when someone is winning rather than only if they are winning, you increase the odds.

UFC Round Betting

Credit: BetOnline

It is important to know the fighters and conditions of the fight really well. After all, deciding the exact round that someone is winning means a high chance of missing. In the end, that is exactly why UFC round betting pays more.

Method of Victory

If you feel confident enough, you may also bet on which method a fighter will win the match. It could be by majority or unanimous decisions, but you could also find options such as K.O., submission, or by points.

Method of Victory

Credit: BetOnline

As a plus, some experienced Filipino bettors like to create a difficult and profiting bet with the method and round betting together.

Point Spread

Through spread betting in UFC, you can determine that one of the fighters starts with an advantage or disadvantage. In order for the bet to be victorious, there must be positive points by the end of the fight. Therefore, you may even win when a fighter does not win if the advantage in points is preserved.

Point Spread

Credit: BetOnline

Betting on point spread in UFC fights makes a lot of sense when you want to be in an unbalanced fight in which one of the fighters has low odds. In that case, the application of a disadvantage definitely improves the possible winnings.

Online UFC Betting Bonuses

When betting on UFC, you need to pay attention to temporary and fixed promotions that can, among other things, replace a lost bet with a risk-free option or boost your odds. Both those opportunities are lost by many bettors in the Philippines who are not aware of that right. Your best picks are:

  • Sports welcome bonus: they might often come with high rollover in UFC betting sites, but it is worth checking because your only chance to pick them is within your first deposit.
  • Odds boost: An odds boost is usually applied to specific fights and sometimes limited to one or a few betting markets for that fight. You can find that typically on BetOnline.
  • Risk-free bet: Get a refund if your bet goes wrong on any UFC bet covered by this type of promotion.

Online UFC Betting Bonuses

Credit: BetOnline

Bet Now on BetOnline!

The Best UFC Fights to Bet On

When it comes to finding the best UFC fights to bet on, you need to pay more attention to who is fighting. There are recurrent fights and it is not by selecting a specific time of the year that you will find the best opportunities to bet on UFC.

Instead of deciding to always bet on numbered UFC or the Vegas or Mexico versions, check the fighters. How big the fight is and the balance existing between the fighters determine how exciting the fight will be and how the odds are going to behave. That is the secret to finding the best odds to bet on UFC.


Round betting allows you to bet on which round the fight will end. If you are certain, it is always better to guess the round rather than place a general moneyline bet.

You can find opportunities to bet for free in case a betting site offers a UFC free bet, but that is rare. Instead, you can look for a risk-free bet to get a refund in case you miss the results.

Anyone who is at least 18 years old can bet on UFC and other sports in the Philippines.

In order to make money betting on UFC, you need to be good at analyzing the possibilities in fights. Understanding the sport and characteristics of each participating fighter is a must.

Yes, some of the UFC betting sites that we recommend here have PHP balance and allow you to deposit and withdraw with that currency.

You could bet at local sportsbooks, but the best opportunities and bonuses are found playing online.

The importance of UFC fights makes the sport the most important for MMA betting, as more data allows better guesses for great odds.