How to Play the Lottery Online in the Philippines?

It is normal to look for how to play the lottery online when that can save so much time compared to going to outlets. While it is not hard, there are subtleties in how it can be done in a legal manner for both national and international lotteries.

There is no need to worry! This guide was prepared to explain how to play Lotto online in the Philippines in a safe and legal manner.

Can You Legally Play the Lottery Online in the Philippines?

Yes, you can legally play the lottery online in the Philippines, but there are some rules. First of all, the Philippine lottery games provided by the PCSO (Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office) are only offered officially at outlets. Luckily, lottery agents offer them extra unofficially, meaning that we can play Ultra Lotto, Grand Lotto, Super Lotto, Mega Lotto, and our Lotto online through them.

They are a valid and legal alternative to playing Lotto online because their headquarters are located outside of the Philippines. As a result, our law does not affect them.

The same applies to lotteries from other countries found on lottery agents or lottery betting sites! As a result, we can play games like Mega Millions, Euromillions, and Powerball from the Philippines via online lottery.

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How to Play the Lottery Online (Easy Steps)

Now that you understand the legal scope of playing the lottery online let’s skip to the actual thing. This guide teaches how to play Lotto online in the Philippines and also any other lottery that is not commonly offered in our country. As long as you follow the guide and the website offers your favorite lottery, you may play.

  1. Pick a website to play the lottery online among the ones that we have tested and approved.
  2. Register an account in just two to three steps. Basically, provide your personal data.
  3. Skip to the games that you want to play, searching for them in the “Lotteries” section.
  4. Choose the numbers or let them be picked by the system and add the tickets to your cart.
  5. Checkout with your favorite payment method.
  6. Wait for the results and hope to become the next winner!

If you feel ready, give LottoAgent a try. You may play the lottery online with real tickets or bet on the results. That is entirely up to you!

The Choice for the Best Online Lottery Website

Choosing the right website to play the lottery online in the Philippines goes beyond the matter of preference, although that is also involved. The most important parameters for your choice include the following:

  • Licensing and security – The website must be licensed to be operated online legally. Our reviews can help you figure out if you are also safe playing on it.
  • Support – While our guides cover everything you should know about how to play the lottery online in the Philippines, having immediate support is important.
  • Payments – It is important that the deposit method suits you well, as well as the withdrawal options.
  • Variety – If you want to play Lotto online or any other specific lottery, check if that website has it.
  • Discounts – Due to the fees to play the lottery online, it is ideal that the website offers discounts for bundle purchases or even a bonus like the 50% welcome offer on Lotto247.

Playing the Best Lottery Online

You might be a big fan of the lottery chances of our local games, so your option might be to play Lotto online or even its variations like Grand Lotto, Super Lotto, etc. That is perfectly fine! The choice for the games you are playing should be personal, and you can skip right onto it after registering an account on the website of your choice.

In the example below, which shows how to play Lotto online, notice that the interface is pretty simple:

Playing the Best Lottery Online

Credit: theLotter

After completing as many tickets (lines) as you wish, you may just proceed and add them to the cart.

Completing Your Purchase With Discounts

Before you actually complete any purchase, make sure to verify if you have a bonus – a common practice on some lottery betting sites – or discounts. The example below shows how you may save a lot of money by simply purchasing tickets in advance:

Completing Your Purchase With Discounts

Credit: theLotter

When you are ready, simply checkout with your favorite payment method or, if you deposited prior to adding tickets by any chance, you are ready to pay! Got interested? Give theLotter a try!

Results and Claiming Winnings

One of the best advantages of playing Lotto and other lotteries online is to never risk having your tickets unclaimed. The websites that we recommend always let the winner know there is a prize pending. However, always keep a look at the results just to be sure.

When you are ready, do not forget to check our guide on how to claim lottery winnings. We promise that it is way easier than when playing locally – except if you played Lotto and similar Philippine games online, which requires in-person claiming for big prizes.

Where to Play the Lottery Online?

There are five lottery sites that we have reviewed and approved. You may apply every step on how to play the lottery online on them, but there are differences.

First of all, if you have come here looking for how to play Lotto online in the Philippines, notice that you will only find our local games on theLotter. It is also known for having the best variety of lottery games in the world to play online.

To be fair, here is a summary of the best highlights of each lottery site that we have approved:

  • theLotter: Only one you will find Philippines Lotto to play online and the best lottery variety.
  • LottoAgent: Good number of lotteries, decent discounts, and works as both lottery betting and agent site.
  • Lotto247: Impressive 50% bonus upon the first deposit and best pricing for worldwide lotteries.
  • WinTrillions: Fast support and boosted jackpots for the most popular and difficult US lotteries.
  • LottoKings: Quite a long history in the market.

Play Lotto Online on theLotter!

Where to Play Lotto Online in the Philippines?

Considering that the PSCO does not offer our local games online, like Lotto, we can only play on international lottery sites. At the moment, you can only play Lotto online on theLotter, one of the best options in terms of variety and reliability.

Is Online Lottery Different From Local Lotteries?

When you play an online lottery, you are simply playing existing lottery games with the aid of a platform built to make it easier for all the players. With the exception of games that are exclusively online and created by those lottery sites, all the others represent real lotteries. Therefore, they are the same.

The differences begin with the comfort and flexibility that online lottery gives you. Also, lottery betting sites do not really buy tickets on your behalf. Instead, they pay the same prizes but with the assistance of insurance. As long as you pick the ones that we recommend here, you will be safe.

Lottery agents like theLotter, where you play Lotto online, the same one you find on outlets, truly purchase tickets on your behalf. In that case, you have the comfort of playing from home but will have to claim big prizes in person anyway.

These are differences that can feel subtle or immensely relevant, depending on the reality of every player. The truth is that, in any situation, playing the lottery online seems to have way more advantages than playing Lotto and similar games at our local outlets.

Why Play the Lottery Online?

The comfort and flexibility of playing from anywhere with your device, as long as you have an internet connection, is a great benefit of playing online. If you choose betting sites where you find dozens of lottery games, you do not even need to worry about claiming prizes. Everything is automatic and so easy that you will never want to go to a local store again.

Of course, playing Grand Lotto online and other similar local lotteries still finds limited options. Considering the pros and cons from your perspective, you have all the information you need to make your choice! If it is positive for playing online, check out theLotter for the Philippines and worldwide lotteries now!


The legal age to play the lottery online in the Philippines is 18, the same as if you were playing at a local outlet.
When we play the lottery online, we need to consider that there is a fee for their service that is added to the lottery ticket. Other than that, there are only advantages if you pick a safe website.

The specific game Lotto in the Philippines can be played at theLotter, which offers discounts but not bonuses. Now, if you want other lottery games, Lotto247 has a great 50% bonus!

Some websites are limited to VISA and Mastercard credit cards, but others will offer cryptocurrency, bank transfers, and e-wallets like Perfect Money, Skrill, Neteller, and AstroPay.
While PCSO does not offer online lotteries itself, theLotter did a great job offering all our best Lotto games online.
When you play online, you have the possibility of checking your digital ticket through your lottery site account. Also, the companies tend to email winners and even those who did not win.
All the online lottery sites that we reviewed passed our test and were proven to be genuine and legal.
Every state in the Philippines applies the same legislation, meaning that we can play the lottery online as long as we use a foreign website.