The Best NBA Betting Tips & Strategies

The more knowledge you have on the best NBA betting strategies and how to improve your odds of winning, the better your results this season. We have assembled the top tips based on our own expertise and interviews with expert Filipino bettors. All of the strategies listed here are explained in detail and applicable to any sportsbook in the Philippines.

A List of NBA Sports Betting Tips

With all that knowledge on how to use NBA odds predictions, calculate them, and identify the best betting markets, you can still make good use of our extra tips. As specialists and bettors like you, we separated a few hints and strategies for your next NBA bets.

List of NBA Sports Betting Tips

  • Multiple and combined bets for better odds

When you add more than one bet to your bet slip, even when the NBA odds for them separately are low, you can optimize your winnings a lot. It is important to highlight that this is not meant for beginners, as it involves a higher risk. After all, you need to guess all the bets correctly, or else the entire slip is disregarded.

  • Accompany the teams outside of the court

Although betting seems like simply putting some money in your NBA predictions according to the odds, you need to do everything in your power to optimize your chances. Better than simply accompanying the opinion of specialists to find the best NBA odds, follow the news and everything involving the teams in which you are betting to adjust your bets if necessary.

  • Compare history and trends

Do not only base your opinion on how the teams performed in their last games. Through history and statistics often found on sportsbooks, you can learn how many points occurred in their previous confrontations, the stats, and other information that can assist in your bets.

  • Eye on the schedule

While the NBA odds won’t change a lot before the game and live bets, anything that occurs can cause modifications to them. Keep an eye on the schedule to know when to make your bets on each game, and also to accompany them and find opportunities on NBA live betting!

  • Check the news on injury and rest management

The huge load to which NBA players are subject, even with the placement of fines under the new rules, is enormous. Therefore, injuries are part of the life of those athletes, and accompanying how the rest management is being carried on for them is essential. After all, your bet can be severely impacted by who does not show up on the court.

The Most Popular NBA Betting Strategies

With those tips that are enough to give you the first push, you can already place bets wisely. However, there are strategies that can optimize your bets even further. They require some planning but are totally worth the effort.

Most Popular NBA Betting Strategies


Once you place a bet, there is no way back, and situations where you feel uncomfortable with your bet may happen. Fortunately, bet-hedging is a strategy that can save you in those situations or at least reduce your risk in a preventive manner before that happens.

When betting on the NBA online, you might change your mind, or the situation made it necessary to rearrange your plans. Let’s say that the game you placed a bet on is live, and it is not going as you first planned. You would then hedge your money by placing an opposite in-play bet.

The more obvious it is that your first bet is not going to be successful, the harder it will be to get odds good enough to save your bankroll or even result in profit. Therefore, the application of the aforementioned NBA betting tips can help you identify those moments before the odds change.

Pre-game hedging is also possible and more common with future bets. Still, an injured important player before the game is an example of when hedging can be used before the event.

Stay Away From the Favorites

As a beginner, a Pinoy bettor may understand that placing bets on the teams that are obviously more prone to winning is a good strategy. However, it is quite the opposite.

The favorite teams cannot pay a lot for a victorious bet on them because sportsbooks are always adjusting the odds to be balanced. Therefore, it is in less certain events that we find odds that can actually be profitable in sports betting.

Since there is always a chance of being wrong, it does not matter how obvious an outcome may seem to be. We need to seek NBA odds that can favor us. The clear conclusion is that we should stay away from favorites at any time, as those bets are definitely too low to be good.

Analyze the Expected Value (EV)

The Expected Value (EV) is achieved through a rather complex formula that estimates if a bet has an extra value. In other words, when the odds are relatively high compared to what the probabilities are saying. To make it simple, this is how it is estimated:

(Correctness probability) x (Possible profit) – (Loss probability) x (Your stake)

You need to guess your probability of being right, which is only an estimate, after all. Therefore, considering that sportsbooks are also really good at adjusting odds, we decided to bring it more as an information and possible approach rather than a must-do NBA betting strategy.

Seek the Best NBA Betting Odds

While you can have only up to one account per sportsbook, there is nothing against having an account on every website that we have tested and approved. With fast payment methods in the Philippines, like GCash online casinos, you can always make a quick deposit to the website with the best odds.

Therefore, a good strategy to optimize your winnings is to seek the best odds on trustworthy websites where you will already have an account. It is only necessary to deposit, place the bet, and wait for the best results!

Think Like the Bookies

Bookies, or sportsbooks, seek profit like any other company. You need to understand that you cannot know the whole process behind the odds that are shown to you, but that you can try to think like them. For example, we know that the practice of line shading occurs, and sportsbooks increase their profit by offering smaller odds on favorite bets.

Fortunately, most of those problems diminish when you have a good number of sportsbooks to compare and choose from. Still, you always need to think if what you are doing is not only being pushed by how the sportsbook wants you to bet. It is a subjective but efficient strategy!

Fading the Public

To “fade the public” is, simply put, the process of going against what the majority of the betting Filipinos are doing. If you know a lot of people who bet and are driven by emotions, then you have an accessible source for this strategy.

Basically, try to figure out what most bettors are doing and do the opposite. The rationale behind this action is that the majority of people do not really know what they are doing. Of course, always top up that approach with the NBA betting tips that we brought here because they can eventually be right.

Live Betting 

It may seem more comfortable to place a bet before a game begins, sometimes days before it, and simply wait. Indeed, it is way less tense than betting live with odds and possibilities changing at every second.

On the other hand, the trade-off is very well-balanced, and you can find great opportunities in terms of favoring odds when you bet live. Therefore, whenever you have the time and have had a moment to acknowledge everything about whoever is playing, in-play betting can result in the chances that you are looking for.

Totals Betting Strategy

Whenever we think of strategies to bet on the NBA, we also want to know on which lines we can do better. There is a lot more than betting on the winner, and that is when the totals lines become useful.

If you are good at guessing the total points that occur in a game, then you have a future betting on totals. That type of betting market offers more possibilities, and you can win by simply guessing the range and not specific points only.

How you are going to decide on which line to bet depends on what knowledge you have accumulated about that specific game. On some occasions, betting on handicap totals can be useful when there are low regular odds for the range you identified as the best one.

Focus On One Team

Focusing on a single NBA team may not seem like the best betting strategy at first. After all, there are so many possibilities and other games to bet on.

Whoever already took a moment to research and collect information to bet on a game knows how intense that work can be. That is precisely why focusing on a single team can help. After all, you will have more of your free time to dedicate to finding the best bets for its games instead of distributing your attention to several teams and games.

NBA Betting Strategies to Avoid

With all those NBA betting tips and strategies, we cannot end before also mentioning what Filipino bettors are advised not to do:
  • Do not bet on your favorite team just because you like it.
  • Avoid the big favorites. Prefer to place totals bets on that type of game.
  • Ignore information disclosed on basketball news sites and only watch the games to bet.
  • Choosing a sportsbook because of a bonus instead of the ones that we reviewed.
With those do-not tips and the NBA betting strategies that we have brought to you here, you are ready to have fun and seek new opportunities!


Of course, they were crafted by our teams of specialists who have already been at your level and today have accumulated knowledge on NBA betting.
Nothing you do in sports betting can guarantee a win, but using our NBA betting strategies can definitely help you improve your chances.
The success of any bet is based on a vast myriad of things, including your strategies. Therefore, it is the combination of them that leads to success, not a specific one.
No, there are no special secrets or formulas that guarantee wins in sports betting in general.