Legal Horse Racing Betting Sites in the Philippines

Putting your hopes in the skill of a horse is intriguing and exciting enough to make horse racing one of the most popular betting genres in the Philippines. We fully explored your legal options in our country when it comes to placing bets on horses online, and you can start today!

Is Betting on Horse Racing Legal in the Philippines?

Betting on horse racing is completely legal in the Philippines according to our gambling laws. However, how and where these bets are placed may define if you are betting within legal bounds. For instance, land-based local sportsbooks under license and foreign online sportsbooks not operating from the Philippines are both legal alternatives.

3 Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

By introducing the best sportsbooks to bet on horse races that are both resourceful and legal in the Philippines, we hope that you find at least one that captures your attention. They can all be trusted after a complete review by our team, and you just need to pick your favorite.

153 ratings
100% Bonus Up to ~56,870PHP
  • Several cryptocurrencies
  • Live chat support
  • Promotions and contests
139 ratings
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  • Odds above the average
  • Many betting lines
  • Local payment methods
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BetOnline – Best Horse Racing Coverage

BetOnline - Best Horse Racing Coverage

🎲 Horse Racing Betting: 5/5 🎁 Bonuses: 5/5 🗣️ Support: 5/5

BetOnline is on another level when it comes to horse racing. While you may find regular winner bets on the Kentucky Derby in its sportsbook area, you should give its racebook page a go before placing bets.

With many events to bet on, it offers a digital playslip that mimics the experience of betting on horses in person. You need to choose the event, the bet type, and then place your bet for one or more horses of your choice.

As a plus, as mentioned in our BetOnline sportsbook review, there are great offers waiting for the bettors. From rebates to risk-free bets to allow you to take on a bit more risk, you can find good opportunities in this sportsbook. As nothing is perfect, it does not hold PHP currency support like the other options below.


Get the Best Horse Race Betting Experience on BetOnline

1xBet – Any Horse Race You Want

1xBet - Any Horse Race You Want

🎲 Horse Racing Betting: 4/5 🎁 Bonuses: 4/5 🗣️ Support: 3/5

1xBet is our favorite regular sportsbook in the Philippines for event variety after BetOnline. If you want to bet online on a horse race going on in the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, or any other country, that is where you can find it. Besides, our 1xBet review revealed how good their odds are.

The bets are more limited in terms of variety, being more common to bet on the winner only. Now and then, some special combination of bets between events can help you place an accumulator bet with great odds.

To give a boost to those bets, you may activate the 100% first deposit bonus of up to 6,000 PHP by depositing at least 50 PHP only.


Bet on 1xBet Now

22Bet – Many Betting Lines

22Bet - Many Betting Lines

🎲 Horse Racing Betting: 4/5 🎁 Bonuses: 4/5 🗣️ Support: 3/5

If you want to bet more than just on the horse that will win the race, you should check 22Bet. Although it does not cover that many horse races around the world, it most certainly exhausts all possibilities in terms of betting lines for the ones that it does.

Our 22Bet review identifies that its 100% bonus of up to 7,500 PHP has the same demanding bonus rollover as 1xBet, accepting only accumulator bets for its completion. Other than that, its platform offers good opportunities in terms of odds, frequent sports promotions, and fast payment methods – although not local ones like Gcash.


How to Bet on Horse Racing Online in the Philippines?

When it comes to placing bets on horse races on the internet, you only need to understand what each bet means and decide how much of your bankroll you want to compromise. Still, aside from the regular betting found on most sportsbooks with winner betting lines and odds, there is a more serious and entertaining way of doing that.

Let’s see what you will need to do in three simple steps before we enter the details:

  1. Pick a reliable sportsbook. There are a few listed at the beginning of this page, which we tested ourselves. Among them, BetOnline is the closest to real-life horse betting you can find.
  2. Understand how the bets work. Read the rest of the content to study each different bet and understand the correct risk-payment ratio.
  3. Place bets and wait for the results. When you are done, all that you need to do is to make a move and wait.

Horse Race Betting Odds and Wagering Options

With at least one sportsbook in mind, we need to understand the different types of bets that you can make. Some of them are easier to guess, and as a result, the reward is considerably lower. Besides, you may make combination bets in which you include more than one guess in your slip to multiply the odds.

Types of Horse Racing Bets

The most important bet types that you need to familiarize yourself with are win, place, and show. There are other combinations and possibilities, but first understand how the basic straight bets below work and nothing will stop you from betting on horses online:

Straight Bet TypeExplanation
WinBet on the first place horse.
PlaceBet on a horse that must finish first or second.
ShowBet that a horse will finish in one of the top 3 positions.

Depending on where you are betting, it is important to verify the rules. In some circumstances, the “Place” bet might have the same characteristics as the “show”.

If we go a bit more complicated, we can start to include rules with exotic bets instead of the basic straight ones:

Exotic BetExplanation
QuinellaPick the two first horses and win regardless of their order.
ExactaYou need to choose both the first and the second place horses and their order.
TrifectaA bet on the three first horses with their exact finishing order.
SuperfectaChallenging bet that requires guessing the four first horses in the exact order.
Daily DoubleBet on the winners of two races that are obligatorily consecutive. You must guess both correctly.
Box or ForecastA box or forecast bet allows you to win regardless of the order of the horses you choose.
Each WayAn each-way bet is the combination of a straight and a forecast bet, with different payout.
Pick XDetermine the winners of consecutive races. A Pick 3 involves three races, and a Pick 5 five races.

Odds in Horse Racing

When betting on horse racing like you do with other sports, the odds are clearly visible, and they represent how much you can get from your stake. For example, if you were to bet that the #10 horse would take the 2nd place and the odds show 3.14, that means any stake you make will be multiplied by 3.14 if your guess is correct.

Odds in Horse Racing

Credit: 22Bet

On the other hand, if you play like a punter on a racebook, your odds will often be shown like 10-1 (you win 10 for each 1 you stake). There is nothing complex about the odds that you will not have experienced in other forms of betting.

Bet With Good Odds on 22Bet

Live Vs Pre-Race Horse Racing Betting

Your horse racing bets may be placed several months before a race in the form of future bets, close to the race, or even while the horses are actually racing. Whenever you open a sportsbook with any form of horse racing bet, you can find both live horse racing betting and pre-race options.

Pre-Race BettingLive Horse Racing Bets
  • Time to think the bets thoroughly and study the horses.
  • Hidden opportunities in underdogs.
  • Better to fulfill bonus requirements.
  • Less risky.
  • Odds change rapidly with not much time to think.
  • Opportunities for experienced bettors.
  • Possible live streaming.

The most important difference is that odds change rapidly when you are betting live. A horse may take the lead or lose several positions in a few seconds, and that is the type of opportunity punters are often looking for. At the same time, as a beginner, you could make better use of pre-race betting.

Online Horse Racing Bonuses

When it comes to sports betting, it is often a better deal to take free bet offers and rebate opportunities instead of pure deposit bonuses like casino bonuses. That type of promotion is not always available and changes with time, so it is important to keep an eye open for them.

Online Horse Racing Bonuses


  • Free Bets: You genuinely have a bet that has no cost but with a fixed value. If you win with it, you receive only the profit according to the odds.
  • Rebate Offer: With a few exceptions stated on the rules of the offer, you receive cashback with a specific rate for your wagers.
  • Risk-Free Bet: Unlike a free bet, you wager with your own money but receive the stake back if you end up losing.

You might find regular sportsbook bonuses that allow you to use that amount in horse racing bets, but keep an eye open for high wagering requirements.

Get Risk-Free Bets on

The Best Horse Races to Bet On

You will always find less traditional horse races to bet on when no popular racing is active. Still, it makes sense to preserve your free bets and most of your bankroll to the most exciting events of all. After all, that also means more information on the table and better chances for good guesses.

Nowadays, you should take note of the following races to accompany and bet on:

  • Kentucky Derby: One of the biggest US horse races with two-minute racecourses, taking place in Louisville, Kentucky – hence the name – during May. Many great names appear in this race, making it one of the favorites to bet on from anywhere in the world, including the Philippines.
  • The Dubai World Cup: Professional horse race with an impressive prize pool, attracting professionals and fast horses that make up a good challenge. As a result, the odds are never too obvious, which gives us opportunities. It occurs every last Saturday of March.
  • Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe: One of the top horse races from Europe to bet on, with a long history and fine structure. It occurs in Paris, France, at the Longchamp Racecourse, at the beginning of October.
  • The Grand National: In April, make sure to study for your future and live bets on The Grand National, one of the most important horse races in the world, occurring in Merseyside, England.
  • Breeders’ Cup Classic: Between October and November, it makes sense to follow your Prix bets with betting on the Breeders’ Cup Classic, which is available on most sportsbooks. Its history usually does not include unbeatable races, which results in positive surprises for bettors in terms of odds.

Online Vs. Land-Based Horse Racing Betting

You may place bets on horse racing in person if you want to go to one of the land-based sportsbooks in the Philippines. However, it is essential to understand the differences between that and betting on horse racing online:

Land-Based BetsOnline Horse Racing Betting
  • You need to take the money with you.
  • Information on digital panels that you cannot control.
  • You need to visit the betting places.
  • No bonuses or special offers.
  • Interaction with other bettors.
  • Legit and licensed sportsbooks.
  • Instant digital transfers with local methods.
  • Easy to accompany changes in odds.
  • Bet from the comfort of your house or anywhere using your mobile.
  • Bonuses and free bets.
  • Live chat support.
  • Legit and licensed websites.

In the end, it is all about preferences, even though the number of benefits launched a trend towards finding online horse betting a better option overall.

Bet on Horse Racing Online on


You can win as much as the stated odds indicate that you are winning with that bet.

If it was possible to determine the winner, there would be no such thing as betting. The best way to have better chances of guessing right is to study the horses and conditions.

Yes, there are free bets on horse racing events now and then, but you need to be registered and accompany the sportsbooks that we list here.

Anyone who is at least 18 years old can legally bet on horse racing in the Philippines.

You need to have proper bankroll management, study the sport, and count on a bit of luck to build your profit one step at a time. Also, understand that losing is part of the process.

Outright betting is the same as making a future bet, which means predicting the champion of a tournament upfront. It is quite risky, which also means that there is a good return for the lucky bettors.

You may go to land-based sportsbooks or do everything from the comfort of your home through the online racebooks we listed here.

Yes, that is one of the most exciting ways of betting on horse races in the Philippines nowadays. Simply choose the “live” events after choosing a sportsbook.