The Best Games That Pay Real Money in the Philippines

This guide aims at introducing and explaining the best games that pay real money in the Philippines. Each one of the games that we will present here has special characteristics and features that you should be aware of. Remember to pay attention to this article in order to choose your favorite based on facts.

Are Online Games That Pay Real Money Legal in the Philippines?

There are legal games that pay real money in the Philippines, while others are considered completely illegal. Among the ones that you should avoid, we can mention jueteng and mahjong, which are not allowed in any manner. On the other hand, Pinoy players looking for legit games that pay real money are not left unattended.

From the age of 21, there is a vast selection of casino games that are legal. That also includes the digital version, the online games that pay real money. If that sounds too far for the youngest, lotteries and scratchcards are legally available from the age of 18. They can all be played online as long as you play on online casino sites or lottery sites that are headquartered outside of our country.

If that is all too new for you, do not forget to check our guide on the different types of gambling in the Philippines. Our gambling laws are not difficult to understand, and as long as you are of legal age and avoid illegal games, you are going to be fine. 

At last, you might notice the perks of playing legit online games that pay real money and decide to only play online after all.

How Do Games That Pay Real Money Work?

All the legit games that pay real money are games of chance that take something simple in exchange: a bit less money. Therefore, it is all about putting money at stake for the chance of making a small or a big profit, depending on the risk taken.

Before getting to know the best games that pay real money in the Philippines, it is essential to understand that those games should be played responsibly. The risks are always there, and no one should play with any amount that is not spare money.

Top 5 Games That Pay Real Money

Now that you know that you may play legit games that pay real money in the Philippines, let’s get to know the best of them in detail. That way, if you are new to how gambling works in our country, this short guide can be of great help.

Online Lottery Games

Our first game that pays real money is the lottery, which is well-known in our country. There are lots of lottery winners out there, but most people think of the PSCO Lotto games when they consider lotteries in the Philippines. There are great games locally, but there are ten times more options when we consider playing the lottery online.

They can be considered among the best games that pay real money because of the high return ratio when we compare the jackpots and ticket prices. Of course, the odds are proportional, but the lottery winning chances are not truly a lot harder than other luck games with big prizes. You may win billions of Pesos (PHP) with a ₱200 ticket depending on how lucky you get.

“Among a few websites that I have tested and approved, there are those with dozens of lotteries from all around the world. As a plus, they offer promotions, discounts, and the possibility to claim prizes without having to do it in person. All those benefits are catching the attention of many Pinoy lottery players.” – opinion by Jason Anque, an expert casino writer at LuckyStarts.

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Sports Betting

Some people might not really consider sports betting to be gaming, but we disagree. I’m not even talking about the virtual sports that are truly fictional and automated matches in which you bet as in a game. When we place bets on the results or events that occur in a sports match, that is not really different from betting on numbers in the lottery or in cards in live casinos.

Even better, the odds are based on calculations by automated tools, which opens space for arbitrary or knowledgeable opportunities for bettors. While watching a match or studying it upfront, anyone is capable of spotting a good chance. Therefore, among the legit games that pay real money, it might be the one that better gives you the chance of having some control of your possible results.

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Live Casino Games

Among casino games that can be played for real money in the Philippines, game shows and live table games are excellent alternatives found in online casinos. Basically, they have the immersive experience of playing in person while you remain anonymous and play from wherever you like.

There is a great variety of games, and of course, that opportunity of choice plays an important role in trying to get paid in real money. Some great examples are roulette and blackjack, games with high RTP and really hyped by casino fans.

Pinoy players can experience something similar to a land-based casino without leaving their homes, but there are other characteristics in this category that count in making it to this list. For example, most games come with side bets with huge winnings and special events, in addition to safer bets that do not pay a lot but are easier to match.

In any case, just like all the other games that pay real money here, it is all about luck and placing bets.

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Slot Games That Pay Real Money

It would be impossible to talk about games that really pay money to players without mentioning slot games that pay real money. They vary greatly in format, theme, resources, and bonuses. Also, there are online slots being released daily, which makes it almost impossible to have tried them all.

Unlike table games, you do not have to read a guide on how to play online casinos to start playing slots. After all, placing the bet and pushing the “Play” button is all there is to do on slot games that pay real money. They can also be tried for free without commitment on most casino websites – without the payments, though.

There are over 10,000 online slots available out there. There are all levels of volatility and hit chances, but really big prizes are rare. Still, there are players who manage to have large wins, and eventually, some players even end up millionaires through progressive jackpot slots.

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Sic Bo

Among the casino games, we have chosen to give sic bo a special position, just like slots that pay real money. It is popular among Pinoy players and fans of table games because it is legal and available to play on foreign online casinos. All that you need to do is to guess the numbers that will result from tossing the dice.

Like roulette, there are many levels of risk and prizes with perfect balance. There is plenty of room to learn how to play it for free and to have a few guesses with the safest bets first. A single bet may generate around 60 times the total money put in the game.

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How Much Real Money Can You Win in Games?

There are no specific limits as to how much real money can be won in games, especially online ones. Some games might have a fixed maximum payment, such as 3:2 for the best hand in blackjack. On the other hand, progressive slots have prizes that increase as players bet and end up paying thousands, sometimes millions of dollars – duly converted to Philippine Pesos when players withdraw.

Therefore, it is ideal to check the separate rules of the game that you choose to play. That way, you know how much real money you might win with your bet. Just make sure to understand that no matter how small or big the prize is, there is no such thing as a guaranteed profit.

Are There Games Paying Real Money on Apps?

Pinoy players who would rather play games that pay real money via their mobile devices have nothing to worry about. Aside from playing directly from the browser, some lottery or casino sites have their own applications available for iOS and Android devices.

On the other hand, stay away from any application that does not represent a tested and approved website. There are countless scams out there, and you could end up losing your money with no real chance of winning.

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Best Tips to Play for Real Money in the Philippines

Now that you know the best games that pay real money, take note of our tips to make sure you enjoy the most out of your experience:

  • Only play with money that you would not mind losing because that is a possibility.
  • Slots can be really fun for players who prefer to be surprised and play for a long time.
  • Play games for free first, even if that does not result in winning, to familiarize yourself with them.
  • Stay alert to any signs of addiction, like skipping important appointments to play.
  • Do not play for a long time. Always have other hobbies.
  • If you want to play online games that pay real money, make sure they are based outside the Philippines for legal reasons.
  • Do not play illegal games because of false promises of easy money. You will most likely fall into a scam.
  • There are no free games that pay real money. The legit ones need to have an inflow of bets to be able to pay winners.

The Takeaway

There are excellent games that pay real money, enough to satisfy even the pickiest Pinoy gambler. It is important to understand the risks and what is true about them. After reading this guide, if you truly paid attention, you know what to avoid and which games really pay money to the winners. Make sure to choose the best casinos that we listed to keep safe!


No, except for occasional freebies that might occur in a promotional way, there are no games that pay real money if you simply play them for free.
Casino games can be played by those who are at least 21 years old, while the lottery is available from the age of 18 years.
There can be many of them, especially because even legal games that are not organized by authorized entities can be illegal. Mahjong and jueteng are two examples that cannot be played anywhere.