What Is Spread Betting in Sports: A Simple Guide for Filipino Players

Spread betting in sports is when we wager with a certain margin that is added or subtracted from the actual results. The goal is to maintain an advantage given to the underdog or overcome a disadvantageous handicap given to the favorite. In the end, it gives a different perspective to betting on a game or match. If you know how to use it in your favor, that can result in finding optimal odds.

How Does Spread Betting Work in Sports?

In sports, spread betting creates fictitious scenarios in which, due to the increased level of difficulty compared to a simple moneyline bet, the odds can be much more appealing. Let’s take an example of PBA bet for the game San Miguel Beermen versus Magnolia Hotshots:

PBA bet

Credit: BetOnline

If San Miguel Beermen has a negative spread bet, that means they are the favorite to win. The line “-3” means that, for this bet exclusively, they begin with minus three in their total score and need to overcome it. The possibilities are as follows:

  • If they win with a difference that is less than 3, that is a failed bet.
  • In case they win with a difference of exactly three, that is a tie, and the bet is reimbursed.
  • Only if they win with a difference of 4 or more that “-3” handicap is beaten, and the bet wins.

On the other hand, the underdog Magnolia Hotshots has a “+3” spread bet. Therefore, if you opt for that bet, the underdog may even lose up to a certain range, and you would still win the bet:

  • If Magnolia Hotshots wins with any results, that is a win for your bet.
  • In case they lose for a difference of up to 2 points, you win.
  • If the Hotshots lose for exactly three points, that is a reimbursement.
  • Losing for more than three points is also a loss.

Therefore, the most important characteristic of spread betting in sports is to win, considering the given handicap. Notice that our example has odds of 1.87 for both of them because that is a very balanced game. A regular moneyline bet would also carry similar odds but certainly smaller odds due to the absence of difficulty applied by spread bets.

Top 3 Sports to Place Spread Bets in the Philippines

If you are considering starting to place spread bets, it makes sense to acknowledge that sports have the best opportunities for that market. Although that alternative will be available in most forms of sports betting, you most certainly want to limit your options to the best ones.

Soccer / Football

Soccer is the most common option for spread betting in sports not only because of its popularity but also due to the opportunities in the variety of betting lines. Of course, you need to guarantee that you are choosing the best combination of odds and availability of spread betting markets.

More importantly, use the fact that there is an almost infinite source of information on popular soccer matches in your favor. Look for indications of possible results through knowledge that will support your spread bet.

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Spread betting in basketball is interesting for us Filipinos because it is a sport that we love and understand. As a result, we are more likely to guess results correctly, which is mandatory to be successful with spread bets. Give special attention to the NBA and PBA due to the good amount of information on the leagues.

Also, you need to make sure that you have chosen the best betting site for basketball when it comes to odds. Since you are already taking risks at placing a handicap in a team’s score, you need to be properly rewarded if you are successful.


MMA fights are excellent for point spread betting because they open odds opportunities that would not exist otherwise. Instead of focusing on the winner when placing UFC bets, you can add or subtract points via handicap. Look at the example below, in which the favorite Miranda Maverick has interesting odds of 2.30, even higher than the underdog’s:

Miranda Maverick

Credit: BetOnline

For a simple direct comparison, these would be your odds if you were to put your money in the victory of Miranda Maverick:

Miranda Maverick sports betting

Credit: BetOnline

Therefore, if you would believe Miranda Maverick to have at least 4 points of difference in the victory, the only obvious choice would be to opt for the point spread. Although we used a single fight as an example, you may replicate that rule in all your future bets.

When to Use Spread Bets in Sports Betting?

The most obvious moment to prefer spread betting rather than a regular bet is when you have a good level of certainty that the point spread will occur. In that case, the odds are often better than placing a moneyline bet, for example.

Therefore, it is essential to prepare a good prediction of the results in order to have the level of security necessary to add or subtract points from a team/side. Basically, you need to accumulate knowledge about the next match. Other than that, be attentive not to be too tempted by the increased odds and not realize that the favorite may not overcome a large spread or the underdog maintain a short one.


It refers to the addition or subtraction of points that extends the range in which you may win the bet, like +3.5, which allows winning whenever the difference is equal to or smaller than 3 points of disadvantage.

It creates other opportunities that do not exist in simple moneyline betting. You can win if the result of the match or game is still within the added positive or negative spread.

Basketball, soccer, and UFC are the best sports for spread betting because of the availability of that betting market and the ease in finding information to support your decision.

If you fail to maintain an advantage or overcome a disadvantage applied by a point spread bet, your bet is lost.

A push is when the results equal a tie in the point spread bet. In that case, your bet is reimbursed.

There is no bet that is better than another one, as long as your decisions are based on knowledge and not only on pure guesses.