Dreaming of Numbers: What Do They Mean for the Lottery?

Dreams are a way of our subconscious mind connecting with our conscious mind, and they might also reveal hidden secrets like lottery previsions. That is why seeking the meaning of numbers in dreams is so important for many players in the Philippines, although most of them have no idea how to do it. If you have been or want to be dreaming of numbers, this guide is for you.

How to Play the Lottery With Dream Numbers?

You can simply put the numbers in dreams you just had in the lottery ticket and hope it was a direct sign. That is the simplest way of playing the lottery with dream numbers. More importantly, even if you think that it is too simple to work, we know for sure that at least your lottery winning chances won’t be affected negatively.

On the other hand, there is good room for the use of numerology when you dream about numbers. Other possibilities involve combining with other forms of calculating lottery winning numbers, such as using your own lucky numbers or applying your last horoscope lottery numbers.

There is no single rule that fits all, but we have brought methods to help you convert and translate the meaning of numbers in dreams when it comes to the lottery.

How to Convert a Dream About Numbers into Lottery Numbers?

If you do not feel like the numbers that popped up in your dreams are the final lottery winning numbers yet, or even if there are not enough, you can do a lot with them. When you have at least a single number in your dreams, these are common alternatives to help you find lottery numbers:

  • Split numbers: If the number has at least two digits, you can separate them. For example, a 12 is 1 and 2, while 394 is 3, 9, and 4. You can then sum up these numbers or subtract them to generate one or more extra numbers.
  • Reorder: If you dreamt about 24 and your favorite lottery game is 6/49, you can also change the order and find 42. Use the split method, and you can quickly get to your six lucky lottery numbers.
  • Combine: Pinoy players usually have numbers they are attached to, like their personal lucky number. That can be your Joker card to combine with the numbers you dreamt of and create many variations.

The point is to keep a connection between your dream about numbers and luck, which is why picking random numbers is not how we usually do it. Still, putting a supernatural belief in luck aside, your chances remain the same in games of chance like the lottery.

Play Your Dream Lottery Numbers on theLotter

Formula to Find Lottery Numbers in Dreams

We might not get to dream about numbers every time we want to, but those dreams might still mean something. If your dream is not literal, you can still find lottery numbers if you use simple methods to calculate them from the dream theme.

For example, if you dream about a nest of snakes, we could relate it to the Year of the Snake, which is the 6th year of a cycle of 12 years in the Chinese zodiac. That already indicates the number 6 to us, and we also know that the closest years of the snake are 2013 and 2025.

Snake (Chinese characters)

From that information alone, we could take “25” from the year 2025 and “21” because it is in the 21st century. Then, if the number of snakes in that dream could be counted, that is another number.

With the methods taught above on how to convert lottery dream numbers into more numbers, there are a good number of possibilities for your next lottery tickets. The following table brings the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, which is a great reference for lottery dream numbers:

Zodiac SignNumber

Put Your Dream Numbers to Play on theLotter

Can Dreaming of Numbers Predict Lottery Results?

Your belief determines everything when you dream of lottery numbers. If you accept that you can actually receive positive influence from the universe on your luck and through your dreams, there is no reason to avoid using those numbers. After all, even if there is no such thing, then we would be down to the total randomness of the lottery, and any numbers would do the trick.

However, you can never be assured that you will win the lottery, regardless of how strong your intuition is. It is important to keep playing responsibly and never take more risks than you can just because you believe in your lottery dream numbers.


Our dreams are a reflection of our daily thoughts and emotions. When you focus on lottery numbers and on winning, there is a greater chance of dreaming of numbers for the lottery.

It could mean that those numbers are your lucky ones or just that your subconscious mind understands that information as relevant.

In 2022, the Indian Times published the story of Alonzo Coleman, a man from the US who won almost Rs. 2 crores playing the exact numbers he saw in his dream.

The Raven’s Lucky Numbers Dream Book and Dream a Lottery Win Tonight are among the most popular books about lottery dream numbers.