Best Texas Hold'em Poker Sites to Play Online

Texas Hold’em Poker is a poker variation that is not hard to learn and can be played online from the comfort of your home. As one of the most popular variants of poker, it consists of two cards per player (hole cards) and five community or board cards on the table. The goal remains the same: to build the best poker hand among the players who decide to bet until the end. Let’s learn how to play Texas Hold’em Poker in a couple of minutes!

Best Online Casinos to Play Texas Hold’em in the Philippines

We have selected three of the best online casinos in the Philippines to play Texas Hold’em Poker. Our criteria included high-quality poker Texas Holdem games, safety and licensing, affordable payment methods, and overall user experience:

CasinoNumber of Texas Holdem GamesLive Texas Holdem GamesSeparate Poker Software
22Bet62Legion Poker

22Bet – Best Poker Software

If you are looking for a casino to play Texas Hold’em Poker online with other players, you should choose 22Bet. It is the only recommendable online casino in the Philippines with online poker software with which you do not play alone but with other real players. Your anonymity is preserved, and the game can be played on your computer or mobile device.

22Bet casino Philippines

Credit: 22Bet

Experience Real Poker on 22Bet

1xBet – Texas Hold’em Online Poker

Players who prefer to play individual poker Texas Hold’em online games could start with 1xBet. It has a good variety of great variants, such as Texas Hold’Em by Platipus and Texas Hold’Em Bonus, a creation of the popular provider Evoplay. Given the fact that 1xBet has one of the best offers of payment methods, including GCash, you will have no difficulties depositing and withdrawing.

1xBet casino Philippines

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Play Hold’Em Variants on 1xBet

20Bet – Best Live Texas Hold’Em Poker

20Bet has the same live Texas Poker Hold’Em live games as the other two casinos above, but it also offers Extreme Texas Holdem, which cannot be found elsewhere. Therefore, it has the best selection of live Hold’Em Poker at the moment. Consider other characteristics of the casino in our review before choosing it if you do not feel like you are playing that extra live poker game.

20Bet casino Philippines

Credit: 20bet

Play Live Texas Hold’Em on 20Bet

Is Texas Hold’em Poker Legal in the Philippines?

Texas Hold’Em is legal in the Philippines according to gambling laws. There is no specific regulation for it, just like the case of many forms of gambling in our country. Still, given that it is often considered a game of skill and not a game of chance, we have nothing to worry about in terms of any changes in the Holdem poker rules and regulations in the future.

Now that you know that it is legal, play on a website that is also operating legally like 20Bet.

Steps for Playing Online Texas Holdem Poker

After catching the phases into which the game is divided as per the Texas Hold’Em poker rules, it becomes fluid, and your only concern becomes having the best possible poker hands. We can divide everything that occurs in a full game of Holdem Poker into:

  1. Forced Blinds – Two players are obliged to bet a small and big blind (stake) before the game begins.
  2. Two Cards – Each player is dealt two cards (hole cards).
  3. Actions – The player left of the big blind takes the first action, which may be to call (match the big blind), raise (increase the necessary bet to participate), and fold (give up).
  4. First round – The first round, Flop, reveals three community cards, and players are invited to take action again.
  5. Remaining rounds – Two more rounds reveal one community card each on the table, and players continue to take action.
  6. Final Step – Everyone shows the cards in what is called a Showdown to figure out who won among the players who remained in the game.

That is all that you need in order to play Texas Hold’em on 1xBet!

The Blinds

The blinds are an essential part of a poker Texas Holdem game. Every time a game begins, one player is obliged to bet on what is called a small blind, and another player is forced to bet on the big blind. The purpose is to always force some players to put some money in the game instead of waiting for a good hand to start betting.

If you are playing a cash game alone or a single-round game, the blinds will always stay the same. In tournaments, be prepared for blinds that increase in value with time. Usually, a button is used to determine who pays the small blind (player to the left of the button) and the big blind (direct left of the small blind).

The blind information can always be found before you start playing. Look for any orientations, such as “$1/$2” in the name of the room, meaning that the small and big blinds are, respectively, $1 and $2.

Texas Hold’em Streets or Rounds

The rounds, also called streets, are the four stages that we simplified in our step-by-step to play according to the Texas Holdem poker rules. Let’s understand them in detail before you start to play Hold’Em poker online.


The preflop is the stage in which the community cards (cards on the table) were not revealed yet, and each player already has their two hole cards. From the left of whoever paid the big blind, players start to take action:

  • Call – You bet the same amount as the big blind and indicate that you want to participate in the game.
  • Raise – You are confident of your hand or bluff and increase the bet, which must be followed by others.
  • Fold – Your hand does not seem so good, so you decide to leave the game.

In the case of raising, it depends on the type of Texas Hold’Em game you are playing. According to the Hold’Em poker rules, there are three possibilities:

  • No-limit Texas Hold’Em – The first raise must be at least twice as big as the big blind. There are no limits to the maximum stake, which may go up to as high as the player’s total bankroll (stack).
  • Fixed-limit Texas Hold’Em – There is a predetermined limit, and the raise must be twice the big blind with no room for extra.
  • Pot-limit Texas Hold’Em – The raise can vary from the big blind to the total amount in the pot.


After all the players participate in the Preflop round, three community cards are dealt. The community cards are used in combination with the two hole cards in your hand to create a poker hand. Another round of betting begins with those three cards that give players a better idea of what they can build.

It begins with the player to the left of the button that is still in the game. If no one before has called or raised, the player may “check” and pass it on to the next player. Everyone may check if they want to, and that leads to the next round.


One extra community card is dealt, totaling four up to this point, and players take action according to the Texas Holdem rules. In other words, players can either check, call, raise, or fold.

Once the betting round is complete, we proceed to the last round before the actual showdown of cards.


The last community card is revealed, and players have their last actions to be carried out in the game. It is the last chance for a player to decide whether to increase the bet (unless everyone checks) or fold because no hand good enough to win was formed.

The Showdown

The showdown is when every player has to show their hands to figure out who has the best poker hand with the two hole cards and three of the community cards. If everyone folds and one player is left in the River round, there is no need for a showdown.

Play Texas Hold’Em on 1xBet

Texas Hold’em Rules

You already know how to play Texas Hold’Em in terms of the main stages of the game. Still, it makes sense to pay attention to the basic rules to avoid confusion:

  • Every player receives two cards: the hole cards.
  • It is necessary to use five cards in total to form a poker hand that you believe will win.
  • You may choose to use only one of the hole cards and four of the community cards to build your hand.
  • If only one player lasts, there is no need to show the cards and prove if there was a bluff or not.
  • In case everyone “checks”, no one needs to bet that round.
  • The small blind is often half the big blind value.

Hold’em Poker Top Hands and Rankings

There is no big difference between Texas Holdem hands and combinations in other variants. Still, to complete our explanation of the rules and leave you prepared to always set your own Texas Holdem poker strategy, this is the fixed ranking:

  1. Royal Flush —Ten through Ace in five cards of the same suit [10JQKA]
  2. Straight Flush — Five cards of the same suit and in order [4♣5♣6♣7♣8♣]
  3. Four of a Kind — Four cards of the same rank in any suits [J♣JJJ♠5]
  4. Full House — A combination of a Pair and a Three-of-a-Kind [9♣99♠66]
  5. Flush — Five cards of the same suit [10♠9♠6♠4♠2♠]
  6. Straight — Five cards in the right order but not all of the same suit0 [J♣1098♠7♣]
  7. Three of a Kind — Three cards of the same rank [6♣6♠610♣Q]
  8. Two Pair — Two different Pairs [Q♠Q♣1010♣7♠]
  9. Pair — Two cards of the same rank [QQ♣957]
  10. High Card — You play with the highest card for lacking any better combination [A♣Q9♠2♣5]

Keep in mind that there are some hands that carry their own names. For example, if you have an Ace and no other combination, you play a High Card and call it an “Ace-High hand”. 

Also, referring to Pair hands as “Pocket” is common. For example, if you manage to have two Aces, you have Pocket Aces, AA. The same applies to other hands, with KK being Pocket Kings and QQ read as Pocket Queens.

Unlike many people who are not aware of Hold’Em poker rules might think, those are not excellent hands. They might be interesting to have compared to a simple high card or a low Pair, but that is it. By checking our ranking of the top hands in Texas Poker Hold’Em, you will notice that even a Two-Pair hand can beat Pocket Aces, which is the best Pair – not to mention a flush hand or even a full house!

How to Play Texas Hold'em Poker Online?

One of the best ways to enjoy this variant is by playing Hold’Em poker online because you can play alone or with other people in the comfort of your house. All that you need is to pick one of the reputable casinos that we tested, register, make a deposit, and choose one of the games to play.

The rules are the exact same, but you will be able to play from a computer or mobile device. In general, your commands are given by tapping on buttons that indicate actions like “Fold” or “Call”. The same applies to the chips that are added when you bet.

Play Online Hold’Em With Other Players on 22Bet

Is Texas Hold’em the Best Poker Variety?

It is possible to say that Texas Hold’Em is among the best poker variants because of its popularity. Most of the time, when you check the rules when people are playing poker, they match that of Hold’Em poker, and that is a clear sign of its reputation. It is great for beginners and keeps being a great choice for experienced players, but do not cease to try other variants until you have your own opinion on this matter!


You can win as much as the pot accumulates until you are declared the winner. Therefore, it depends on how often and how much players deposit to the pot during the rounds.

The best Texas Hold’Em Poker hand is the incredible Royal Flush.
Check means that you do not wish to increase the pot with a new bet and pass it on to the next player. If someone bets before you, checking is not a possibility.
A slow roll is when you dramatize your action, such as taking a long time to call, even though you have a good or really good hand.
A flush is when your hole cards with the community cards form a combination of five cards of the same suit, but not in the right order.
You need to combine the two hole cards or at least one of them with three or four community cards, respectively. If you manage to get to the last round and showdown, you get to play your hand.
Your hand needs to be the best at the showdown, or everyone has to fold before it except you.
To be better at Holdem, you need to understand the flow, the players, and also count a bit on luck. Also, it is essential to learn that you will need to fold your hands sometimes.

Choose a game that has that characteristic and only raise the bet far, which is allowed in that variant, when you are certain of your victory.

Whoever is left of the button pays the small blind. The person who takes the first action after the blinds is whoever is left of the big blind payer.

It is necessary to build a hand better than that of the dealer. Your total payout will depend on how good your hand is based on the blind stake.