NBA Online Betting Sites

Basketball is the most popular choice among Filipinos, which also reflects in our preference when it comes to betting. Due to our passion for it, we are more familiar with the leagues, athletes, and details that assist a lot in placing online bets. 

That is especially true for the NBA, a top-favorite choice to watch and to bet on, which makes it essential to have reliable and trustworthy NBA online betting sites.

Best NBA Online Betting Sites in the Philippines

Among all the online betting sites that we have tested, we have selected three that offer the best conditions to bet on the NBA online. Consider the pros and cons revealed by our experience, and if necessary, register on all of them to always be ready to find the best odds for the next match!

139 ratings
100% Bonus Up to 86,000 PHP + 150 Free Spins!
  • Odds above the average
  • Many betting lines
  • Local payment methods
131 ratings
100% Bonus Up to 18,000 PHP!
  • Tagalog language
  • Many betting lines
  • Several cryptocurrencies
137 ratings
100% Up to 7,000 PHP First Deposit
  • Website in Tagalog
  • Many payment methods
  • Free bets
153 ratings
100% Bonus Up to ~56,870PHP
  • Several cryptocurrencies
  • Live chat support
  • Promotions and contests

1xBet – Great NBA Betting Odds

According to our 1xBet sportsbook review, it is one of the top choices for betting on the NBA in the Philippines for two great features: high odds and countless options of betting markets. With top local payment methods such as PayMaya and G-Cash, it also accepts deposits from only 40 PHP and withdrawals from only 80 PHP.

1xBet - Great NBA Betting Odds

Credit: 1xBet


Register on 1xBet to Bet on the NBA

22Bet – Variety of Betting Markets

Our 22Bet sportsbook review revealed that it is an easy choice to bet on the NBA markets because there are hundreds of different lines to choose from. Experienced and advanced bettors can really benefit from having more opportunities to identify markets where the odds may be tempting. With fewer local payment methods, 22Bet is more known for its variety of e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. The deposits can also start at 40 PHP and withdrawals from 80 PHP!


Bet on the NBA on 22Bet

20Bet – Best Payment Methods for PH

We tested and reviewed the 20Bet sportsbook to find out that it is really well-adapted to our public. Pinoy bettors have PHP deposits starting at 60 PHP and withdrawals from 120 PHP. While those minimum values are higher than the other two recommended sportsbooks, it has a lot more options in terms of payment methods. Its offer of betting lines is above the average, and you can definitely find good NBA odds to bet on 20Bet.

20Bet - Best Payment Methods for PH

Credit: 20Bet


Start Betting on the NBA on 20Bet

BetOnline – Great Navigation

Despite being quite a simple sports betting site, BetOnline seems to know what their Pinoy bettors are looking for. When we open the basketball section to find NBA betting markets, there are several subcategories to help us find the type of bet we want. It is not as tailored for the Philippines market as the other sites, but it can still be used with cryptocurrencies and bank transfer.

BetOnline - Great Navigation



Is It Legal to Bet on the NBA in the Philippines?

It is legal to bet on the NBA online betting sites in the Philippines. Unlike PAGCOR casinos, which are limited to foreigners, Pinoy bettors have full access to both domestic (PAGCOR) and international sportsbooks. That possibility, thanks to the current gambling laws, makes it even easier to find good conditions to bet on the NBA, thanks to the competition between them.

How to Bet on the NBA Online?

Betting on the NBA online is really simple, especially if you are familiar with sports betting. You only need to know what you are betting on, which may be from results, pure and simply put, or really specific actions by the best player in the game, for example. Once placed, your bet keeps the odds fixed. This is how to proceed to bet on the NBA betting sites:

  1. Choose one of the betting sites with NBA that we have tested and now recommend here.
  2. Register an account and deposit, which are mandatory for sports betting.
  3. Open the basketball section of the sportsbook, followed by the NBA league.
  4. Choose one of the games you want to bet on, including trying to predict the team that will win the league.
  5. Within the betting markets of each game, you need to choose one or more possibilities according to what you have learned with NBA predictions.
  6. After filling out your betting slip, conclude the bet before the odds change.
  7. Wait for the results!

NBA Betting With Predictions

It may be difficult to conclude all by yourself which betting markets are more likely to occur while preserving decent odds. That is when NBA betting predictions come in handy, combining the opinions of specialists and valuable data. Make sure to include them when studying your next bet.

NBA Betting Bonus and Free Bets

There is a good number of betting bonuses and promotions that can be useful when you want to bet on the NBA online. While most specific NBA offers are temporary and appear during the main phases of the league, it is useful to know what type of opportunities you may find.

Deposit Bonus

The most common offer found on online betting sites, and that applies to NBA, as well as other basketball leagues, is the deposit bonus. It may be offered as a welcome bonus or a recurrent offer always activated by a new deposit, and it basically adds up to your total bankroll.

For example, a 150% sports bonus applied to a deposit of 2,000 PHP results in a total bankroll of 5,000 PHP (2,000 + 150%).

Get a 100% Sports Bonus on 1xBet 

Special Accumulators and Odds Boosters

Most NBA betting sites offer temporary promotions that either improve the winnings of specific accumulator bets (two or more bets in your bet slip) or the odds of a given betting line. Those are always found on newsletters sent to registered bettors or found on the promotions tab.

The best characteristic of this type of NBA betting bonus is that it does not come with wagering requirements or demands. You simply activate it, and if you win, the profit is all yours.

Get Boosted Odds on 22Bet

NBA Free Bets

Free bets are Pinoy bettors’ favorite type of promotion to bet on the NBA. It may be given as free-risk bets, in which case the user receives a second chance if they do not guess it correctly. On the other hand, real free bets are the chance to make specific bets of a fixed value without spending anything from your bankroll.

Make sure to understand which requirements the bookie has in order to let you have that opportunity in your bets!

Find Free Bets on 20Bet

How to Calculate NBA Betting Odds?

When it comes to calculating the odds for NBA betting, it is no use to look for the margin added by a bookmaker. As specialists, it is our duty to inform you that odds tend to vary a lot between reliable sportsbooks, meaning that the best odds can be found on one website one day but on another the next day. Therefore, instead of believing in bookmaker margins found on the web, register an account and simply choose the one with the best odds at that moment.

NBA Betting Types

Now that you know exactly where to bet on the NBA online, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different betting markets and lines. Each possibility you can bet on is a market, and every option within it is considered to be a line.

  • NBA Moneyline Betting – The moneyline is the simplest and most obvious form of betting. You pick which team is going to win the match, and that is it.
  • NBA Spread Betting – Every betting market in which you do not bet on a specific result but rather on a larger range matches the category of “spread betting”. For example, you can bet on a spread of 30+ points, meaning that anything from 31 points results in a win.
  • NBA Over/Under Bets (Totals) – Over and under bets are found within the “spread” category, as you bet on whether the total of points will be over or under a certain number.
  • NBA Prop Bets – Prop bets are all the options that do not hold an influence on the game results, like guessing what an individual player will do.
  • NBA Parlay Bets – Any combination of bets in your bet slip, which becomes an “accumulator bet”, is also called a parlay bet.
  • NBA Futures Bets – Future bets are those predictions that involve a result that is still far away. For example, you may guess the winner of this NBA season when it is just beginning. Due to the really high risk, the odds and profit tend to be higher.

Live NBA Betting

NBA Betting can be live, which means that you place your bets as the games are occurring. In general, the bets that were available in pre-game and do not make sense anymore or are too obvious tend to be removed from the selection of possible markets. Also, odds vary all the time as the game flows and the balance changes.

Therefore, you need a good NBA betting strategy and to be accompanying the games live – usually offered by the NBA betting sites – as you could think to be before a great opportunity and actually do a bad business.

NBA Online Betting on Mobile

All of the NBA betting sites that we have tested and approved, listed on this page, are completely responsive and might have an available app for your mobile device. In other words, you lose nothing in terms of resources and accessibility. In fact, even if you are betting live on the NBA, you won’t face any delay when placing your bets.

Bet on the NBA With 1xBet Mobile

How Do We Rank the Best Sites for Online Betting on NBA?

There are good betting sites with similar conditions for betting online on the NBA, but there are always some differences that can result in more profitable betting. Besides, we need to go beyond the security and reliability parameters that are essential and rank them according to important criteria, such as:
  • NBA Promotions and Bonuses – The availability of offers that specifically aim at improving the odds and betting possibilities for the NBA is always verified to recommend the best NBA betting site for Filipinos.
  • Deposit & Withdrawal Methods – It is essential to have at least a few local and efficient methods to both deposit and withdraw. After all, withdrawing the money is the ultimate goal of betting on the NBA.
  • Betting Features – Previous cashout and live streaming are good examples of features that can improve our betting experience a lot.
  • NBA Odds – The higher the odds found for NBA games, the better that betting site deserves to be in our comparison.
  • NBA Betting Markets – The availability of special and prop bets can be interesting for players who like to go beyond the regular moneyline and totals bets.
We compare those parameters and evaluate their weight according to our overall grade for each NBA betting site. Overall, it is up to the players to decide which characteristics found in our reviews they value the most and bet knowing that they will be safe.


NBA betting is like any other type of bet, and you just need to wager your money on results that you feel can happen. The odds are proportional to the risk and directly related to how much you may profit.
You need to study the most probable outcomes and bet on them if the odds offered are good enough to be worthy of the risk.
Choose one of the safest NBA online betting sites, add money to your account, and open the basketball section. Within the NBA category, find the match you want to bet on and wager on one of the possibilities.
When you deposit on the NBA betting site, choose G-Cash as your deposit method. That way, you will bet with the money from G-Cash.
You may choose 1xBet, 20Bet, or 22Bet; all approved sportsbooks with great conditions for betting on the NBA games.
It is good to have more than one alternative, as you can deposit fast with some payment methods and seize the best odds at the moment.
Make sure to read our reviews and select the one with the best conditions according to the pros and cons we have found. Remember to have an account on more than one website because the one with the best odds may alternate.
Yes, there are always temporary bonuses and free bets for big events like the NBA, but you need to register and keep an eye open for them.
Yes, just like any other basketball event on sportsbooks, you can bet live on the NBA games while you watch them!
Yes, 20Bet and 1xBet tend to have temporary promotions with free bets and similar opportunities.
There can exist rigged sportsbooks, which is why it is so important to have a few that you can trust.
In the Philippines, winnings that exceed 5,000 PHP must be informed to be taxed at a rate of 8%.