Moneyline Bet Explained: What Is It?

A moneyline bet means that you are betting on the outcome of a match, which is the victory of Team A or Team B. In some cases and sports, you might find a three-way moneyline with the possibility of betting on a tie. There are no complex rules as in spread or parlay bets: you either win or lose, and that is about it.

How to Place Moneyline Bets?

In order to place moneyline bets, you first need a sports betting site that is legal in the Philippines. Any of the options we have here on LuckyStars will do because you cannot go wrong with a moneyline bet – they all have that option. Then, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Make a deposit with enough to place your first moneyline bet.
  2. Consider getting a deposit bonus to your account to increase funds.
  3. Open the sports section and choose the sport of your preference.
  4. Pick a match, either live events or those that are yet to happen.
  5. Find the moneyline bet as one of the first highlighted as an alternative.
  6. Tap on the odds that represent your moneyline option.
  7. Add the value you wish to bet on that line in your play slip.
  8. Confirm the bet and wait for the results!

Place Your Moneyline Bet on 20Bet

That is really straightforward and does not require any additional adjustments such as parlay betting or reverse bets. If you are completely new to betting at all, the next topic will have a real example for you to accompany.

Example of a Real Moneyline Bet

As soon as you are registered on any sports betting platform and have money deposited into your account, you should find some interesting sports compatible with a moneyline bet:

Example of a Real Moneyline Bet

Credit: BetOnline

In our case, we chose basketball to bet on the NBA and found a good opportunity to make a simple moneyline bet with odds of 2.60 in the match between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Houston Rockets. According to our analysis back then, there was a good balance between risk and profit in that case:

basketball to bet on the NBA

Credit: BetOnline

By tapping on the odds of 2.60, that moneyline betting line was added to our bet slip immediately. There is no need to change any other setting except the total value we wish to bet on. Since PHP was not available as a currency, we bet the equivalent of approximately PHP 2,780 in dollars:

moneyline betting line

Credit: BetOnline

By concluding the bet, we are officially participating and subject to winning the exact amount shown with those fixed odds.

Bet on BetOnline

Moneyline Vs. Spread Bet

Trying to figure out which one is better between moneyline and spread bet is common among Pinoy bettors, but that is not the best way of thinking. Both have their moment of glory depending on the circumstances of the sports event, and moneyline bets are usually the entrance to sports betting for newcomers. That said, spread betting takes into account a margin of points instead of pure victory. Therefore, winning is not necessarily important, as long as the advantage is kept or the disadvantage in points is overcome. If you want more details, check out our complete spread betting guide. If you want to stay simple and try to guess who is winning, go for the moneyline. In the case that you feel more like a strategist, study the possibilities a bit further and try to guess the best range to make your spread bet for a higher payout.

Pros & Cons of Moneyline Betting

Instead of plain text, you can see a summary of the advantages and disadvantages we find clear when it comes to moneyline betting:
Pros Cons
  • The easiest way to bet.
  • Available in all sports.
  • Great to add to parlay bets.
  • High payouts are often connected to high risk.
  • Small odds for clear favorites.

When Should You Bet on Moneyline?

Now that you know the meaning of moneyline bets, it should also be clear that they make more sense if used when you are as certain as possible about the result. Due to its ease, it is also easier for bookmakers to establish odds, and obvious results won’t pay as much.

Try to find opportunities kind of hidden in games that you feel like the result is not clear. In those cases, there are often quite good odds to place moneyline bets.


Yes, you can include moneyline bets in your parlay as long as you do not have correlated bets for the same event.

Yes, if the sport is compatible with a tie result, you may also bet on a tie if it is a three-way moneyline.

Any sports in which one side can be a winner are compatible with moneyline betting.

Simply take the decimal odds and multiply for the value you are betting. Subtract the bet amount if you want to know the profit.

The word means the integers that represent the possible payout on that bet.