Best Sic Bo Casinos to Play Online and Win Real Money in PH

Sic bo is a common gambling option in the Philippines, and it can be played online in many variations – including with a live dealer from the comfort of your house. Either as a complete newbie in that game or someone curious as to how it works on online casinos, you will benefit from this complete guide on online sic bo in the Philippines.

Learn more about the odds and house edge, read tips to help you learn how to win in sic bo, and apply everything the next time you play for real money!

What Is Sic Bo?

Sic Bo, or Hi-Lo as it is known in the Philippines, is a popular dice game that can be played online as well. The meaning of “sic bo” is “precious dice”, which has everything to do with how it is played. Unlike craps, the game sic bo needs no strategy and remains entirely a game of chance. In other words, it is quite easy to play it.

Is Online Sic Bo Legal in the Philippines?

Sic bo is completely legal to play in the Philippines, either locally or online, as there is no law that restricts the game in the country. Therefore, and especially because of the flexibility and comfort derived from its online presence, many players in the Philippines prefer to play sic bo in online casinos.

Due to legal restrictions, if you decide to gamble on sic bo online, it is necessary to choose foreign sites instead of local ones. You can find more information on our page about the Philippines’ gambling laws.

Best Casinos to Play Online Sic Bo

Together with learning how to play and win in sic bo, you should know the online casinos where you will experience the best of the game. Our selection contains websites with different advantages and features, so choose carefully and pick even more than one if you need to:

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How to Play Sic Bo?

Although there are online sic bo titles with variations according to the provider, they follow the standard rules of the popular dice game. After choosing on which one of the best PH online casinos to play and have money deposited, you may start playing. It begins by getting familiar with the chips and their cost.

Play Sic Bo

Credit: 1xBet

There can be chips worth PHP 1 and up to PHP 5000, depending on the game of choice. To play online, you select the chip value and tap on the corresponding bet. When you finally press “Play”, the bets are activated, and three dice roll. If their result matches the type of bet that you have made, you will score according to the bet type.

Your winnings, if you guess correctly, are immediately added to your casino balance. Before even trying, you need to understand the betting alternatives to truly learn how to play sic bo.

Sic Bo Betting Options

The bets in sic bo are really intuitive, and most quality games will have enough information for you to immediately realize the odds of that bet and how it works. Still, the best idea is to start playing already knowing where you will place your bets:
  • Small – The sum of all three dice falls between and including 4 and 10 (triples not accepted).
  • Big – The total of three dice is from 11 to 17.
  • Odd/Even – Bet if the total will be an odd or even number.
  • Doubles – Two of three dice come out equal, and you need to guess the number.
  • Triples – All three dice come equal, with a preselected number.
  • Any Triple – Any three equal dice pay the prize.
  • Number – Choose a specific number to represent the total, from 4 to 17.
  • Specific Pair – Determine which two numbers will appear in the next roll.
  • Dice – Bet on the draw of one to three specific numbers.

Sic Bo Rules - Step by Step

In order to successfully place a bet, follow the next steps. They represent real live casino sic bo games, but the same rules apply to individual games.

1. When authorized to place a bet, choose the chip that you want to add to the table. Then, tap on every bet option that you want to give a try.

Rules for Sic Bo

Credit: 1xBet

2. The drawing will begin as soon as the countdown is over. Wait for the dice to stop.Wait for the dice to stop

Credit: 1xBet

3. Once the results appear, the victorious bets will be highlighted, and you will know how much you have won. That is about it!how much you have won

Credit: 1xBet

Types of Sic Bo

The sic bo game can be played in varied formats, although the bets and odds tend to remain the same. It is much more about the design and the need to make quick calls when playing live. Since we have explored the basic rules of sic bo, let me introduce the differences of live sic bo and free sic bo when compared to the traditional.

Live Casino Sic Bo

As explored in our “how to play sic bo” section with a step-by-step, the live casino sic bo does not differ much in the gameplay. In fact, the presence of a live dealer and the fact that rounds begin with or without your participation are the main characteristics of that alternative. In general, the majority of the providers will not allow playing live sic bo for free. Other than that, you will see the same bet options, and the values that you can bet are similar to the regular individual versions of sic bo.

Free Sic Bo

Most online casinos will allow you to play their games for free in the “demo” or “fun” mode. While that means no possibility of collecting any possible win, it is an excellent way of trying the games, especially if you have never played sic bo online. Then, once familiar with how to win in sic bo, you may change to real bets.

Free vs. Real Money Sic Bo Comparison

If the concept of playing sic bo online for free on real online casinos is something new to you, here are the main differences between the free and real money alternatives:
Free Sic Bo Real Money Sic Bo
  • No limit to how much you want to play.
  • No actual risk of losing money.
  • Not possible to withdraw or collect wins.
  • Change to real mode with a click.
  • Get familiar with how to play sic bo at no cost.
  • Try different strategies for free.
  • Actual chances of getting money.
  • Requires control and responsibility.
  • Better to adjust strategies with real money.
  • Possibility to add up casino bonuses.

How to Win in Sic Bo?

Sic bo is a simple game when it comes to the possibility of winning because there is no way to influence the results. It is 100% based on luck, and your best shot at improving your odds of winning is to choose the bets carefully. Your goal should be to balance the risk you are taking with your acceptance of possible losses.

A great way to do it is to establish a strategy that, even though it will not be capable of impacting the results, will offer you guidance to know what to do next.

Play Sic Bo Online via Mobile

Thanks to the responsiveness with which online casinos are built today, we can play sic bo online through our mobile devices. The two options available include playing via your favorite browser or downloading the online casino app if that is available. Both options give access to the complete catalog of games, which includes sic bo and other dice and table games.

The Best Sic Bo Strategy & Tips

If you came here looking for a sic bo strategy, it is important to understand that unlike games such as online poker, sic bo does not involve any ability. The bets are merely a choice of risk since there are less risky and really risky alternatives every round. Therefore, instead of talking about a sic bo strategy that changes nothing in our odds when playing, let’s consider tips that can help us extract the best of our sic bo game:

  • Adjust your bet values and risk according to your existing bankroll.
  • Try sic bo for free to get familiar with each specific game you play.
  • Give live casino sic bo a try to feel like you are in a real casino.
  • Put smaller bets on risky odds that will still pay well if you win.
  • Do not wager more than 5% of your bankroll each time.
  • Never try to recover losses. Think of possible winnings.
  • Consider activating a casino bonus to boost your funds!

Bonuses to Play Sic Bo Online

While sic bo has great popularity in the Philippines, it is still not close to online slots when it comes to online casinos offered worldwide. As a result, there are no specific bonuses to sic bo. It may be possible to use the bonus funds for general casino games like sic bo, but that usually implies only contributing 5% to 10% of the bets to wagering requirements.

Sic Bo Bets, Odds, and Payouts

You already know how to play sic bo, and most of the games will come with the odds and payouts duly described on the board or in the paytable. Even so, if you want to familiarize yourself with the odds and payouts of the bets, consider checking out this table I prepared:

BetOdds₱100 Bet Payout
Single Dice Number1:1₱100
Two Dice Numbers2:1₱200
Three Dice Numbers12:1₱1200
Small Bet1:1₱100
Big Bet1:1₱100
Sum of 4 or 1762:1₱6200
Sum of 5 or 1631:1₱3100
Sum of 6 or 1518:1₱1800
Sum of 7 or 1412:1₱1200
Sum of 8 or 138:1₱800
Sum of 9 or 127:1₱700
Sum of 10 or 116:1₱600
Specific Pair6:1₱600
Specific Double11:1₱1100
Specific Triple180:1₱1800
Any Triple31:1₱3100

Basically, the larger the odds, the better the payment and the higher your risk of losing. While minor variations in the odds may occur, the ones presented above are the standard on online casinos.

House Edge Chart

The house edge is directly connected to the probability of getting a bet right, but it does not translate to your advantage. It is quite the opposite, as the house edge indicates the advantage that the casino has over the players. In other words, the higher the house edge, the smaller your chances of winning.

Most players do not care much about house edge and prefer to focus on odds and the bets that they feel to be more interesting. However, if you do want to know everything about sic bo, you might as well memorize the house edge:

Sic Bo BetHouse Edge
Single Dice Number7.90%
Two Dice Numbers2.80%
Three Dice Numbers13.90%
Small Bet2.78%
Big Bet2.78%
Sum of 4 or 1712.50%
Sum of 5 or 1611.11%
Sum of 6 or 1512.04%
Sum of 7 or 149.72%
Sum of 8 or 1312.50%
Sum of 9 or 127.41%
Sum of 10 or 1112.50%
Specific Double18.50%
Specific Triple16.20%
Any Triple11.11%

As a general rule, know that casinos that pay with odds better than the standard ones written here have a lower house edge. Consequently, if a casino pays odds of 160:1 when it should be 180:1, be sure that it means that the house edge is much higher.

Online Casino Games Similar to Sic Bo

Although there is a good number of variations on websites like 1xBet and 22Bet, it may be a good idea to know other games that are similar to sic bo. Whenever you get tired of how sic bo works, it is just a matter of opening the section of table games and playing one of the options below.



Craps is also a dice game that can be played individually or in live casino rooms. It looks similar to sic bo in the sense that there is a table of possible bets on the outcome of the two-dice shot every time we play.

On the other hand, craps has two rounds instead of one, which is why it is considered to have some room for strategy - unlike sic bo, which is entirely based on luck. It is legal to play online in the Philippines if you choose the casinos that we recommend here.



Even though online roulettes do not use dice, we can consider that the rolling ball works in a similar way. We need to place bets on the board that represents the possible outcomes, including high and low-risk possibilities. Whether betting on groups of numbers or them individually, it is hard to grow tired of roulette, given the variations that exist nowadays.

When playing it online legally in the Philippines, make sure to only pick the European and French roulettes, regardless of their variations and side bets. American roulette is the only one that you should be careful with, as it increases the house edge, and we already know that this means we get a disadvantage.


Yes, you can win money playing sic bo online on the recommended casinos that we tested and know that pay for real, as long as you play with real money as well.

Yes, but only on foreign online casinos, as the gambling laws in the Philippines do not allow gambling on the websites of local casinos yet.

Anyone who is at least 21 years old, the legal gambling age in the Philippines, may start to play sic bo online.

It means “precious dice”, but it also has other names in our country, such as “hi-lo”. We just avoid using it in order not to mistake it for the hi-lo variations of poker.
Sic bo is quite a hard game if we check the house edge. If you manage to be lucky with the hardest bets, you will receive quite a grand prize.
Talking about possibilities, that could be an incredibly unlikely event, but sure, as the games are reliable and have nothing to prevent you from winning. However, you will most likely experience both wins and losses.