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Quick Facts
  • Official Website:
  • Founded in: 2002
  • Deposit & Withdrawal Methods: VISA and Mastercard
  • Accepts Philippine Pesos: Yes
  • Mobile Apps: Android and iOS
  • License: Malta Gaming Authority
  • Minimum Deposit: 10 USD (~ 570 php)
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 1 USD (~ 57 php)
  • Accept Players From the Philippines: Yes
  • Support Channels: Live Chat and Email

theLotter Overview


  • Up to 25% off
  • Dozens of lotteries
  • 20 years of history

Among the lottery sites with the longest history and a perfect reputation, theLotter works as a lottery agent purchasing tickets on our behalf. From the Philippines, we have access to local and international games, sometimes with up to 25% off in discounts if you are a regular player. It is not a perfect website, as this review shows, but it is a fact that theLotter is safe and a legitimate site, also proven with facts.

As described in detail below, my security and quality review of theLotter brings information directed to Filipinos. Together with other reviews, you may now compare and find the best lottery site for you.

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Pros / Cons

  • 60+ Lotteries
  • Live chat
  • Accepts PHP
  • Few payment methods
  • Higher pricing

Is theLotter Legitimate and Legal in the Philippines?

As with any other offshore online lottery site, theLotter is not limited by our local law as long as it remains headquartered outside of the territory of the Philippines. Since that requirement is fulfilled, the fact that it operates under one of the best gambling licenses and has 20 years of history with over a hundred million dollars paid in prizes does make theLotter legitimate.

What Do We Like About theLotter

Starting off this theLotter review after showing why theLotter is a legit website to play at, these are the highlighted pros that it has when compared to other lottery sites in the Philippines:

  • Number of lotteries – theLotter has the best catalog of lottery games, and that is especially impressive because it does purchase real entries for any of the about 60 lotteries on the website.
  • Live chat support – Although this theLotter review reveals that the live chat may fail to be 24/7 sometimes, it does work well and without much delay.
  • Philippine Pesos – Not every lottery website accepts and uses PHP as the main currency, but theLotter is one of the few that do.

What We Dislike About theLotter

Not everything works perfectly on a lottery site, and these are the cons found while reviewing theLotter:

  • Payment methods – The payment methods on theLotter are rather limited when compared to other sites, offering only bank cards for now.
  • Pricing – While it is natural for a lottery agent website to have higher prices compared to lottery betting sites, it cannot be avoided to be seen as a con.

How to Register an Account at theLotter From the Philippines

One of the highlights of virtually any online lottery site in the Philippines is the fact that registering is easy. My experience with theLotter was no different, having my account ready in no time at all.

  1. As soon as you open the link to the official theLotter Philippines website, there is an account button that is used for both login and sign up.Register an Account at theLotter
  2. The sign-up form is accessed by a single link, which is not the most common feature, but it works.The sign-up form is accessed by a single link
  3. At first, theLotter only requires the login details and the confirmation of my country. Login details
  4. Although a success message comes up, the actual registration occurs when trying to deposit. There are some personal details to provide, no big deal, and then we are done.Some personal details to provide

theLotter Safety: License and Trust

One of the main characteristics that pop up to our eyes when wondering whether theLotter is legit or not is its license. The MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) has a preceding reputation because of its action in players’ disputes, which adds up to the trust parameter – one of the most important ones.

Therefore, if any problem ever emerges from our experience on the theLotter Philippines, the MGA could help in solving it, aside from the fact that it monitors the website regularly. Now, for a website such as theLotter, some other positive considerations can never be left aside.

For example, even though this theLotter review considers the same user experience a complete newbie would have, we cannot ignore that it has been around for 20 years. Better said, two decades paying players from all around the world and keeping up a good reputation. I have used it several times in the past, and it continues to be as good as I remember, although theLotter payment methods require updates.

Of course, basic security measures are also there. The payments and our personal data are processed under the encryption of a valid SSL certificate. Also, it copes with responsible gambling guidelines and even offers a money-back guarantee for the first purchase if you regret it for any reason.

Compared to all the other online lottery sites, this might be the only one not worth researching a lot for whether theLotter is a scam or not because the answer is pretty much the same on all theLotter reviews. However, quality is another measure, and this review will guide you through my analysis.

theLotter Lottery Games & Tickets

Starting with the quality analysis of theLotter Philippines, it is important to know that it offers the best catalog of lotteries available online. While there are lottery sites in the Philippines with some games that it does not have, the number of lotteries on theLotter beats any other. However, the vast majority of them will require you to buy a minimum number of entries that may range from 2 to 6.

Also, being a lottery agent, theLotter buys real entries on your behalf instead of asking you to bet on the results. That service has a cost, which makes theLotter incapable of matching the low price of some lottery betting sites. Below are the games that it offers and their respective price:

Lottery Game Individual Ticket Price Minimum Purchase of Entries
Powerball ₱ 295.37 3 Lines
Mega Millions ₱ 295.37 3 Lines
Euromillions ₱ 360.01 2 Lines
Eurojackpot ₱ 288.01 3 Lines
SuperEnalotto ₱ 144.00 5 Lines
Austria Lotto ₱ 172.81 6 Lines
Cash4Life ₱ 295.37 3 Lines
South Africa Lotto ₱ 48.61 8 Lines
Australia Monday Wednesday Lotto ₱ 76.71 6 Lines
OZ Lotto ₱ 134.79 6 Lines
Lotto 6/49 ₱ 321.33 2 Lines
Saturday Lotto ₱ 76.71 6 Lines
Bonoloto ₱ 86.40 8 Lines
Lotto Texas ₱ 147.68 3 Lines
France Loto ₱ 316.81 3 Lines
Powerball Australia ₱ 112.67 6 Lines
Powerball South Africa ₱ 48.61 6 Lines
El Gordo ₱ 230.41 3 Lines
South Africa Daily Lotto ₱ 24.30 4 Lines
Poland Lotto ₱ 89.40 4 Lines
Germany Lotto ₱ 187.21 6 Lines
La Primitiva ₱ 144.00 4 Lines
Italy SuperStar ₱ 216.01 3 Lines
New Zealand Powerball ₱ 124.72 5 Lines
Japan Loto 7 ₱ 299.95 2 Lines
Portugal Totoloto ₱ 144.00 3 Lines
Mexico Melate ₱ 110.56 3 Lines
Japan Loto 6 ₱ 199.96 2 Lines
Romania Loto 6/49 ₱ 157.62 5 Lines
Italy Lotto ₱ 345.62 1 Line
Hungary Hatoslotto ₱ 102.97 5 Lines
Ontario 49 ₱ 107.11 5 Lines
Italy MillionDay ₱ 172.81 1 Line
Philippines Ultra Lotto ₱ 28.00 3 Lines
Mexico Melate Retro ₱ 73.70 4 Lines
Texas Two Step ₱ 147.68 2 Lines
New Zealand Lotto ₱ 58.20 4 Lines
Peru Tinka ₱ 186.28 3 Lines
Hungary Otoslotto ₱ 102.96 4 Lines
Philippines Mega Lotto ₱ 28.00 3 Lines
Philippines Grand Lotto ₱ 28.00 3 Lines
Chile Clasico Loto ₱ 157.43 2 Lines
Philippines Lotto ₱ 28.00 3 Lines
Romania Joker ₱ 131.34 2 Lines
Philippines Super Lotto ₱ 28.00 3 Lines
Peru Kabala ₱ 37.25 4 Lines
Poland Mini Lotto ₱ 44.70 4 Lines
Japan Mini Loto ₱ 199.96 1 Line
Kazakhstan 5/36 ₱ 124.05 2 Lines
Texas Cash Five ₱ 147.68 2 Lines
Mexico Chispazo ₱ 73.70 2 Lines
Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 ₱ 93.04 2 Lines

Therefore, considering the necessary costs of a lottery agent, theLotter still offers a valid solution for players in the Philippines. Furthermore, it has discounts of up to 25%, depending on how many entries you purchase.

Aside from lotteries, there are raffles and scratchcards available on the website. Unlike other lottery sites, there is no online casino or sports betting page available for Filipinos.

TheLotter Bonuses and Promotions

Promotions are an important part of a lottery agent site because they can make tickets much more affordable. Instead of a welcome bonus, theLotter Philippines offers discounts in special offers or for multi-draw purchases.

For example, when I registered to perform this theLotter review, there was a special 15%-off deal for US Powerball:

TheLotter Bonuses and Promotions

Most of the discounts and promotions on theLotter are for bulk purchases or subscriptions. If we opt for a multi-draw, the discount may go up to 25%. As for subscriptions, the seventh ticket always comes for free, which is a 14.28% discount if we consider the total cost.

As for the fans of scratchcards, theLotter Philippines offers an interesting and uncommon promotion of a 1,000 USD (~ 57400 PHP) sweepstake every month. By playing scratchcards, anyone may win a prize, like the three Filipinos from last month:

theLotter Philippines offers

Withdrawals & Deposit at theLotter Philippines

TheLotter gives signs of being adapted to the public in the Philippines because of the availability of Philippine Pesos as one of the main currency options. On the other hand, theLotter’s payment methods are too restricted, and I could only find VISA and Mastercard to deposit or withdraw.

Knowing that India had a similar experience and now the payment methods have expanded, there is hope that the Philippines will also see an improvement in that characteristic. For now, we may only use banking cards VISA or Mastercard.

“The minimum deposit amount depends on the tickets selected to play, meaning that we may only pay when we finish adding entries to the cart. The same goes for withdrawals, which can start from any small value. If the amount won is considerably bigger than the one you deposit, theLotter allows bank transfers from the equivalent to US$50 – approximately 2870 PHP.

No commissions or extra fees are charged from the winnings, and withdrawals may take anything from 1 to 5 business days. From the details found reviewing theLotter Philippines, it has a very poor selection of payment methods and a lot of room for improvement.” – advice by Jason Anque, an expert casino writer at LuckyStarts.

How to Deposit Real Money?

In order to start playing any lottery, it is necessary to deposit money. The process below is to fill the account before actually choosing your numbers, but it is also possible to deposit the specific played amount right before concluding your purchase.

  1. Where the account button is, there is an intuitive “Deposit” button to open the payment methods. It is also possible to simply start playing and pay once done choosing the tickets.Deposit Real Money
  2. After the personal details are provided, as shown in the registration step-by-step, that button will lead to the few payment methods available on theLotter:Payment methods
  3. Once the choice is made, it is necessary to fill in the details. Although the website balance is kept in Philippine Pesos, the deposit amount has to be provided in another currency :Another currency
  4. Nothing else is necessary, and depending on the chosen payment method, the funds might be immediately available.

How to Cash Out From theLotter?

The website theLotter is quite fair when it comes to withdrawing even the smallest prizes. As for the process, it is pretty much straightforward:

  1. The account button, once used to sign up, can open the cashier through the “My Account” option:My Account
  2. You will see the withdrawal button “Withdraw” available. If you have an active bonus or pending withdrawals, it might be inactive temporarily.Aactive bonus or pending withdrawals
  3. Once you push that button, choose the payment method that is available. Most of the time, it must be the same deposit method.
  4. Confirm the total amount, and the withdrawal request can be accompanied via the “Withdrawals” history. That is it!

theLotter Mobile App

Downloading theLotter app is possible via APK for Android users, due to the restricting terms and conditions of the Play Store, or via App Store for iOS devices. It works perfectly, and anyone may download it instead of using the browser to navigate or buy tickets on theLotter’s website. Given that it mimics the browser version, it has one of the best lottery app user experiences.

theLotter Mobile App

Customer Support

Contacting the support of theLotter may occur via its live chat, which is not always available. I could not find information on its working hours, but the email answers I received from the messages I left took about 9 hours. That is still acceptable, and the live chat does work most of the time, but there may be some delay between being directed to an agent and actually receiving answers.

Also, theLotter has a very comprehensive FAQ section that can help put down most questions that this theLotter review may not have served you with. I cannot give a perfect grade for the support offered by theLotter, but it is far from being bad.

Our Conclusion About theLotter

It should be clear now that theLotter is legitimate and continues to do a good job for players all around the world when it comes to buying real lottery tickets online. Unfortunately, the limited payment methods on theLotter seem to be the less tempting characteristic of the website. If that can be ignored, the number of lotteries is really impressive.

The acceptance of PHP as one of the main currencies helps us identify how much each ticket will cost. Also, although the pricing is higher due to the fact that it is a lottery agent, recurrent players can benefit from its discounts.

Without a doubt, the most important characteristic of using theLotter as the main lottery site to play our favorite games is its history of paid prizes and good reputation. Balancing the pros and cons, this theLotter review concludes that it is a satisfactory alternative for our players.


Is It Legal to Play or Bet on theLotter From the Philippines?

Considering that theLotter is headquartered outside of the Philippines, it is not affected by the local restrictions. Therefore, we may play and withdraw our winnings without problems given the current legal scope.

Does theLotter Accept Philippine Pesos?

Yes, theLotter accepts Philippine Pesos, and I managed to keep it as my main balance during my whole test. However, the limited payment methods charge in USD or EUR when depositing, and that is not so positive.

What Is the Fastest Withdrawal Method on theLotter?

At the moment, there are only credit cards available. When withdrawing, bank transfers may be used and take up to 5 business days to be processed.

How Long Does It Take to Withdraw From theLotter?

In general, bank cards can process withdrawals in up to 24 hours, but that is for small prizes. Bigger prizes will require bank transfers, which may take up to 5 business days.

Is There 24/7 Live Support on theLotter?

Yes, but my series of tests found moments when there were no available agents. In that case, it may take a few hours to get a comprehensive answer.


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