PBA Online Betting Sites

Filipino bettors love to place bets on basketball games. The PBA is one of the most popular leagues in the number of people who accompany it, so it makes perfect sense to also make it more serious through online betting. Before giving it a try, it is important to make sure you have picked reliable PBA online betting sites, such as the ones that we recommend here.

Best PBA Online Betting Sites in the Philippines

After testing and reviewing some of the PBA online betting sites in the Philippines, we have come down to a shortlist of the best picks. They excelled in at least a few of the features that we consider essential for betting with safety and quality on the Philippine Basketball Association.

139 ratings
100% Bonus Up to 86,000 PHP + 150 Free Spins!
  • Odds above the average
  • Many betting lines
  • Local payment methods
131 ratings
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  • Tagalog language
  • Many betting lines
  • Several cryptocurrencies
137 ratings
100% Up to 7,000 PHP First Deposit
  • Website in Tagalog
  • Many payment methods
  • Free bets
153 ratings
100% Bonus Up to ~56,870PHP
  • Several cryptocurrencies
  • Live chat support
  • Promotions and contests


Based on 1xBet review, it is one of the top-notch sportsbooks for basketballs when it comes to its odds. A great combination that derives from it is the fact that there are hundreds of betting markets, which means both variety and quality in one. Adapted to our public, it offers local payment methods, such as G-Cash, and affordable minimum deposits and withdrawals.

PBA Online Betting Sites - 1xBet

Credit: 1xBet


Bet on the PBA using 1xBet


22Bet is also a good pick if you want variety in your PBA bets. Aligned with the many possibilities, Pinoy bettors have no problem depositing and withdrawing their PBA betting winnings. After all, it has a starting deposit of only 40 PHP, its website can be viewed in Tagalog, and there are still good local payment methods to use.

PBA Online Betting Sites - 22Bet

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Use 22Bet to Bet on the PBA


We tested 20Bet and added it as the third pick among the best PBA online betting sites and is also a good choice if you want to make sure you are going to have options when betting. Aside from that, it is still a reliable licensed alternative, with pretty decent features. The minimum withdrawal is a bit higher, at 120 PHP, which should not impact your experience a lot. Also, it has one of the best selections of payment methods that we are used to. At least, its support works better!

PBA Online Betting Sites - 20Bet

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Bet Now on 20Bet


BetOnline is among the sportsbooks that we have tested and approved for betting on the PBA online. It has decent odds, especially when your strategy involves including less probable events, as their numbers increase in those cases. Although it does not have a special bonus for the event, you can always keep an eye open on odds boosters.

PBA Online Betting Sites - BetOnline

Credit: BetOnline


Is It Legal to Bet on the PBA in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, it is legal to bet on the PBA league through sports betting sites. You may choose between PAGCOR and international sportsbooks, according to the gambling laws. In the end, it all comes down to selecting the website that offers the best benefits in terms of payment methods, withdrawal limits, bonuses, and, of course, PBA betting odds.

Is It Legal to Bet on the PBA in the Philippines

Credit: pba.ph

How to Bet on the PBA Online?

PBA online betting is as simple as placing bets on any other league or sport, like the NBA. You first need a reliable website that you know you can trust, such as the ones that we have tested and reviewed, then:

  1. Register an account in which your bets are going to be placed and your funds guaranteed.
  2. Unless there is a free bet bonus, make a deposit to use money in your bets.
  3. Open the sports betting section of the platform and choose “basketball”.
  4. Find “PBA” among the events if it is not past the season.
  5. Choose a game on which you wish to place bets.
  6. Using the knowledge shown in the topics below, pick a betting market.
  7. Add one of the possible lines to your betting slip and insert the bet value.
  8. Conclude the bet and wait for the results!

The process is the exact same in all of the sports betting websites on which you wish to bet on the PBA.

Start Betting on 1xBet

PBA Betting Types

Your PBA bet does not need to be restricted to which team will win the game every time. There are other betting markets that go beyond the Moneyline (winner), which can be really useful in the long run. Take note of their names and how they work because they can be of good use to your bet slip.

Spread Betting

The category of spread betting markets includes bets on a given range of points. For example, you may bet that the NLEX will win with an advantage of 20+ points, meaning that any result that guarantees a spread beyond 20 points is a win. Bets that involve values “over” or “under” a given number fit in this category.

You may also ignore the differences between teams and bet on the range of total points. For example, you may bet that the game between Blackwater Bossing and TNT Tropang Giga would have 150+ points. Therefore, a score of 101 x 78, which equals 179 points, would be a win.

That way, balanced games in which it is difficult to determine who is going to win can result in pretty good spread betting odds instead of risking too much on a Moneyline bet.

PBA Prop Bets

Prop bets are considered advanced PBA betting alternatives. They are represented by most “special bets” that consider events that are not entirely relevant to the overall game, like who is going to receive the first shooting foul.

Aside from high PBA odds because of the difficulty of predicting such events, prop bets are really fun. However, it is more than necessary to be attentive to the whole league, to how each player behaves, and to study the game as a whole.

Accumulator Bets

Also called parlay bets, they are not specific betting markets but the act of adding more than one bet to your slip. Unlike Pinoy bettors who are new to betting may think, that is not a way to save time.

By placing two or more bets in the same slip, you are linking the condition of your win to positive results (green) on all of them. Therefore, the risk is higher, as one single wrong bet eliminates any possibility of winning with a parlay bet.

On the other hand, the trade-off for the higher risk is to have the odds multiplied. If there are two events of 2.00 in odds each, you receive 4.00x (2.00 x 2.00) your total bet instead of only two times (2.00).

PBA Betting Bonus and Free Bets

Before you start betting on the PBA, it is worth knowing that your deposits can trigger bonuses or free bets. With those types of offer, you can increase the volume of bets that you can make. Of course, they do not come without a reason, so pay attention to the details below.

Money Bonus

When a money bonus is added to your account, it is usually proportional to the deposit you just made. In general, sportsbooks offer a 100% bonus that duplicates your first or a few initial deposits, and that bonus can be used along with your money to bet on the PBA.

All those bonuses come with wagering requirements. For instance, you may win up to 7,500 PHP in bonus with your first deposit on 22Bet, leaving you with seven days to complete the wagering requirement of 5x. However, the terms specify accumulator bets with at least three different bets with minimum odds of 1.40 each.

Therefore, that can be a requirement that is tough to complete if you are not lucky with your selection. It is better to check not only the wagering requirement but also if simple bets are accepted.

Get the 22Bet Betting Bonus

PBA Free Bets

Free bets to sports betting correspond to free spins to slots. Whenever you earn them, they have a fixed value that cannot be changed and can be used separately on specific betting markets. Their result obviously excludes the free bet value and adds to the player’s funds the profit only.

In general, the wagering requirements for free bets are nonexistent or way lower and easier to complete than those of a money bonus. There are a couple of ways through which you may achieve free bets on PBA betting sites:

  • Special events during the PBA season – activate newsletters to receive them.
  • Temporary promotions.
  • Rewards via a loyalty program.

Register and Bet on 1xBet

Live PBA Betting

During the PBA season, you can bet both before the game and while the match occurs. Whenever you open one of the PBA online betting sites during a game, you can notice a great variation in the betting lines and odds. They adjust in real-time to what is happening.

That is precisely why Filipino bettors like to bet on the PBA live, as opportunities may appear for a few seconds to seize great odds before an expected game change. Of course, the system is very well-adapted to cover gaps, but uncertainty can sometimes play in our favor.

Live PBA Betting

Credit: 1xBet

Live PBA bets are signaled as such under the event in which teams are playing. Simply follow the same procedure taught in the how-to-bet section, knowing that decisions should be faster as odds are constantly changing.

Betting in PBA Teams and Season

The PBA league is structured and divided into three tournaments every year: The Philippine Cup, which is the most important one, the Commissioner’s Cup, and the Governor’s Cup. They play for points until the top eight teams are selected, and the playoffs start. 

As an advantage, during the quarterfinal, the top seeds receive the right to compete twice instead of being eliminated within just a game. That is a very important detail to accompany when placing PBA bets, or else you could not identify great odds, especially for future bets.


Like any other form of sports betting, you place a wager on a certain result and win your wager multiplied by the odds if your guess is correct.
You need to study the games to come up with the most probable results and reduce your chances of missing. The more money is put in, and the higher the odds, the better the profit.
Pick one of the sportsbooks that we recommend that have G-Cash as a payment method and choose to deposit with it.
Pick 1xBet, 22Bet, or 20Bet, the three best PBA online betting sites that we have found with our research and expertise.
You can have one account on each one of the top PBA betting sites to make sure that you can seize the best odds regardless of where they appear.
Find one that matches your preferences in terms of deposits, withdrawals, support, bonuses, and odds. In terms of odds, they can alternate, so make sure to be attentive.
Yes, most sportsbook bonuses apply to the most regular types of PBA bets. Make sure to figure out if the website of your choice has a decent welcome bonus.
Yes, you can always bet while the games occur. Make sure to be fast, because everything changes during the game.
Yes, although they tend to be temporary. The best approach is to register and accept the newsletter to be alerted and notified when there is a free bet promotion.
Not if you choose licensed websites that we have tested ourselves, which are guaranteed to honor their payments.
Taxes on sports betting are collected via the operators, so you do not need to worry about them.