How to Win in Poker: Actionable Strategies and Tips

Unlike other card games, such as baccarat and blackjack, poker is considered to be a game of skill because your choices can help you win. With that in mind, we created this quick guide on how to win in poker. Instead of guarantees, expect to find orientations that could improve your chances of winning in poker games in the form of tips!

What Can Be Done to Win in Poker Games?

Just as important as knowing what to do with the good poker hand you have, is to know what to avoid doing. First, you need to understand all the poker rules and what is in your power. 

From that moment on, you can influence the psychological state of your opponents with your decisions, to make them leave or raise the pot for your benefit, and even get out before losing more than you should. 

Just make sure to understand that you are still under the influence of luck, as in online games of chance, and that your opponents can also make their own smart moves.

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9 Best Tips to Win in Online Poker

You are ready to learn the best tips on how to win in poker. You might want to bookmark this page as a reference whenever you play poker online due to the fact that there is a lot of information to absorb at once. 

Know Which Hands to Play

One of the worst habits that new players have is to try and play with every hand they can. Poker is not a single-take game; sometimes, you just have to admit your hand is not good enough. Even the best players know which rounds to take and which to fold. 

Also, if you are playing with the same opponents, they will tend to learn that you only stick to good hands. Therefore, whenever you decide to bluff – which should not be a repetitive resource – you might have better chances of winning in poker, even with a weak hand.

Your first tip is to balance your decisions. While you do not need to wait for a great hand to appear, keeping all hands is the easiest way to lose all your bankroll.

Trick Your Opponents With a Good Hand

One of the most underrated ways of winning poker, and winning well, is to value your good hands. Now that we are aware that many poker players wrongly avoid folding their weak hands, you can win a lot with a good hand.

The most important thing is to not show any sign that you have a good hand. Then, do not be passive and wait for the opponents to make a move. Especially if they might think that you are bluffing, be bold and raise the bet. Let’s take an example:

You get a 10♦️ and 9♦️ hand, which could be the beginning of many great poker hands. 

With the flop, you find that you are even closer to a great combination with 8♦️, 6♦️, and 10♠️.

Even though you are still forming something, that is an excellent opportunity. That being said, a raise would be the way to go!

Proper Bankroll Management

Even with a great call like in the last example, you can never know for sure when and how you are going to win at poker. Therefore, even when you are preparing the field for your victory, know that there are going to be bad rounds and even bad days.

That is when the bankroll management comes in. Basically, it means to know how much you can actually wager without risking too much on a guess. Limiting the buy-in to 5% of your bankroll is a good example of what can be done.

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Prepare Your Mental Health

Poker is a combination of skill, luck, and mental game. As a result, if your mind is not prepared for the surprises and random hands that you are going to encounter, you’d better leave it for another day.

When you are feeling anxious or fatigued, it can not only be uncomfortable but also increase the chances of a bad decision. You will notice that your best days are also days in which you are feeling refreshed. Whenever in need, take some rest and look for rituals that can prepare you for a long game, like meditating!

Study With the Best

Unlike games that pay real money completely based on luck, you can learn a thing or two from professional poker players. There are countless books and videos on the subject, not to mention actual tournaments and competitions which you can watch both recorded and live

By watching other people playing, at least those that know what they are actually doing, you can learn a lot about how to win at poker. Of course, the cards and opponents will always be different in your rounds, but give it a try, and you will realize the power that good examples can have.

Do Not Limp First

Limping in, which is the same as calling the big blind instead of simply raising the bet, is not advised on our understanding of how you win at poker. Although you may feel the impulsivity to do so, you will not be able to put your hands on the pot before the flop. Also, the players that bet behind you get interesting odds for the pot.

It does not have to be a rigid rule, and you do find interesting moments to limp in. However, whenever avoidable, you should keep that away from your game.

Defend the Big Blind

If you are in the position of a big blind, your call can be faced as a “discount” when compared to other positions. However, you should know that it is not a valid excuse to call raises for bad hands. If you have the big blind invested and your hand is at least reasonable, consider how far you should go to defend it.

Of course, it depends on your hand, as well as how big the raise can be, your bankroll, and how many players called the raise before. There is no secret and one formula for everything, but at least you now know that the big blind position is not a curse but an opportunity.

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Do Not Be Afraid of Folding

We can never stress enough how normal it is in poker to simply fold with a bad hand or when the odds do not seem to favor you. It is not a game of bluff like many people think, and that resource is not to be used as if it were harmless. In fact, bluffing can do more harm than good, especially if you build up a reputation for that.

If you are not confident enough, and that does not simply come from the lack of experience, prefer to fold and wait for a better hand. Each round will take a bit more of your bankroll, which makes insisting on a bad hand a very poor strategy.

Avoid Stack Preservation at the Beginning of Tournaments

Trying to preserve your stack when the tournaments are only beginning can be a bad idea. It is normal to want to experience the beginning of competitions with some caution, but that is the precise moment to build up your stack. That needs to be achieved through a more aggressive play, which makes stack preservation proper for the end, not the beginning.

Can You Guarantee You Will Win at Poker?

You can never guarantee that you will win at poker because the drawn cards are random, and there are more people involved. You can never know when someone’s hand is indeed better or if they are bluffing. The good news is that neither can they.

Still, those tips are essential to understand how to win at poker without simply relying on trying to replicate what you know to be good hands. Remember that poker is played in the long run, meaning that there will always be ups and downs, no matter how good you are.


Video poker requires a bit of luck and strategy, keeping the right cards to complete a 5-card poker hand. Like poker, you can never be sure of the result.
You need to beat other players with better hands throughout the rounds. Remember that it does not mean to proceed with every hand, especially not the bad ones.
In order to always win in poker, you need to be the luckiest person alive. Bad hands and cards can come up, and although bluffing is a possibility, it is also a risk.
You need to build a hand with your cards and the community cards that is better than your opponent’s, and your decisions along the way count a lot.
You can win as much as everybody staked to the pot, plus rewards and prizes in tournaments.
Yes, those are general tips to win in poker that apply to any variation that you might decide to play.
Yes, it is the exact same process, and as long as you choose a reliable casino or poker site, you are going to receive the winnings without problems.
You can beat an opponent who has a better hand if you manage to trick them into thinking that you are winning and make them fold.
No, that is a resource that involves risks like staking more than you could with a poor hand. While useful, you need to be careful when using it.