NBA Odds Predictions and Calculations

The next level in placing bets to make money out of NBA odds is to use predictions and base your opinion on solid information. This guide will help you understand how odds work, the best strategies, and what to do with NBA predictions you can find on the web!

Where to Find the Best NBA Odds?

According to our NBA betting sites reviews, we have found the following sportsbooks where you can find the best NBA odds to bet with your predictions:

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Where to Find NBA Odds Predictions?

You can find predictions to bet on the NBA with the best odds in terms of risks and opportunities on specialized websites. There are countless channels on social media, YouTube, and prognostic websites where you can find predictions. They sometimes accompany more than the available odds, like the reasoning and studies behind them.

Free NBA Odds Predictions - How to Use Them?

When you find predictions to bet with NBA odds, make sure to use them responsibly. It does not matter how specialized and experienced someone is; those prognostics will still have their own opinion based on what they know. Therefore, it is never a good idea to rely solely on someone else’s predictions and not understand why you are betting on those lines. Instead:

  • Make sure that you understand basketball and how the NBA works.
  • Accompany the games, even those that you are not betting on.
  • Do research on the news about the teams and athletes.
  • Search for odds predictions that explain their conclusions on the best lines.

And, of course, it is ideal to have a reliable sportsbook with good NBA odds that you can use when you make your decisions based on online NBA odds predictions, like 1xBet.

Free NBA Odds Predictions - How to Use Them?

Credit: 1xBet

How to Calculate NBA Winning Odds?

The chances of winning and the possible profit of every bet and prediction on the NBA league are represented by the odds. However, they can be represented in different ways depending on your account settings.

It is always a matter of preference only, so we are going to introduce the calculation behind NBA winning odds of different types. With that information, you may set them as you like the most.

Decimal NBA Betting Odds

Decimal NBA odds are the most common format found on sportsbooks when you do not change anything in the sports betting settings. They are represented in decimals starting at 1.00, which represents zero risk and absolute certainty of occurrence, which is impossible in sports betting.

Therefore, the further from 1.00, the higher the risk and level of uncertainty. On the other hand, the odds are directly proportional to how much you can win as they are multiplied by the total invested in your bet.

Let’s take a look at three different decimal odds for the NBA in three different games, imagining that we found that they would occur through NBA predictions:

  • 2.25 for the victory of the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2nd quarter.
  • 1.9 for the victory of the Golden State Warriors in the first quarter.
  • 1.888 on the absolute victory of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

If you bet 200 PHP on each of those results, these are the exact winnings you could expect if you guessed it right:

  • 450 PHP (2.25 x 200)
  • 380 PHP (1.90 x 200)
  • 377.6 PHP (1.888 x 200)

Moreover, since they are all different matches, you could have included them all under a single bet slip of 200 PHP or 600 PHP. The two possible results in case of winning would be:

  • PHP 1,207.6 (6.038 x 200)
  • PHP 3,622.8 (6.038 x 600)

The winnings are always higher in accumulator bets because the risk is also higher. Depending on the system, you might need to win them all in order to pocket all of that.

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Fractional NBA Betting Odds

Fractional or UK odds are an alternative with which Filipino bettors are not used to betting. Still, it makes sense to explain it, as its display can be a lot different from the decimal odds.

The numbers appear separated by a bar, as in 3/2 or 8/2. It is actually simple to understand them, and no complex math is necessary. The number on the left is how much you win by betting an amount equal to the number on the right.

  1. Let’s say the odds are 3/2 = You earn 3 PHP for each 2 PHP you bet.
  2. If you are betting 50 PHP, make it simpler by dividing it by the number on the right.
  3. 50/2 = 25, which we should now multiply by the number on the left.
  4. 25 x 3 = 75 PHP, which is your total win.Fractional NBA Betting Odds

Credit: 1xBet

American NBA Odds

American odds can often be found for NBA leagues, but that is entirely up to you on the quality sportsbooks that we have tested. They are shown as positive or negative numbers, like +200 and -250.

In order to read them, you can follow our explanation table below:

American OddsRead It LikeProfit
+200Bet 100 PHP to win 200 PHP1 PHP for each 1 PHP that you bet
-200Bet 200 PHP to win 100 PHP0,5 PHP for each 1 PHP that you bet

Regardless of the number shown in the odds, you can always consider 100 to be your markup. If the odds show +800, then you would win 800 with a 100 PHP bet. Just make sure to adjust it according to your actual bet.

How to Calculate Winning Odds for Different NBA Bet Types?

Your calculation for how much you are going to win with the NBA bets you place follows the same principles taught above. However, you need to differentiate bets that consider a simple result from those that are spread and consider a myriad of results.

NBA Moneyline Odds

We will use the Moneyline market because it is the simplest one found when we are betting with NBA odds. Consider that you are eager to bet on the Chicago Bulls vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game because the NBA predictions you found indicate a good opportunity there.

NBA Moneyline Odds

Credit: 1xBet

In our example, Oklahoma City has the biggest odds and winnings, but everything indicates that the Bulls are winning that game according to the NBA prognostics. Therefore, you choose those NBA odds and can easily know how much you can win, regardless of the odds exhibit you choose. Let’s consider a good 1,000 PHP bet:

  • Decimal odds: 1,000 x 1.643 = 1,643 PHP.
  • Fractional odds: 643/1000, profiting 643 PHP for a 1,000 bet = 1,643 PHP.
  • American odds: -156, meaning that for each 156 PHP you bet, you earn 100 PHP.

The last example can be solved like this: 1,000/156 = 6.410 x 100 = 641.02. In this case, the margin was slightly reduced. Considering the complexity of calculating American odds for the NBA and the risk of change in the total profit, prefer to go with the other two settings instead.

With that information, you may also calculate your probability – preferably using decimal NBA odds:

  • Take 1 and divide by the decimal odds – in this case, 1.643.
  • The result is 1/1.643 = 0.608.

In other words, you have about a 60.80% chance of winning with those odds, which is decent and makes sense for the proportional odds.

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NBA Point Spread Odds

Point-spread betting markets function like any other markets in terms of odds, but their concept is different. The over or under Total market bets refer to whether the total of points in an NBA game will be above or under a certain number.

NBA Point Spread Odds

Credit: 1xBet

Therefore, if you bet on “Total Over 235.5” with odds of 2.034, you win if the game has a total of 236 points or more. It does not matter if it is 236, 237, 238, or more; you would still win the same:

  • Bet of 1,000 PHP x 2.034 = 2,034 PHP.

In terms of probability, which we also learned, we use the same principle:

  • 1/2.034 = 0.4916 = 49,16% is your chance of winning.

Those odds are calculated by the sportsbook automatically with their software and data, and you have no means of predicting changes in them.

How to Improve Your Betting Odds in the NBA?

You know everything that you need to cover the NBA odds with the best possible predictions and bets. However, there are a few more things that you can do in order to try to optimize your winnings. They are free resources available on the best sportsbooks!

Free Bets

Just like casinos have free spins, you may be eligible for free bets on a sportsbook website if you are registered. In general, free bets are offered during the most important moments of the league or through newsletters for bettors who sign up for them.

They can be risk-free bets, which are only given as a second chance if your bet fails, or as a bet with a fixed value that you can use and keep the profit.

Whenever you receive them through a promo code or find them available at one of the sportsbook promotions, make sure to check the wagering requirements in the terms and conditions.

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Odds Boost

Almost every sportsbook chooses a few events to count with boosted odds on specific betting lines. When that is the case, they often have more profitable odds than those found for the same lines on other websites.

Odds Boost

Credit: 20Bet

That is among the best promotions for the NBA because there are no wagering requirements like in sportsbook bonuses. Just make sure to keep an eye open for them, sign up for the sportsbook newsletter, and be prepared to deposit and seize them before they are over.

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Multiple Bets

A common resource found on every sportsbook, multiple or accumulator bets are applied whenever you add more than one line to the same bet slip. You often cannot add bets from the same game in a single slip, but you may combine different NBA games in one.

It is not simply a way to have less active bet slips. When you do it, you leverage both risk and profit, as the odds are all multiplied, and you end up needing to get them all correct.

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The NBA Betting Markets With the Best Odds

There are so many betting markets available to bet with NBA odds that you can feel a bit lost if you are not used to having a strategy or following certain NBA predictions. This part of the guide is to help you understand the difference between the most important of them all.

NBA Champion Odds

Betting on the NBA champion is a future bet when you do it long before the finals are decided. The risk is higher because you do not even know if that team will participate in the end game, which also means a better profit. That is why future bets like this one have the highest odds for the NBA, which always has a few good names for the trophy.

End-of-Season Awards

The end-of-season awards go to individual players, like the best scorer, the best defensive player, and others. You may use your knowledge to bet who is going to win one of those awards. Since there are so many players and possibilities, you will find great odds and opportunities in those markets, but they are reserved for those who know the league very well!

Money Line

As the most obvious and simple way of betting, the money line can be really useful for new bettors or accumulator bets in games that are a real challenge. This type of bet is just not interesting enough when a team is too favorite for winning, which will reduce the odds a lot and not be worth the risk.

Point-Spreading Wagers

Wagering on point-spreading bets like Total for points offers you a better range of coverage while still preserving proper odds. You need to understand the game that is about to come very well and make your bets according to well-studied NBA odds predictions. Trying to place point-spreading wagers on live NBA bets can result in much smaller odds.

  • Total points in a game

The most common point-spreading NBA bet is trying to guess the total points that will occur in a game. It does not matter who will win as long as both sides complete the total you have bet on together by the end of the game. Due to the high number of possibilities, the odds are often tempting.

  • Individual points totals

Often considered a more advanced point-spreading wager, trying to guess how many points one of the teams will score can also result in advantageous NBA odds. Of course, that also means a higher risk, like in any other bet.

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Quarters and Half Betting

Although we have mentioned betting on NBA games as a whole so far, there is always the possibility of wagering on a quarter or half of the game. Since things can change a lot from one quarter or half to another, you may find more tempting odds that way. The more individualized and the shorter the timespan, the higher the risk as well.

Winning Margin

Going even more specific, you can find high odds to bet on the winning margin of an NBA game. If you think that you can predict or use reliable NBA predictions to figure out by how many points one of the teams will win, there can be great opportunities in this betting market.

Special Bets

On NBA sportsbooks with a good range of betting markets, there can be special bets – or prop bets – which are exclusive and rare to find. They are often difficult, like guessing who will score the first or the last point, but that difficulty is also translated into higher odds.

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Prefer to set the odds to be shown as decimal odds and simply multiply the total bet for them to know how much you can win with that bet.
They estimate both the risk and the profit you can generate from betting on that specific line. That is also why they vary with time and information.
Nobody can predict the result of any sports game.
Look for any odds-boosting promotions, use accumulator bets, and base your decisions on reliable NBA predictions to have the best chances of winning with good odds.
Each website has its own way of calculating the total odds. Besides, sportsbooks apply different profit margins to bets.
Studying as much as possible to know which information and prediction to trust is your best strategy.
You may trust them just like any other information that tries to predict results on sports, but you can never be sure.
Odds that seem likely to occur and provide a proper profit considering the risks can be considered good odds.
That is entirely up to each bettor and the bankroll they are willing to risk with NBA bets.