Online Sabong in the Philippines

E-sabong or online sabong is how people bet online on cockfights without leaving the comfort of their houses. It is like betting on basketball or soccer, before and during the event. Let’s cover its legal scope in the Philippines at the moment and what is still allowed when it comes to the sport.

Best Sabong Alternatives on Online Casinos in the Philippines

Online sabong is completely illegal in the Philippines, which leaves us the alternative of visiting traditional and authorized cockpits or turning to other sports on which we can bet on. For example, you can bet on basketball, the national passion, from the comfort of your house. Here are the best sports betting sites in the Philippines to try instead of sabong betting:

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Is E-Sabong Legal in the Philippines?

Despite generating about P640 million a month for the Philippines’ government, online sabong, or e-sabong, was banned in 2022 by Executive Order No. 09. It was allowed for the most part of 2021 and 2022. Among the reasons to make it illegal, we can mention the occurrence of minors playing it, the disappearance of people involved in the practice, and the activity of unauthorized entities.

On top of online sabong betting, even broadcasting of live and authorized cockfights is not allowed. Despite the illegality, there are offshore operators still providing the service of online sabong in the Philippines because they cannot be directly closed. Therefore, unlike online casinos, you should not resort to foreign sites for sabong online betting.

Is E-Sabong Legal in the Philippines

How Do You Play E-Sabong Online?

Since it became illegal, playing sabong online is not advised and may result in penalties according to the law. Back when it was legal, people could bet on online sabong in the Philippines, like sports betting, simply deciding which side would win the cockfight.

The principle was the same: there were the odds according to the history and characteristics of the fighting roosters. Players had to register with their information on PAGCOR-licensed websites and choose a fight according to the schedule.

Since you cannot play it anymore without facing unpleasant consequences but want to bet live, give sports betting a chance. You may bet on basketball, boxing, soccer, and a lot more sports if you want!

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What Is the Difference Between Traditional and Online Sabong?

There is no big difference between what online sabong is and the concept of traditional sabong. E-sabong is simply the opportunity – currently illegal – to bet on rooster fights on cockpits from a distance. Whenever it occurs locally, and you bet on the spot, that is considered to be traditional sabong.

Where to Play Online Sabong in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, you are no longer allowed to play e-sabong. Therefore, you would have difficulties finding online sabong PH websites and, even if you find any, know that they are operating illegally. That is the same situation as jueteng, for example.

Fortunately, you may still bet on human fights like boxing and MMA without any problems. There are countless websites for it, but some are ideal for Pinoy bettors, like 22Bet.

Online Sabong App and Websites

If you find any online sabong app or website, prefer to avoid it at all costs. Depending on how the Philippine government proceeds after Executive Order No. 09, you may be prosecuted for illegal activity if you decide to enroll in that form of betting.

What You Should Know About E-Sabong

Online sabong betting has been completely illegal in the Philippines since December 2022. You may still find outdated information out there, which is why we recommend that you bookmark this page to be updated on that subject. If anything changes, our guide will be immediately reconditioned to include all the necessary details to play e-sabong online.


Yes, it is illegal to play online sabong in the Philippines, regardless of the location of the betting site or app.

No, live broadcasting was banned together with online sabong in 2022.

You may consult the official Philippine gazette for the latest publications on e-sabong and related activities.
It was possible to win money when online sabong betting was allowed. At the moment, you may still have a similar experience betting on other sports.