Best Online Slots Casinos to Play and Win Real Money

Any real casino website has to have online slots, which is by far the most popular gaming genre these days. There are over 10,000 different online slots for real money on online casinos available to us in the Philippines, but it is important to choose safe websites to play and know which slots to choose. That is why we have brought this guide!

Best Casinos to Play Online Slots in the Philippines

Throughout our research, we have collected the top casinos with slots online according to the offering of a safe environment to play and characteristics that are interesting to users. With the proper balance between reliability and quality, check out the top casinos to play online slots in the Philippines below.

1xBet – Best Slot Variety

As soon as you open the 1xBet catalog, you find almost 10,000 slots alone – there are about 12,000 games in total. Together with those big numbers, it has one of the best categorizations among online slot casinos, allowing us to find the type of game we are looking for. That makes a lot of difference when there are so many titles available.1xBet Best Slot Variety

Credit: 1xBet

Furthermore, we reviewed 1xBet and it is perfectly adapted to our public. It supports PHP, and there are a few payment methods that we use in our daily life. Without really negative characteristics, it could still improve how efficient its live chat support is.


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22Bet – Perfect Casino for Filipinos

When we tested 22Bet and found that it has a few hundred slots less than 1xBet but is still a great catalog with over 9,000 online slots ready to be played for free or real money. Its navigation also provides a great user experience, although with fewer categories to help find specific types of online slots. However, you can play several slots at the same time!22Bet - Perfect Casino for Filipinos

Credit: 22Bet

On the other hand, 22Bet has Tagalog as one of the official languages to navigate and play slots online. Besides, it also accepts PHP and has cryptocurrencies as the easiest method to play from the Philippines. Consider those features together with the number of slots to decide.


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20Bet – Best Payment Variety

An online casino in the Philippines with local payment methods is essential for playing slots online. That is why 20Bet is included among the best online slot casinos. With huge jackpots and prizes of up to tens of thousands of times your bet, you need proper withdrawal methods to put your hands on all that money, and it offers that.

20Bet - Best Payment Variety

Credit: 20Bet

Currently, with about 8,200 slots, 20Bet still has more games than most online casinos and can be considered among the ones with the highest number of online slots. Besides, it offers the Tagalog language for Pinoy players, accepts PHP, and has pretty decent live chat support. Based on our 20Bet analysis, the only thing that could be improved is the navigation when looking for games.


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Red Dog Casino – Top Online Slots Bonuses

Red Dog Casino shares a common characteristic with its sister sites, Slots Empire and El Royale: top-notch slot bonuses. They have reasonable wagering requirements and easily top up 250% in bonuses, not to mention slots free spins in addition to it.Red Dog Casino - Top Online Slots Bonuses

Credit: Red Dog Casino

On the other hand, when we tested Red Dog Casino, we found that it is limited to RealTime Gaming slots only. While there are some pretty decent and fun online slots coming from that provider, that limits players in terms of variety. Therefore, you need to balance those pros and cons to find your best choice.


Are Online Slots Legal in the Philippines?

Online slots are legal in the Philippines because slots per se are allowed in the country. As long as you do not try to play on PAGCOR online casinos restricted to foreigners, that permission extends to the digital world.

That said, according to the gambling laws in the Philippines, you can enjoy all thousands of online slots on websites that are headquartered elsewhere. In other words, that applies to all the casinos listed here.

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How to Play Online Slots With Real Money?

There are no complex rules when it comes to playing online slots with real money. It is one of the most straightforward casino games to be played, and you simply need to choose one website to play, make a deposit, and open at least one of the slots available.

When you do, there can be a few buttons that allow you to control how the game goes, but never the results. As a game of chance, you rely solely on your luck as soon as you press the play button. Before you head to the casino to choose your online slots, learn a bit more about the functions and features in them.

How to Play Online Slots With Real Money

Credit: 22bet

Slots Features and Commands

There can be some variations in how slots buttons and functions show depending on the provider and the title you are playing. In general, there are a few options available in the majority of them:

  • Play button – The most obvious one that pushes a spin deducting the total bet from your bankroll.
  • Bet adjusters Two buttons that raise or reduce the bet per spin.
  • Bet level In some slots, especially from the past decade, you could adjust the bet via the value and level at the same time. Only the total bet value matters.
  • Turbo Rising the speed of the spin can be useful if you do not wish to wait for reels to stop.
  • Information There should be at least one information button with a paytable and rules.
  • Autoplay It is possible to set spins to occur naturally, sometimes even with a maximum win or loss setting.

Notice that there are no decisions to be made, such as in poker or blackjack. Also, unlike fake strategies published on the internet, there is no specific pattern of turbo and normal rounds or even special hours that pay more. You only need to rely on your luck, and that is the best thing about slots.

Volatility and Paylines

Slots come in a huge variety in some characteristics, and volatility and paylines are two to pay attention to. First, let’s understand what they are all about:

  • Volatility – The more volatile an online slot is, the broader the payment ranges and the rarer the winning combinations. On the other hand, more volatility usually equals higher payments.
  • Paylines – A payline is where symbols can connect and generate payments. There are slots with just a single payline, while others can hold up to hundreds of thousands of paylines.

Therefore, if you choose an online slot that has low volatility, your winnings might be more frequent but smaller in size. On the other hand, slots with more paylines offer more places for equal symbols to connect between them or with the help of Wild symbols that replace them.

You may even find slots without paylines, in which symbols combine in clusters like Jammin Jars by Push Gaming or by number like in Sweet Bonanza (Pragmatic Play). You may already use that information in order to choose the type of online slot that suits your preferences, but we will bring information on how winnings work next.

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RNG Results and RTP

All reliable online slots have their results based on RNG (Random Number Generator) software. In other words, the whole system in which the results are based generates random possibilities while respecting the probability of certain combinations and effects.

That not only protects us players from any influence from the casinos over the results we are receiving but also ensures that every spin has real chances of generating gains.

Besides, every tested and audited online slot has another parameter: the RTP (Return of Player). According to millions of plays, the RTP estimates how much returns to the bankroll. While that alone does not tell much, it can at least provide some guidance when comparing games.

For example, the average RTP for online casino slots is 96%. Still, you can lose everything on a bad luck day playing a 99% RTP online slot or score a jackpot of millions in a game like Mega Moolah, with its 88% RTP.

In-Game Bonuses and Extras

Aside from regular casino bonuses, the online slots themselves have in-game bonuses that can come in the form of free spins, multipliers, special Wild symbols, and a lot more. They are always a gift and never come with a requirement or demand.In-Game Bonuses and Extras

Credit: 1xBet

For example, you might choose to play a classic online slot with no bonuses and rigid gameplay or pick a modern one with a free spin bonus filled with gain multipliers. It all comes down to your preferences. These are the most common resources that are provided as an extra to make the gameplay more interesting:

  • Free Spins – Spares you from spending on the next spins after its activation. It might have the same setting as regular spins or offer a completely different experience.
  • Multipliers – They multiply your winnings whenever activated.
  • Sticky Wilds – Wild symbols that stick to the reels, making combinations a lot easier.
  • Expanding Wilds – Wilds that expand and cover reels horizontally or vertically.
  • Money Bonus – Special spins that add up instant money to your bankroll.
  • Avalanche – Resource that eliminates combined symbols and opens up space for others within the same spin.

Most of those functions and bonuses are often triggered by Scatter symbols. They might have a paying value themselves, but their purpose is to activate a special effect when you get a certain number of them in a spin.

Types of Online Slots

Not every online slot casino has a great user experience in terms of navigation to separate slots by their different categories. Still, we would like to introduce the most important variants of slots so that you know what to look for the next time you play!

  • Classic video slots Slots that resemble the slot machines of old, with few paylines and symbols and simple graphics. They usually do not offer free spins and similar bonuses.
  • Online slots with different reel numbers Slots are no longer limited to 3 reels. You will find a lot of 5-reel slots, as well as 6-reel and even further, like 8-reel slots with the same number of rows. That only means more room for combinations and symbols.
  • Progressive jackpot A progressive jackpot means a huge prize that accumulates with wagering through days, weeks, or even months. It is often a lot more than you could conquer with an online slot’s max win.
  • Drops & Wins Format that combines random prize drawings and tournaments within slots. Prizes are paid to players randomly and/or based on their best winnings.
  • Megaways online slots The Megaways system became a franchise first originated by Big Time Gaming and is now licensed to several online slot providers. Basically, the size of symbols changes and expands the number of paylines by a lot.
  • Bonus-buy slots If you do not wish to wait for luck to strike so you can activate the bonus, you can buy it in this type of slot. It is usually around 100 times your actual wager.
  • Free spin slots – Represented by the majority of slots these days, they offer free spins as an in-game bonus.
  • Other slot types – There are over 10,000 online slots out there and that number is rising by the day. As a result, there are also more types and variants that we could list.

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Free Online Slots Vs Real-Money Slots

Online slots are so much fun, and there are so many of them that it is a relief that there is a free version. The demonstration option of a slot is complete and has nothing different from the real-money online slots, except that all money is fake, including your winnings.

Free Online Slots Vs Real-Money Slots

Credit: 1xBet

That alternative is great when you are just looking for some fun or have decided that testing the game first is a better idea. Most online slot casinos will let you do it, and these are the characteristics that differ free online slots from playing them with real money:

Free Online SlotsReal-Money Online Slots

All the features and resources.

You can rewind the game and reset it.

Allow you to test the game with no costs.

Cannot provide you any winnings.

Every wager is deducted from your bankroll.

All winnings are collected.

They complete bonus wagering requirements.

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The Best Casino Slots Online Bonuses

When you create an account on a casino website to play slots online, there is always at least one bonus offer. Understanding those promotions to find real opportunities is essential, especially if you want a bonus to optimize your initial bankroll.

  • Free spins – Literal slot spins are given for free, usually aimed at one specific game and with a fixed value. Although tempting, wagering requirements need to be completed in a short time span and are applied to the winnings.
  • Cashback – A cashback bonus is when part of your weekly or daily losses is given back to you to be played again. It comes with smaller wagering requirements, meaning that it cannot simply be withdrawn.
  • Money bonus – Any bonus given in the form of money, allowing you to use it as you wish in games, usually with a max bet cap. It is the most common form of bonus.

Whenever you activate a bonus, keep an eye on the deadline, limitations, and wagering requirements. We have a complete guide on online casino welcome bonuses as well, so you avoid falling into traps.

Online Casino Games Like Slots

The characteristics that make online slots so popular can also be found, in different proportions, in other casino games. We have listed three popular genres that please pinoy players who are fond of slots because they have a similar structure:

  • Video bingo – It simulates bingo rooms, but you play it alone and as you please. It often comes with a progressive jackpot and in-game bonuses. All you need is to push a button and wait for balls to be drawn and match those on your tickets!
  • Video poker – Five cards fall like slot symbols every round, and you get one chance to exchange from none to all five of them. Your goal is to form a valid poker hand with those cards.
  • Live game shows – Game shows found on live casinos are just like those people watch on TV, except that you can participate with real wagers and try to win based on mere luck.

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Play Online Slots on Your Mobile

The market for online casino games is constantly evolving to the point that there is no online slot offered today that is not completely responsive. In other words, any of them can be played on your mobile device, all those thousands, either on the casino app or through your browser.

Just make sure that you opt for one of the casinos that we have tested because you should not risk your phone or personal details playing on websites that are not reputable. Other than that, the controls are pretty much the same, and nothing else changes!


Yes, as long as you are wagering real money on slots as well.
If those slots are free because you are playing in the demo version, you cannot collect any winnings. On the other hand, if it is a free bonus, that money can be withdrawn after completing the wagering requirements.
Yes, except that you control them through your device and that there are hundreds of times more variants and opportunities when playing online.
Yes, as long as you choose a trustworthy casino to play a slot that comes from a reliable provider. Simply follow our instructions to be safe!
Not the ones made available by serious online slot providers who have their games audited and tested.
Be lucky and keep trying while gambling responsibly, as you cannot influence the results in any way.
Each game has a different setting for a maximum win, which can vary from a few hundred times your wager to thousands. Some games also have progressive jackpots that often reach millions of dollars – billions of PHP.
When they are in-game resources triggered as you are playing, they are a consequence of your luck and wagering. When given by a casino, they can come as a free bonus with no wagering or with demands. Always check the rules!
Anyone who is at least 18 years old in the Philippines can play online slots.
No, nothing changes in how online slots function, regardless of the time you have been playing and how much you have spent.
The only possible strategy is the one connected to gambling responsibly and not risking too much until you are lucky enough to trigger a big win.
No, it is impossible to always win in slots because odds are never in your favor.