How to Play Bingo Online on Casino Sites?

Any Pinoy player can play bingo online on casino sites by simply registering an account and learning the rules. It is possible to have fun playing bingo for free, but the idea is to deposit and bet real money as soon as possible for a real chance of winning. Learn how to play in our quick guide and, especially, absorb the differences between online and real-life bingo.

1. Choose a Bingo Online Casino Game to Play

Your first choice in order to play bingo online in the Philippines is to have a reliable casino where you will deposit and withdraw money. There are many differences in their game variety, payment, support level, and bonuses that you can check in the reviews:

  • 20Bet: Several instant video bingo games.
  • 22Bet: Dedicated page filled with bingos from different providers.
  • 1xBet: Bingo section with instant and live games.
  • El Royale Casino: Classic 30 to 90-ball bingo rooms for individual playing.

Those online bingo sites were thoroughly screened and tested by our team of specialists. You may make your choice simpler by picking one of them or read our complete guide on online casinos in the Philippines to learn to differentiate brands online.

Your next step after registering an account should be making your first deposit. That money will be used to play bingo online for real money. Simply follow the instructions that are specific to each method. If you want to test for free first, go straight to the next step.

Choose a Bingo Online Casino Game to Play

Credit: 20Bet

2. Buy or Select the Bingo Cards

Once you are registered and deposited money to start playing bingo online, you need to pick a game. If there is no specific bingo page, we recommend that you search for “bingo” to find the games that carry it in their names.

Buy or Select the Bingo Cards

Credit: 20Bet

If you choose to play a video bingo game in which you play alone, you can start by selecting the number of cards that you are playing with. Also, you may generate the numbers randomly until you are satisfied. In the case of live bingo or bingo rooms, the cards are bought prior to a new round.

start by selecting the number of cards

Credit: 20Bet

In the example above, the game Just a Bingo found on 20Bet shows four activated cards with the random numbers on them. We cannot pick specific numbers, but it is possible to generate other combinations as much as we want.

Each card represents a bet, so make sure to deactivate the cards that you do not want to bet on. Otherwise, the next round will count all of them at once. Since they are entirely individual, the number of activated cards does not necessarily improve your odds. It has more to do with playing more bingo in less time.

3. Define the Total Bet Value

Before actually playing bingo online, you need to specify your bet. You are already aware that each card counts as a bet, so specify how much you are willing to wager on each. Although the design and position may vary from one game to another, increasing and reducing the total bet is intuitive:

Define the Total Bet Value

Credit: 20Bet

4. The Round Starts

As soon as you are ready and have confirmed the total bet considering all the cards, you need to push the button to play bingo! As an instant and automated game, there is nothing else to be done while the balls start to be drawn automatically. They appear rapidly on the screen and you get to see which numbers are being matched.

The Round Starts

Credit: 20Bet

Whenever one of the possible patterns is matched, the game highlights it, and the amount is added to your credits. You can learn more about it in our how to win bingo guide.

5. Get Your Winnings!

Just like the whole gameplay of online bingo, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to your winnings. Regardless of playing video or live bingo, your only time to control something is when you get to select or buy the cards. Except for that, everything else is automated, including the transfer of your credits to the casino account!

Real Bingo Vs. Online Bingo: Differences in How You Play Them

When you play bingo in person, you need to pay close attention to every drawn number and make sure to mark them on your card. Otherwise, if you miss any of the numbers and someone closes the card before you do, that is a loss with no right to claim a win. It can be fun and all, but that will never top up playing online bingo.

By playing online, we are comfortable wherever we want. All that is necessary is an internet connection and a casino account, and everything else is completely automatic. You determine how much you are willing to risk and that is about it. That is the main difference between playing real and online bingo.


When playing online video bingo, you can usually play with up to four cards. Bingo rooms and live bingo can allow you to play with dozens of cards per round.

Yes, as long as you choose a bingo game from a reliable provider and play on a casino site that we have confirmed to be safe.

No, you only need an account on a casino platform and a valid browser to open it and its games.

Yes, as long as it is an authorized entity that is promoting it or when you play on online casinos from other countries.

You can join your friends playing bingo for fun, but never promote your own real-money bingo without authorization.