Jueteng Casinos in the Philippines, Their Legality and Best Alternatives

Do you want to know more about jueteng gambling in the Philippines? Our guide tells you how it is played, the legal situation of it in our country, and some tips to win and strategies that may guide your choices in the future. Everything that you need to know about the popular numbers game in one place, starting with its meaning.

Best Jueteng Alternatives on Online Casinos in the Philippines

Since jueteng is completely illegal in the Philippines and foreign online casinos do not offer that game, your best choice is to play alternative games. For example, Keno is an excellent option if you want a game with the same pattern of drawn numbers as in jueteng. Does that sound interesting?

From the way I see it, there are two excellent and legal alternatives for those who want to play something similar to jueteng in the Philippines. One option is to play international lotteries on foreign online lottery sites, including the ones we have reviewed and approved. There are all types of odds and payouts from Europe, the Americas, Asia, and more.

On the other hand, if you want something more instant, you might prefer to choose keno instead. It is offered in live rooms and individual games at your disposal, with bets that go with all pockets and reasonable odds for a legal game. The best thing about keno is the possibility to decide how many numbers you want to play, changing the game payout entirely. If you are interested, here are the best online casinos to play games that are jueteng alternatives in the Philippines:

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What Is Jueteng?

Jueteng is a numbers game that has been incredibly popular in the Philippines since the 1800s but has remained illegal from the beginning of the 20th century. The meaning of jueteng is a combination of the words “flower” (jue) and “bet (reng). For being a numbers game, it has low bets and odds that are similar to games such as Pick 3 or keno. Also, that means it is based on luck and that jueteng tips to win are based on superstition only.

Is Jueteng Legal in the Philippines?

The numbers game jueteng has been completely illegal in the Philippines since Act No. 1757 of 1907. Despite over a century of failure trying to control the unofficial and informal practice of the game, the government remains unbending in that matter. Therefore, as we want to stay out of trouble, we can play online lotteries and casino games but stay away from Jueteng.

Cheating in Jueteng Outlets

People who rely on the fact that authorities look the other way in some locations due to corruption may be losing their money for unrealistic odds. In other words, jueteng outlets, which means physical shops where that game is illegally played, might be working with predetermined numbers. Therefore, the jueteng results are fake and made up through the use of tapes to prevent certain numbers from falling out.

That is another good reason to stick with only what is considered legal in the Philippines. According to the gambling laws, that includes physical casinos as well as online casinos in the Philippines that are headquartered and registered somewhere else.

How to Play Jueteng?

If jueteng ever makes it to the row of legal games in the Philippines, it may be of good use to learn how to play it. It is not difficult to understand the winning patterns of jueteng or the meaning of its numbers, so you will most probably remember it in the future.

Although that may change with the regulation that might come someday, there is no minimum or maximum standard bet amount in jueteng. You are entitled to choose two numbers from the pool, which is usually 1 to 37 but there may be expansions to up to 40. The larger the pool of jueteng numbers, the harder the odds are.

Since our commitment here is to legality, we will not describe how illegal outlets carry out those drawings. In the future, when it becomes available online, you only need to know that you will choose two numbers and wait for the jueteng result.

Jueteng Drawings and Results

In general, there should be from two to three daily jueteng drawings. Each one starts by drawing one number, followed by a second and last number. In general, matching the two numbers may pay up to 400x to 1,000x the bet. Therefore, a ₱0.25 bet could result in anything from ₱100 to ₱250.

In some cases, it is said that matching one number gives half that prize. According to our research, that is not necessarily true in all the places where jueteng is played illegally.

What Is the Meaning of Jueteng Numbers?

Trying to find in jueteng numbers meaning in some way is how some people choose to play it to avoid relying only on randomness. According to Mutanabbi Ben-Yehuda, names and numbers keep a profound relationship, so we can extend that to letters to help us find meaning in dreams and signs to convert them into jueteng numbers:

  • Number 1: v – i – j – l – y
  • Number 2: b – c – f – d
  • Number 3: r – l – s
  • Number 4: e – m – t
  • Number 5: g – p
  • Number 6: z – k – w – x
  • Number 7: a – o
  • Number 8: u – h – n

If you dream about taking a bath, for example, and that is the main focus of your dream, you extract the numbers 2, 7, 4, and 8. From that, you could play 2, 4, 7, 8, 24, 27, 28, and so on.

There are people who are dedicated to finding a correlation between full words and numbers to play in jueteng. Some great examples extracted from that research are:

  1. Brothers, Toilet, Flowers, Rifle
  2. Water, Soldier, Money, Mother
  3. Christ, Balcony, Ship, Marriage
  4. Church, Cemetery, Tears, Horse
  5. Cat, Girl, Chicken, Bird
  6. Oil, Wine, Hunter, Clown
  7. Legs, Teeth, Table, Fingers
  8. Fire, Blood, Hill, Meat
  9. Living Dead, Tree, Thief, Mouse
  10. Rope, Fear, Head, Party

While the total numbers in jueteng vary, finding those things present in your day or dreams can help you identify patterns to combine numbers and generate your combination.

Winning Odds

The theoretical odds of winning in jueteng with the standard 2/37 jueteng formula is 1 in 666. Just for the sake of comparison, matching two numbers in 10-number keno has odds of 1 in 16.63, which would not return a lot in terms of winnings. The comparable result could be matching seven numbers out of 10 in keno, which has similar odds of 1 in 621 with a payout of 19x – far below what jueteng pays.

“There are jueteng number games with 40 numbers, which increases the odds to 1 in 800. Although that may sound tempting considering the 400-1,000x payout, remember that jueteng is illegal and that breaking news has shown how an outlet of jueteng cheats on unaware players.” – advice by Jason Anque, an expert casino writer at LuckyStarts.

Best Jueteng Tips to Win & Strategies

If learning how to play jueteng is useful for the future, so do jueteng tips and strategies, right? The thing about that game is that it is entirely based on luck. We pick two numbers, and that is it. There is absolutely no order of choice that logically improves our odds of winning.

Therefore, we are left with two types of jueteng tips to win and strategies. The first one is to have good bankroll management and know how much to bet to balance the risks of losing with the potential win. On the other hand, we are not bound to think only logically and mathematically when we play chance games.

Some people prefer to attach to the jueteng numbers meaning. It may be one or more lucky numbers, the belief that something other than randomness plays a role in the frequency with which numbers are drawn, etc. In all those cases, the strategy would be molded by that specific belief.

Now, if you ever come across jueteng drawings in which prizes are shared by the winners, I have an extra jueteng tip for you!

Keep away from numbers that everybody chooses, such as the general luck number “7”. If the prize is shared and you end up winning with one of those, you will receive far less than the odds should make up for.

Can You Play Jueteng in the Philippines?

Absolutely not, or at least you are not meant to if you want to stay out of trouble. According to the Republic Act no. 9287, which established increased penalties for illegal gambling, your penalty as a bettor would be 30 to 90 days of imprisonment, which is enough to avoid playing it.

There are excellent alternatives of games on the online casinos that we recommend or even excellent picks on the online lottery sites in the Philippines. Choose them to stay safe and have real odds of winning something.

Real Life vs Online Jueteng Comparison

Due to the fact that jueteng is illegal in the Philippines, not even foreign sites offer anything similar to an online jueteng game. Therefore, only the jueteng outlets accused of cheating and that operate against the law exist at the moment. Once more, it is no use explaining how illegal staff work to make it happen.

Glossary of Terms

While you already know the meaning of jueteng, there are terms that are connected to the game and most probably unknown to people who have never played it. They may not be as useful as tips to win, but you may find them interesting:

  • Boka – When the jueteng lord determines the winning numbers.
  • Cabo – The person who manages the game and announces the winning numbers.
  • Diretsa – One-number bet.
  • Kurbador or Cobrador – A person who takes bets.
  • Lastillas – Piece of paper where bets are written.
  • Legaho – Piece of paper with the drawn numbers.
  • Pompyang – Two combined bets with the same number (e.g., 5 and 5).
  • Porlata or Pornada – When the cobrador forgets to deliver the lastillas.
  • Saklangan or Tumbok – Equal allocation of your stake.
  • Tres casas – Bet on three instead of two numbers.


As always, the banished game was considered to create mayhem and difficulties for the people. The truth is that it continues to occur, except that it works illegally.

Jueteng is illegal in any format in the Philippines, and the online casinos that we recommend have no jueteng game.

Bettors may be imprisoned for one to three months as a penalty for playing jueteng.

Some outlets will pay about 280x the winnings, others from 400x to 1,000x. It varies, and there is no rule due to the absence of regulation.