Best Roulette Strategies to Play Online

Learn how to play with the best roulette strategies in a few steps with our complete explanation and example tables. With that knowledge, you can always enjoy roulette differently and have better control of your bankroll while waiting for the big luck!

The Top 8 Roulette Strategies to Try Now

Each one of the best online roulette strategies has its pros and cons with proper applicability. Depending on your playing profile, one or more strategies may be suitable for you, so it is worth getting familiar with them first:

  • Martingale – Always recovers the losses when you win a bet.
  • D’Alembert – Steady growth and gradual loss recovery.
  • Fibonacci – Exponential sequence of bets that adjusts to wins and losses.
  • Paroli – Explores the potential growth of win sequences.
  • Labouchere – Partial control of the total stake through goals.
  • Andrucci – Rely on statistically hot numbers to bet on.
  • Parlay Method – A reversed Martingale that prioritizes lucky streaks.
  • Double Street Quad – Combination of smaller bets for greater coverage.

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The Martingale system determines that every loss must be followed by a bet twice as high as the lost one. It applies as a roulette strategy because we can determine how much we are wagering every round. The idea behind it is that any win will compensate for all previous losses, especially considering that roulette bets pay at least twofold the original bet.

Let’s take a look at the following example:

RoundTotal BetOutcomeProfit / Loss
150 PHPLoss-50
2100 PHPLoss-150
3200 PHPLoss-350
4400 PHPLoss-750
5800 PHPLoss-1,550
61,600 PHPLoss-3,150
73,200 PHPLoss-6,350
86,400 PHPWin+50
950 PHPLoss0
10100 PHPLoss-100
11200 PHPLoss-300
12400 PHPWin+100
1350 PHPWin+150
1450 PHPWin+200

Therefore, as long as the player keeps doubling the bet, the first win is always a recovery. Whenever there is a sequence of wins, that is when the balance grows in an interesting way.

Of course, the player may go for riskier bets and receive a lot more when they win. However, that also means that the chances of winning are lower and that you may double the bets for a long time. That is essentially the con of using the Martingale roulette strategy: you never know for how long you are going to keep doing it until you win.

In other words, opting for 1:1 bets like odd/even or red/black is the best choice when applying the Martingale system.


The D’Alembert system is somewhat similar to Martingale’s, and it applies quite well to games such as online roulette, just like other table games like blackjack. Considering your total bankroll, you arbitrarily define the amount of a unit to start applying this method.

For example, let’s say your total bankroll is 10,000 PHP, and you define your unit as 50 PHP. The idea is that you increase the total bet by one unit when you lose and decrease it by the same amount when you win until you reach the total value of one unit again. It does not instantly go back to the first bet level like in the Martingale system.

Here is our example, as always:

RoundTotal BetResultProfit / Loss
150 PHPWin+50 PHP
250 PHPWin+100 PHP
350 PHPWin+150 PHP
450 PHPLoss+100 PHP
5100 PHPWin+200 PHP
650 PHPLoss+150 PHP
7100 PHPLoss+50 PHP
8200 PHPWin+250 PHP
9150 PHPWin+400 PHP
10100 PHPWin+500 PHP
1150 PHPWin+550 PHP
1250 PHPWin+600 PHP
1350 PHPWin+650 PHP

Notice that the result does not immediately result in profit when you win, and that is why we need to return the bet slowly, one unit at a time. However, do not lose sight of its advantage in terms of risk, as you also do not escalate the bets so fast when you lose.

For this strategy to work, you need to stay at the simplest outside bets that pay the exact bet amount when you win.

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Everyone has already heard of the Fibonacci sequence, which basically adds up to the next number, the immediately previous one. As a result, it started to grow rapidly, and that is the idea behind applying the concept to roulette.

First, we need to take a look at the Fibonacci sequence without considering the roulette bets yet. Notice how the numbers grow following the pattern of adding up with the previous number:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, etc.

Let’s say the minimum bet you can find to play the roulette is 30 PHP. To apply Fibonacci to the roulette, we will take one step at a time. Whenever we lose, we take one step further in the sequence, while wins make us take one step back:

RoundTotal BetResultProfit / Loss
130 PHPWin+30 PHP
230 PHPLoss0 PHP
360 PHPWin+60 PHP
430 PHPLoss+30 PHP
560 PHPLoss-30 PHP
690 PHPWin+60 PHP
760 PHPLoss0 PHP
890 PHPLoss-90 PHP
9150 PHPWin+40 PHP
1090 PHPWin+130 PHP

Notice that the sequence would be 30, 60, 90, 150, 240, 390, and so on. It grows fast, and that is why this strategy requires caution when used.

Once again, if you risk a harder bet like a Six-Line, you might face a rapid rise in your bet that may result in the termination of your bankroll. Instead, pay attention to how the profit rises quickly, which makes the easier bets more than enough.


We chose to include Paroli in this position in our list on purpose. After three types of roulette strategies that increase the bet after a loss, this system does the exact opposite.

Whenever you play with the Paroli roulette strategy, you keep the same initial stake – which can be any at your criteria – whenever you lose. It does not matter if you lose twice or even ten times in a row; the stake does not move until you win.

When you win, the stake is doubled, and you do it up to three times in a row. Therefore, if you manage to win four times, counting with the initial wager, you go back to the first stake. Taking a look at our example may help clarify things:

RoundTotal BetResultProfit / Loss
150 PHPWin+50 PHP
2100 PHPWin+150 PHP
3200 PHPLoss+50 PHP
4200 PHPWin+250 PHP
5400 PHPWin+650 PHP
6800 PHPWin+1,450PHP
750 PHPLoss+1,400 PHP
850 PHPLoss+1,350 PHP
950 PHPWin+1,400 PHP
10100 PHPWin+1,500 PHP

The results above consider a decent number of sequential wins, which may happen, but keep in mind that losses may also occur more frequently. Our purpose is that you capture the idea of how the system works when you get lucky and that it can actually help build a good bankroll in optimal situations.


The Labouchere method is a little bit more complex in terms of decisions when compared to the other strategies that merely follow a pattern. First of all, you need to set a goal based on your own criteria – let’s say it is going to be 500 PHP for a start.

Then, you need to split that total into a sequence of numbers that add up to that amount. Once again, that is entirely up to you. Following our example, let’s make it this way:

50 – 50 – 100 – 100 – 150 – 50

Our first stake must be the combination of the two opposite numbers. In this case, 50 + 50 = 100 PHP. If you win, you cross both the numbers used and go for the second stake, knowing that you would already have 100 PHP of your 500 PHP goal:

50 – 100 – 100 – 150

Whenever you lose, you return with the two numbers you just crossed. As soon as you complete them all with a good win sequence, you have granted your goal and may set a new one.

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Unlike the other roulette strategies we have studied above, the Andrucci method disregards your sequences of wins and losses entirely. Instead, it determines that we gamble for a determined number of rounds (often 30 to 37 bets) only on 1:1 betting types.

Then, it is necessary to take note of the winning number on all those tries, disregarding misses and sure shots. After that, the Andrucci method relies on placing straight bets, which pay 35:1, on the number that appeared the most.

Let’s imagine these were the results of 37 bets, during which you only chose to bet on one of the two possible colors:

1 – 13 – 24 – 12 – 1 – 30 – 0 – 2 – 6 – 12 – 18 – 22 – 24 – 2 – 12 – 3 – 1 – 28 – 32 – 13 – 4 – 20 – 1 – 14 – 23 – 1 – 19 – 31 – 7 – 31

As a result, 1 was the most common number. With this method, you would simply bet on 1 for the next bets until you win. As long as you win within less than 35 tries, you still profit from it.

Parlay Method

The parlay or reverse Martingale method is going to be a piece of cake if you understand how Martingale works. It is simply the opposite way, doubling the total stake whenever you win – which can be quite risky.

In order to make it simpler to acknowledge how it works in action, we will consider the exact same results as used for our Martingale table:

RoundTotal BetOutcomeProfit / Loss
150 PHPLoss-50
250 PHPLoss-100
350 PHPLoss-150
450 PHPLoss-200
550 PHPLoss-250
650 PHPLoss-300
750 PHPLoss-350
850 PHPWin-300
9100 PHPLoss-400
1050 PHPLoss-450
1150 PHPLoss-500
1250 PHPWin-450
13100 PHPWin-350
14200 PHPWin-150

Of course, the example above considers an unlikely sequence of losses right at the beginning. Notice how changing two to three of those to a sequence of wins would show profit instead.

Since a raised bet after a sequence of wins can easily eliminate profit when the losses come, this risky roulette strategy requires good bankroll management. As a general rule of understanding, players usually reset the stake after winning three times in a row.

Double Street Quad

With the Double Street Quad system, roulette players with a thin budget and looking for a smaller risk can combine different types of bets each round. The idea is to cover a decent area of the roulette table without outside bets like even/odd or red/black:

  • Two double street bets with 2 chips each;
  • Corner bet with 1 chip;
  • Straight-up bet with 1 chip.

You may take a look at our how to play roulette article to learn more about the types of bets you can use with your roulette strategies. That results in covering 17 total numbers, being 4 rows of 3 numbers each in the double street bets, 4 numbers from the corner bet, and one number of your choice – you may use it in combination with the Andrucci roulette strategy.

Our example includes the placement of the chips to perform a successful Double Street Quad roulette bet:

Double Street Quad

Credit: 22Bet

With a payout of 5:1 with the double streets, it is likely that the player eventually matches one of the numbers on those. At the same time, if you are really lucky, there is a chance of a higher payout by matching the other bets.

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Types of Roulette Strategy

We may classify the roulette strategies into two different categories: the progressive and the non-progressive options. There is no option that is better than the other one, as it remains a game of luck, and anything is possible.

  • Progressive betting roulette strategy

Progressive betting is essentially about increasing your total bet with every round when certain conditions are met. For example, the roulette strategies of Martingale and D’Alembert that we have just learned match that concept as you need to increase the bet when you lose.

In general, it represents a higher risk whenever a sequence of losses occurs – or wins, in the case of reverse progressive strategies.

  • Non-Progressive betting methods

A non-progressive betting strategy for roulette games may be any method that does not change the total stake. In general, players who do not follow one of those standardized strategies tend to play that way.

For example, focusing on straight bets with your lucky numbers and aiming for a high payout without changing the total stake is a non-progressive way of betting.

How to Build the Best Roulette Strategy?

Instead of following a recipe, it is possible that you build the best roulette strategy for yourself. In that situation, there are three parameters that you must define. Without them, you may just consider that you would be playing roulette at random and without proper management.

Bankroll Management

The first thing that you need to set up very clearly is your bankroll. Basically, how much money do you intend to use, and which percentage of it you are willing to stake every round? In general, it is not a good idea to start with more than 10% of the total bankroll, as a sequence of losses could obliviate it all – especially if you are using a progressive strategy.

Then, decide if you will keep the stake level thoroughly regardless of the result or which event or situation would trigger leverage or reduction of the total wagered amount. This may take a few tries until you decide which one is better for your player profile.

The Type of Roulette Game Matters

A Lightning Roulette strategy, which would be based on a live casino roulette game with huge multipliers, cannot be the same one as what you would use for a classic European Roulette. Therefore, study the theoretical RTP (Return to Player) parameter of the roulette games and if there are any special features or bonuses in the game.

By counting on those factors, you may, for instance, take a higher risk in your stakes, knowing that one bonus round could make up for losses. Just make sure to stay away from the American Roulette variety, which is the only one to increase the house edge without any clear advantage to the user.

Different Bets

While a straight-up bet on a single number pays 35 times your stake, it is also proportionally harder. Most of the best roulette strategies with progressive bets use the “outside bets” that tend to pay 1:1 and have a 50% chance of happening because of the lower risk.

Therefore, it is essential to understand the balance between risk and payout. You will not find one answer that fits everybody, as it will mostly depend on your tolerance to risking your bankroll. Still, deciding which bets you are placing is crucial to a proper roulette strategy.

Which Factors Can Affect a Roulette Betting Strategy?

Just like all other online games of chance, the results are unpredictable in any roulette variant. Therefore, as long as you have a solid roulette strategy based on the systems we brought here or which were built according to your preferences, you only need to rely on luck.

Having decided your limits and stakes, make sure to stick to them. The only other thing that can impact your results aside from having a bad luck day is improper management.


No, there is no strategy or method that can ensure a roulette win with profit because it is a game of chance.

Any strategy that respects a proper balance of risk and return has a good chance of working. By being a game of luck, there is not a single strategy that suits everyone.

You may win an undefined number of times with a roulette strategy, even if you are always betting on the same number because that is how a game of chance works.

Whenever you are no longer feeling comfortable with the roulette strategy you have chosen, it may be better to change to another one.

All of the roulette strategies brought here are compatible with live roulette games.