10 Signs That You Are Going to Win the Lottery

This is your go-to source if you want to learn the signs that you are going to win the lottery so you consciously buy more tickets or play that game you always wanted to. Although there is no way you can guarantee your time has come, it should be fun and interesting to realize all the suggestive indications that appear in your life.

Top 10 Signs to Win the Lottery

You Are Being Lucky Lately

The first sign that you should pay attention to if you want to sense when you are possibly going to win the lottery is simply your luck. We are not talking about that time when you almost crashed your car but got away safely. It is the “winning” type of luck, when you are getting things, money, or even an unexpected promotion in your job.

Whenever it seems that the universe is conspiring in your favor so that you may achieve what you want, that is a good sign. Redirect that luck towards the lottery and possibly a jackpot by buying tickets to that lottery game you always wanted.

Dreaming With Lottery Numbers

If you have been dreaming of numbers, they might be the ones that will be drawn next time. Some people dream that they are playing their lucky lottery numbers and play with the exact ones. In other cases, the numbers may appear completely out of context, like on the plate of a car or as the number of a house.

The important thing here is that if you are playing the lottery anyway, it is a good idea not to ignore it; it could be one of the signs that you will win the lottery. In any case, you need to play in order to win, and we do not like to risk finding out that the numbers we dreamt about were drawn when we did not play a ticket.

Your Lucky Number Appeared in Your Horoscope Lucky Numbers

While most people are familiar with star signs and horoscopes, not everyone knows that they have horoscope lucky numbers to play in the lottery. Therefore, the first step is to accompany them, as they tend to change on a daily basis according to the position of the stars.

Then, whenever your lucky numbers – which you may figure out through the most varied forms – turn out to appear in your horoscope list of numbers, that is a sign. For example, let’s say you have six lucky numbers, and they are 3, 14, 23, 40, 45, and 50. Then, they appear as the lucky numbers for your star sign tomorrow. That is a clear sign that you should skip the quick pick that day to choose them.

Palms Itching

A traditional sign of good luck related to money in the Philippines is when our palms itch. You have probably heard someone talk about it in the past. Whenever one or both of your palms are itching, you should scratch with the same itching hand by crossing it and gently rubbing your fingers on the itching area.

While that keeps the luck in, you need to do something about it. If the palms itched, make sure to participate in the very next lottery drawing. After all, even if you get all the luck in the world, the only way to win the lottery is by playing it.

Unexplainable Certainty

Sometimes we just feel that intuition that we are going to win the lottery the next time we play it. It is not about positive thoughts but rather an unexplainable sensation that we can win the lottery. Of course, it should also be accompanied by rational thinking and responsibility, not playing more than you should, and never impacting your financial life.

When that strong feeling appears, you can be certain that we consider it one of the signs you’re going to win the lottery. Although guarantees can never be part of a game like the lottery, there is nothing wrong with some inspiration to play it.

You Play With Several Tickets

You are an experienced player who knows your chances of winning the lottery and that it is not an easy game. As a result, you are aware that playing with more tickets is always the key to improving your real odds. While that is not necessarily a sign per se, your chances when playing with the other signs are always better if you involve more tickets.

Lottery or Prize-Related Coincidences

When you notice that you are finding correlations with the lottery too often, that can be a sign that you are going to win the lottery very soon. For example, finding the same numbers that are being drawn in your routine or receiving prizes that have some connection with the lottery.

It is also true that we tend to pay attention to whatever we have been thinking of lately, so make sure not to fabricate those signs instead of innocently finding them.

Random Finding of Lucky Charms

There are many lucky charms used in gambling in the Philippines, which makes some Pinoy lottery players acquire some of them to gain lottery luck. However, it is when we find or win them out of randomness that it can be considered a true sign of lottery winning.

Let’s say you find a white butterfly brooch on the floor. After cleaning it properly, you could wear it or put it in your pocket the next time you buy lottery tickets. Even if you are playing the online lottery, keep it close during the time of choosing numbers and purchasing. Of course, do not forget to have your lucky charm next to you when accompanying the results.

Seeing Well-Known Good Fortune Signs

In the Philippines, we have plenty of luck signs that apply to the most varied list of things, and we can include the lottery in it. Some examples that are not often found as lucky charms but can be represented by images are elephants and shooting stars.

Therefore, if you see a shooting star, that may be a sign of good fortune. If your intention and main desire is to win the lottery, try to redirect that to your chances of winning the lottery with mantras and prayers. Just do not forget to play too!

Play Your Best Numbers on theLotter

You Are Happy and Confident

Have you been feeling happy and confident lately? If your heart is filled with joy, you might forget about the lottery for a bit, but that is the best moment to play it. You will not be so worried about winning, while it would still be a very much welcome event. Happiness helps you to be aligned with your chakra, and the universe may bring good luck into your life.

Can Signs Predict That You Are Going to Win the Lottery?

If we ask lottery winners in the Philippines if they saw signs, they are highly likely to confirm. That is a matter of belief, and there is no way to make sure that there is a precise moment or sign that will confirm you are the next winner. Still, the best you can do is to keep playing responsibly and be attentive to any signs. Even if they could not help after all, they most certainly will not decrease your chances.


Coincidences are often referred to as a sign that you should play the lottery so you will win. If you think so, add those repeated numbers to your lucky numbers and give them a chance!

Receiving gifts is a good sign that you may win the lottery because it shows that the universe is vibrating good fortune in your direction.

There are signs of good fortune in nature, and you may relate that to a higher chance of winning the lottery. For example, some animals, like the elephant, are linked to luck, as well as a four-leaf clover.

Winning small prizes means that you have been lucky, so there is a chance that your luck may extend, resulting in a jackpot next time you play the lottery.

If you believe in horoscopes, you know that they determine one’s luck and can definitely be linked to better chances of winning the lottery.

Winning the lottery is not often seen as a gift you are born with but rather a sign that you have been lucky lately.